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    7th Aug 2013 Fairly decent length lucid, some flight and transformation

    by , 08-07-2013 at 02:51 PM (457 Views)
    Dream recall from today's naps.

    Dream 1(fragments):

    There was some anime with story about some detective dude who visited some school and was getting all clues by beating up people and in the end he found out that the teacher was behind everything and then there's some other character appeared.

    Dream 2:

    I am in my room, doing some stuff, and i spontaneously realize that i am dreaming, i take off a few headsets(seems to be my new reality check, multiplying headsets, haha) and then go towards balcony, i look around and it's different, more cramped than IWL and it's more structually into building. Suddenly dream fades out.
    I wake up still dreaming, but can only see cloudy blackness, though still can feel that i am in my room. Dream is highly unstable. I get up from the bed and go in general direction of balcony, i hear familiar voice of attacker DC, as he gets in my way, i forcefully shove him off to the side and continue towards balcony while trying to force dream to stabilize with sheer will. As i reach balcony dream becomes stable and blackness fades, i rub hands and take off a few more headsets because why not, balcony seems to be pretty similar to before false awakening.
    I jump, feel my wings and start flying. I fly to the left from the balcony and there are some yellow buildings, trees and some highways. After a bit of just flying i decide to try that idea of starting transformation from phantom sensations. I focus on them and it starts, i feel and see snout and also the side of nearest building becomes reflective, in reflection i see that my head is a head of dragon now, black/grey scales and a few horns, but as i try to move, it reverts back. I fly over some fence and there's some passage under bridge. I land and decide to go through it, there are some DCs.
    I exit passage and now i am in some foggy park place(As in, natural fog), with trees and a puddle of water to the right, i take off once again with my wings and i fly higher, out of the fog. I look around and there are some tall red brick buildings surrounding the park, i fly higher and get onto the roof of one, then i continue flight. As i fly i notice that one of buildings has small weird HP bar near the roof, i get onto it and stomp a few times, with each stomp taking out part of hp bar, as it reaches 0% building falls apart in the place, then i continue flight and notice more buildings with hp bars and part of their hp missing, they look actually damaged. As i fly over one, i hear some voice saying something and then some force knocks me to the right, i fall onto the streets, but manage to land perfectly. I look around and see some buildings on fire and some factory building. I walk
    and lose lucidity, i walk through some streets and reach some gas station.
    I wake up and i am apparently in some outdoor restaurant place and my tagbook is on the floor, some weird kid is looking at it. I grab whole thing and kid says that he knows me from dreamviews apparently. We start talking about something and then he asks if he can have some of candies that i apparently have in the pocket, there's four of them. I give him one and eat one myself as well, it's yummy.
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