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    14th Jan 2013 Some sort of 'roguelike'

    by , 01-14-2013 at 11:39 AM (277 Views)
    I was playing some sort of top-down 'roguelike' shooter(roguelike according to dream, don't think it can be classified as one since it was in real-time not turn based), my player character was an sphere, apparently i was playing with some LP'er in multiplayer. We were on small maze'ish map and apparently we have spawned in different places of the level. We eventually found each other and proceed to the exit.
    Now we were in some big wooden hall with 3 height levels connected by stairs, i was in game from first person now instead of controlling normally. As we was choosing another map i noticed an light switch. I flicked it a few times, and each time there was same choir coming from somewhere below.
    Now we have started another map, i was controlling sphere again from top-down. Map was spiral like, and we have found badly placed trees that had right enough space to go in between, leading right to the exit, but we have decided to use normal path for the sake of recording. LP'er suddenly ran into bunch of hard enemies and his player character died, i went to that place and started shooting some small spheres at those enemies, who were spheres as well. It was hard, but after some ridiculous dodging i managed to kill all six of them, i have looked at map(which was Doom like) and it showed that only 2 out of 8 enemies were killed apparently. I have revived LP'er but apparently he was refusing to get up.
    Suddenly we get teleported back to the wooden halls, view switches to first person and LP'er character is now an black cat apparently. He's saying that he's too sleepy to continue. I flick the 'choir switch' a few more times, and wake up shortly.

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