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    Raduga's Technique First attempt

    by , 01-27-2013 at 02:31 PM (334 Views)
    I was trying to rotate on the bed to the right side practicit Raduga's Techniques when during one of the attempts I fell out of bed, or so I thought ..
    I really thought I had fallen, but soon noticed that someone was dragging me back to the closet of my bedroom. I immediately realized that I was dreaming so I waited until that entity that was pinning me down vanish as happened in a few seconds.
    After that I got up and walked to the living room and then to the outside of the house. This dream was nothing interesting because I could barely see and I almost had to be guided by touch. He also had difficulty breathing because my nasal passages were blocked by allergy and was lying on my right side which makes breathing difficult. So I determined end the dream and woke up.

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