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    11th July 2013 Containment, Video games and forum games

    by , 07-11-2013 at 11:08 PM (704 Views)
    Dream 1(fragment):

    I was in some park, near lake, the view was cool with some weird colors and there were some crows.

    Dream 2:

    I was in some medical facility and i had to be contained for some reason, on the way i was talking to somebody about someone being pregnant but not the right way and about that someone being close to death because of that. Then i was in very small rusty metallic room with no doors, which was apparently where i should be contained, i was discussing something with somebody and some yummy food was arriving down here by the pipe with speaker, which was 'talking' like Pyro from TF2. I wanted to ask him about something so i said something mimicking Pyro style of 'talking' and i apparently could understand it somehow.
    Then i went to PC, which was here as well, and checked some games. There was one 2D platformer with graphically simple levels that looked VR-grid stylish with some glow, it was about very accurate jumping and avoiding spikes. I was also chatting with SilentEternity which was also playing, there were a few modes and level sets. I managed to almost finish one of harder and longer ones, but levels just got so ridiculously hard that i decided to pause that and do something else. It also had support for custom maps according to menu.
    I went to some forum that had black background with green text and it was about some FPS game, it included nice window that allowed to start game and join servers right from the site. I randomly got invite into team, and it was for some official match, i was surprised but then just decided 'why not'. The leader of team explained strategy as game was starting and we got prepared to face enemy team. We were in the city and the game was 3vs3, everyone was hiding so it was pretty hard, also gravity was kinda low. I was running around searching, mostly following the plan, and once enemy was detected i was shooting my rifle. Then we ended up arguing since tactic didn't worked out so well.

    Dream 3(fragment):

    I was playing AI War and there was something about AI Homeworlds.

    Dream 4:

    I was browsing forum games section of some forum and there were some really hardcore games i decided to join, i ended up talking with creators of the games and discussing "hardcore armor penetration effect" of some weapons. Then in one of forum games one of players characters got killed, freeing up space, so i finally joined it as well from waitlist.

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