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    1. #36. Failed Interrogations

      by , 06-14-2010 at 05:45 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)

      I concocted a plan to confront LG, utilizing the golden bullets he left me. This is the plan:

      Quote Originally Posted by Sam's Paper Journal
      Note: this is not a dream.

      I'm standing by the Bar in McAnally's, the pub in Dresdenverse Chicago. The building is established neutral ground, and the place is specifically designed to break up magical energies. Its design is broken up into odd nooks and crannies perfect for a dream walk.

      I order two beer from Mac and take them, handing Mac a twenty with my right hand as I hold the other two in my left. I thank him and make my way to a nearby table. I set down the beers.

      I reach into the right pocket of my jeans, where I put the golden bullets LG had threatened me with. I place them on the table in front of me and look up at the ceiling while sipping on my beer. It tastes like I imagine butterbeer would: rich and sweet. Inexplicable.

      "You really expect me to drink this?"

      I open my eyes to find the Lunar God eying me skeptically. I relax and take another sip.

      "I would have ordered a bottle of Pinot Gris again, but I'm really not in the mood for champagne."

      The Lunar God leans forward over the table. "Sam." He says, "No games. What do you want?"

      I'm wary of him. "I want to know who you are."

      He leans back in his chair, satisfied. I watch the smirk form on his face and settle in for a round of bargaining. I don't forget that those little golden bullets on the table have been used to try to claim my life.
      This is the result:

      I'm with the Joker in an armoured truck in a scene eerily reminiscent of Fight Club. Now, what could that mean?

      You're just a freak, like me!

      I'm following two characters and a potential horror movie from a third person point of view. At one point, I accidentally possess one of the characters and take some time off from the plot to... dye my hair. So yeah.

      Same location. I'm waiting for my karate class to start. I check my watch, and it's 6:90PM. I guess I'm late. No, wait, this is a dream sign. I look around, confused, because this doesn't really feel like a dream. I pay more attention to my surroundings, and realize that it actually is a dream. I stop to savour the amazing feeling of being lucid.

      "I'm dreaming," I say, and I start to repeat it to myself as I move around the dream-world.
      I'm not feeling very well, so I go to grab something from the fridge (in a place I've never been). I'm craving rasberries. When I open the fridge door, I find clear Yop yogurt containers filled with frozen rasberries. I eat a few.

      I'm moving toward the exit when Ben stops me and wants me to listen to a song. It's rap music. I'm not interested, and there was something I wanted to do tonight, so I'm busy. A brief wrestling match with my brother ensues, but I shake him off and run to the exit. A steel staircase leads to a latched window.

      I will the window to be open. I crawl out and latch it behind me.

      I remember that I wanted to go to McAnally's to meet with the Lunar God character. I stretch a hand out in front of me and will the dream to dissolve. I close my eyes briefly, but when I open them, the green grass and concrete and sun are still there. Energy continues to swirl around me. I close my eyes again, and push through the dream-fabric.

      When I open my eyes again, I can't see anything. Everything is dark, though coloured energy swirls through the space to break up the monotony. There seems to be a slight tear in the dream, so I move toward it (zooming closer, not walking). I drop to my knees and feel for the wooden door that I'm sure should be there. I imagine the texture, feel for iron handles of the closed door. I visualize the grain of the wood that should be there, the glass that is set into it.

      "Open the door," says Mac, rolling his eyes. "We keep them open while we're open."

      I stand up and dust myself off, looking at the four pointed star mounted on the door, just above my eye level. Did I create that?

      The dream star was more ornate.

      I shake off the strange feeling and move to the bar beside the door. This isn't anything like I'd imagined the place to be. The wood is darker, glossier, and everything is more streamlined than I'd expected.

      "Two beer." I say to Mac. I dig through my pockets for the twenty that should be there, but I only find a bunch of change in my right pocket, where the bullets should be. Loonies, toonies, quarters. I apologize for paying in change, and I give him the $20 pile of change, minus the six loonies I need for LG. I consider that since we're in Chicago, I should have given him American money. I let my hand hover over the pile of change, and will it into American bills. The money flickers and I see paper. I'm not sure if it worked.

      Mac waves me off, and I grab the beer and my loonies, setting them both down on a round wooden table near the bar.

      "Aw, you don't need to do that," says a voice, "You already paid for drinks."

      "These aren't coins," I say, turning to look at what I think is the Lunar God. He's younger than any incarnation I've seen before. He grins in understanding and takes a seat.

      I take a sip of the beer. It tastes like Pilsner.

      There's a third person at the table, whom I never acknowledge. Her (?) presence seems shadowy, dark, barely there. I think it's Elaine.

      A girl comes up to LG and asks if it's okay if she leaves with someone.

      "Yes." says one of us, before LG can comment. We kind of need to talk to him.

      Unfortunately, LG's very presence seems to destabilize all dreams, and I can't remember a damn thing after that. Including whether I still have the bullets.

      Failed Interrogations. Scare Factor: 3. Reaction: I need a new plan.[/QUOTE]

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