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    Fun Characters:

    Amon the Maker
    The Lunar God
    Bela Talbot
    Simon (& the Assassins)
    The Aur'i (vampires)
    The Readers (Mom)
    Yoda (obsidian)
    The Vampire Queen


    Devil Dreams :
    In a series of dreams spanning a couple of years, I played with a similar character to Mike Carey's Lucifer in my dreams (that's where my user icon and name comes from.) It's a good trick for dealing with nightmares: nothing can mess with you if you're the biggest, baddest threat in the universe. In some dreams, I need to deal with the paperwork (Bureaucratic Hell) or hire troublemakers (Sarcophagidae). In others, I play the trickster archetype (The Narrator). In some, I even act as a guide to other characters (Alternate Perspective Disorientation) or rescue them from being burned as witches (Shapeshifting Children).

    Unsurprisingly, it doesn't always go well. Sometimes you get shot in the head for trying to save the world, knowing that said world would be pretty boring if it was full of shambling zombies and no humans whatsoever (The Devil You Know.) Other times, you get doused in holy water (Buffy, When You're Quite Possibly Evil, Maybe.) Not that those attempts actually worked—hello, kind of the end boss here? It doesn't stop them from trying. The point is that being on my bad side is generally a bad idea (A Pirate's Life).

    They might have a point, though. I did maaaaybe kind of destroy the universe once (Aliens). And sometimes I just lose interest in the people I'm trying to save (The Demon Boy).

    Then you've got the occasions that I hit the multiverse. There's more than one devil out there, after all. (Things Going Badly) (Stray Little Devils.) Although it's irritating when really small fry use my name to invoke fear in their little squabbles (Children and Monsters).

    But a lot of this existence has to do with making deals and outmaneuvering enemies. You probably wouldn't be surprised to find out that the corporate world has heard of me (Corporate Sabotage), that using a righteous soul's quest for vengeance can pave the way for a coup (Keys to the Kingdom), or that some of us trade tips on the trading of souls (The Long Haul). But you might be surprised to find out that the cultural norms of the soul trade can be a good way to get allies out of trouble (Lost).

    It's also just plain handy to be invulnerable (Alligators) and have awesome powers (Mugging the Monster). Having a dream narrative like this also means keeping those powers a lot of the time that you're not lucid (Ouroboros).

    And we're back in "Worthy," where I wield Mjolnir and fight Thor, and Samael and Mike Carey's Lucifer are very different people...

    Devil Dreams with Supernatural Characters
    Supernatural had a two-season arc involving Lucifer himself, mostly trying to keep the angel sealed away and then trying to re-seal him when that inevitably failed. My brain latched onto a storyline where... things were a little bit different.

    First off, Castiel came and found me to deal with some eldritch energy that was trying to destroy the universe. There's a bit of a misunderstanding with who's Lucifer, but I eventually figure out that it's me. Rather than being sealed away in hell, I've actually been reincarnated as a human so that I can come troubleshoot for heaven whenever the angels up there get in over their heads. This backfires. (Seven Minutes in Heaven)

    After my escape, Castiel is under a lot of suspicion, so he's trapped in heaven. This is not a good thing. I pose as an angel to enlist the help of Dean Winchester, and he's pretty used to it by this point. I convince him that Lilith, the demon that's supposed to be breaking me out of hell, has Castiel, and we need to find Lilith to rescue Cas.

    When we find Lilith, she breaks the news to Dean that "Lucifer walks the earth." So that's going to be annoying. I determine that Lilith and I just don't want the same things in life, and happy coincidences mean that she's actually possessing a body that Cas could use instead. So I banish Lilith back to hell and pull Castiel out of heaven. I figure he can take care of himself from this point. (Devil in the Gateway)

    So now the protagonists of the show, Sam and Dean Winchester, want to kill the devil. I... "help." They still don't know that it's me, so I send them on a wild goose chase through the Nevernever and then to the Himalayas.

    Back in his original body, Castiel isn't happy, because "Being rescued by Lucifer didn't exactly set me up for a promotion."(A Dalliance With the Damned)

    Cas does return at a later point to help me out (or pay his debts)—while I'm invulnerable, I can't always say the same about whatever team I'm dragging into danger. Cas shows up in Mansions of Silence with three other angels to bail out some of the people I borrowed from Yoda and Xavier.

    Sam and Dean are back to hunting a non-Satanic me as of "Who's Hunting the Hunters?"

    Mentorship Problems
    I occasionally try my hand at mentorship. Again, probably inevitable, ends in my student violating the laws of nature. (Character Creation)

    Most of my later dreams involving Amon occur before the Character Creation incident. There are always wayward DCs in need of some guidance, and sometimes we just... mess with them (Mind Games).

    In some dreams, it's not clear events are occurring chronologically before or after Character Creation. Either way, Amon and I are matched against one another. For training? Am I hunting him? It's not clear. (The Test)

    An alternate thread from the Supernatural verse has me as a magical researcher trying to betray my boss, Lucifer, and harness the power of ancient magics for myself. Amon screws this up somewhat. (The Devil You Don't)

    And other times I'm just recruiting an army of creepy little girls (Sarcophagidae, Matilda).