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    1. 07/02/2015 - the wolf mama

      by , 07-03-2015 at 07:43 PM
      06/02/2015 - THE WOLF MAMA

      Iím at a RAPHAELíS home. I think I donít want to be there because itís in a shitty part of town. I make an excuse and I leave. Next thing I remember, Iím getting a call and my friend EDUARDO tells me that RAPHAEL has just passed away. Shit.

      So I go back, I get into the apartment and I see a lot of people standing in front of his bedroomís door. Theyíre watching the body, I think. So I go to pay my respects and I see Raphael in bed. Heís alive. But sleeping. I get really fucking pissed and I get ready to leave when-

      I notice a wolf there. I get super excited. Itís a goddamn wolf and Iím very much so a dog person. So I make friends with the wolf and she seems to really like me. We play around for a bit and I realize that the wolf has two pups. I go: ďThatís it, Iím definitely taking the wolf mama and her two pups to my tiny apartment even though I already have a dog!Ē

      The wolves and I really bond, and as weíre playing outside Raphaelís apartment, Wolf Mama bites something hard and breaks most of her teeth. Now I really canít leave her alone, sheíll need someone to take care of her.

      As I leave the building to wait for my ride I start worrying about the fact that I DO already have a dog, who doesnít play well with others and the fact that these are goddamn wolves. Big. Powerful. They could tear my tiny dog apart. Also, I didnít ask my mom permission to bring the wolves home. Thatís when I wake up.

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    2. 07/01/2015 - the very little recall day

      by , 07-02-2015 at 12:34 PM
      So I stupidly didnít record my dreams as I woke up in the middle of the night, nor did I really took the time to remember them upon waking up. So all Iím left with are fragments.

      Thereís a small little clip where Iím in working. Iím talking to one of my students, GRAZIELLA, and I playfully flick her hair (why would I do that?), she laughs and feigns being angry.

      Second bit features NEIL DEGRASSI TYSON, who had a radio show. He said something controversial in one of the shows and the sponsors started to pull out. His son visit him, theyíre talking on Neilís den, who tries to tell his son that itíll be alright. It was just one sponsor. At that EXACT MOMENT, on tv we hear that Neilís losing more sponsors.

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    3. 06/30/2015 - the car/bathroom

      by , 07-02-2015 at 12:47 AM
      06/30/2015 - THE PACK FIGHT

      I donít remember a whole lot about this particular dream. I know that there were two werewolf packs, I was a member of one of them, and these two packs were going to fight, forÖ whatever reason.

      They gathered in this apartment complex and they were facing each other. Before the fight started they decided to do a little warm up, as rival werewolf packs do, and started chasing each other around.

      The other pack had this one particular werewolf who was super fast, and his legs moved like Roadrunnerís. The fight never really start, because I woke up. Funny thing was, I was watching ďTeen WolfĒ last night and I told myself I was going to have a werewolf dream.

      06/30/2015 - THE TWIíLEK COLONY

      There was a Twiílek colony near the beach. There was this area of the beach they couldnít enter because it was sacred. Since Iím an asshole, apparently, I did enter the area. Of course, I got stuck in like quicksand or whatever and I needed help getting out of there.

      Election Time! Who Would You Vote For?-vasco.jpg

      Some of the Twiíleks didnít want to help me. They talked it over for a second. Some did want to help me. The elders helped me getting out. I think I dreamed about that because of the sound of this app Iím using to help me lucid dream, I picked an Ďocean soundsí thing last night.

      06/30/2015 - THE CAR/BATHROOM

      Okay, this one involves poop. So if that grosses you out, get out now.


      So the dream starts with me shitting myself in this car that had a toilet. However, the car, which of course was crowded, didnít have toilet paper. So I had to put my pants back on without wiping myself.

      I get out of the car and Iím in front of my friendsí building, but I was actually going home. LUCIANA, a colleague of mine, was with me. We went to my motherís apartment, in the dream I had moved out recently. We were in my sisterís room and I made sure to point out that THAT wasnít my room. Mine was a VERY manly.

      I also remember thinking that I didnít want Luciana to get the impression that I was hitting on her, so I was trying to be super respectful.

      Then I find out there are more people in the apartment. My Godfather, my momís ex boyfriend from 15 years ago, some of my cousins. They were all sleeping in my momís bedroom, though my mother wasnít there.

      I talked to them for a while and then I woke up.
    4. 06/29/2015 - apocalypse robot

      by , 06-30-2015 at 11:59 AM
      I need to leave for work in like soon, so I'll only post one of the dreams I had tonight. It was the last one of the night. I had a blast, even though I wasn't really in it.

      06/29/2015 - APOCALYPSE ROBOT

      Taylor Swift is a pizza delivery person. She delivers to a house, which makes her wait in the rain. A robot servant (kind like in the new tv show "Humans") answers (after the 30 mins) and Taylor refuses to delive without payment because THEY made her wait. She throws the Pizza in the back of her car.

      Jason Momoa is at home, someone knocks on the door but covers the peephole. He opens the door and immediately gets into a fight with the guy, Xavier, whoís older. He recognizes Xavier. It was one of his parents friends when he was a boy. Jason and Xavier talk, thereís something going on in the world. Something bad. Momoa thinks itís an alien invasion. Xavier tells him heís wrong. Itís not aliens. Itís robots. Weíve created our own downfall.

      Taylor walks around in her town, itís slowly being evacuated. She sees familiars in the car leaving town, but sheís completely alone. She crosses main street and heads into an alley and continues walking towards the woods just outside the town. There's a puddle a few yards ahead, with something in it.*

      Thatís where I woke up. Funny thing was, as I kept Ďseeing this dreamí. I wasnít really in it, I kept telling myself, must include more robots and more critiques as to how dependent of machines society has gotten! I was seeing it sort of like it was a movie, you know with Momoa (who was ALSO in another dream of mine tonight) and Taylor having their own plots. I also get the impression that they were supposed to have a romantic sidestory and I kind of ship them right now. I even gave them a name: Jaytay. I have a boring life. Don't judge me, Dreamers.
    5. The Method Actor

      by , 06-29-2015 at 09:21 PM
      After a night of NO RECALL, I had a night where I only remembered bits and pieces of my dreams. I think I just completely fucked up my sleeping cycle a little bit. I'll try to sleep better tonight.

      06/28/2015 - METHOD ACTOR

      I was hired to do a movie, but I got into character method style, and I was behaving like my character on set. The problem is that my character was a complete asshat, and I proceeded to be an asshat to all my castmates.

      06/28/2015 - THE STABBER

      My crew and I rob a party (Iím starting to think robbery is sort of a dream sign for me), the police arrive. We argue with the police officers (I dunno, maybe my mind is anti-violence, right now?), then we manage to escape somehow. Now, as weíre trying to disappear, this kid stabs a soccer playerís friend and weíre not implicated in the murder. So we have to help each other disappear.

      06/28/2015 - BAD TERMINATOR

      Iím chatting with Emilia Clarke, I think sheís sitting right at her trailerís door. We donít know each other very well in the dream, but I feel comfortable enough to be honest with her. Then, I proceed to tell her how choosing ďTerminatorĒ as her next film was an awful choice and how sheís 100 times better than that part. She smiles at me, she doesnít seem offended at all by my bluntness.
    6. The first lucid

      by , 06-27-2015 at 05:27 PM
      06/26/2015 - PETER X ROMAN

      Iím in a huge gothic house, itís night. Iím there with ROMAN GODFREY (Hemlock Grove). Peter Rumancek (Also HEMLOCK GROVE) steals something. He has this cart, his parentsí bodies are in it. Thereís something else I canít remember. Something powerful. Peter is hiding his identity, heís being hunted.

      A wolf attacks the Gothic House. Roman thinks it might be PeterÖ and IT IS. Peter and Roman fight. Peter runs. He is confronted by his sister, also a werewolf. They both turn into wolves they try to escape going through a cemetary, but one session is filled with snakes. Apparently that is a calling card of a werewolf hunter, and Peter reliazes Roman must have hired them.

      They try to circle back, but they run into two tigers and theyíre trying to get inside a catedral. Peter and his sister attack one of the tigers and kill it. The other is about to attack when I wake up.

      06/26/2015 - THE NEW HOUSE

      Iím with my girlfriend. Weíre going to my motherís new house. Sheís complaining that she doesnít want to sleep on the second floor because my cousin Chico has returned from the dad and heís been super weird. Thereís no arguing with her, so I say we can stay in the garage.

      We get to the house and itís fucking huge. Thereís a weird Ďsliding stairsí thing. The second floor has a small common room, the first floor is huge and it has a pool table. My Girlfriend says that that is not very practical. I meet my family and we sit down to have dinner. I look at Chico, he looks so much better than he did the last time I saw him before he died. Heís gained weight and his hair grew back. I eat some chocolate cake and then-

      06/26/2015 - THE AMERICAN JOB

      Iím somewhere in the United States. Ana Cristina, a colleague of mine is there and sheís american in the dream. Iím talking about Soccer and the US. How the sport is becoming more popular here, and how I think the US can become one of the strongest teams in the near future. While Ana agrees with me, some guy doesnít.

      I leave them, now Iím with friends. I recognize one of them at least, itís my friend RAPHAEL. We break into an airport and weíre loading some barrels into this plane. Apparently we were hired to do this job. Weíre surprised by security guards. Thereís a gunfight.

      06/26/2015 - THE FIRST LUCID

      I wake up in my bed. The room is dark as fuck. As per usual I check my hands and BOOM: Seven fingers. I pinch my nose and BOOM: I can breath. Iím lucid! I stip up. Everything is sort of dark. I start yelling ĎCLARITY NOW!í Over and over until it does clear. I try to make a Superman costume appear in my closet, but no dice.

      I walk to the living room and run into my sister whoís making breakfast. ďANDIE, Guess what, Iím dreaming!Ē I announce. ďYeah, right. Prove it.Ē I try to fly and I manage to get a few feet of the floor. She doesnít look impressed. ďAnyone can fly these days.Ē I decide to leave the apartment, but I use the elevator instead of flying. I had a fucking plan. I was going to pick a random floor and knock on a door and fuck the first hot chick who appeared.

      Inside the elevator thereís a dad and his daughter. He starts telling me how they almost died because they were camping and there was a huge storm and I get so caught up in their tale
      that I forget thta Iím lucid. Fuck. Me.
    7. The Slasher

      by , 06-27-2015 at 04:57 PM
      06/26/2015 - THE SLASHER

      Weíre driving on this hill, near where I am. Myself, my sister ANDIE and my aunt VERA. Weíre being chased by this JASON VOORHEES type of guy. Except he can drive. I stop the car. Thereís a vehicle on the middle of the road. Someone on the ground. I go check it out. My sister tells me to go back. I see Jason dude coming in his car so I run back into mine and drive away.

      Next thing I remember is being in my own neighborhood. Jason dude is still chasing us. Now Vera isnít in the car anymore, instead is my friend ALEXANDRE. We manage to lose him when we pull up in front of a copís car.

      We stop by a book store. We all go in. They have loads of french books. Andie wants to buy something for someone. Alexandre knows someone in the bookshop. I wait. My sister decides on a book. When weíre heading out I run into a bunch of guys who manage this soccer club I support in Rio. IRL I hate them, but Iím awfully friendly towards them in the dream.

      When I leave the bookshop Iím alone. I donít see Alexandre or Andie. I go down some stairs. Where I meet the two of them. We meet two girls, both Andie and Alexandre know them. I do not. Theyíre exchanging currency, because one of them is dating a foreign guy. We talk about the economy and how everything is so fucked up.

      From there we go to a gallery, theyíre buying some clothes. When weíre leaving the store we run into Jason Dude, who seems more human. Almost afraid. I figure the cops must have done something. He steps out of our way and we leave.
    8. Lots of dreams.

      by , 06-25-2015 at 01:24 PM

      A convoy is driving by some buildings when the first car loses control and hits a wall. For some reason all the carsí occupants get out. Apparently they already were where they wanted to be so it was all gravy. Or not. Why? Because we were in a goddamn Vampire Apocalypse. Yeah. Not Zombie. Think of ďI Am LegendĒ. Soldiers are get this big Mucky Muck into the building and then in an elevator. They go all the way to the penthouse where thereís this super high tech and protected Panic Room of sorts. The Mucky Muck is there with his daughter, and he talks to a woman on the phone.

      All of a suddenly, I get a call and Iím being guilted into protecting the Rich dude. Oh yeah, and I look like Will Smith (I think you can see that Celebrities are sort of a common theme in my dreams, I wonder if thatís a dream sign).

      So Iím in the Panic Room with the Rich Guy, heís all nervous and shit and Iím like this stoic bad ass, which is the funniest thing ever to me because irl Iíd be shitting my pants non-stop. I think the Rich Guy needs me to retrieve something for him.

      In the meantime we discover that Will Smith!Me is a lot older than I/he look(s), and that Iím actually the Rih Guyís grand father. Apparently I was bitten by one of the vampires when I was a little boy, but it didnít turn me. It did however slowed my aging process.

      Right around here my alarm wakes me up.

      I get up check my email, go to the bathroom, drink some water and then I head to bed again. (Mind you I wasnít trying WBTB I just really needed to see if Iíd gotten this email )

      THE CAMP

      My friends and I are in a gas station. I go into the convenience store to grab something to eat. Then we leave the car behind and start walking. So now more Vampire apocalypse. Zombies, apparently. I think the dream kind of shifted as we were walking, because I donít remember being nervous in the convenience store.

      So weíre in this old street in, I think Rio, lots of old torn down houses. We see this camp.It looks empty. I had a wall around itís perimeter. We figure thatís a good place to rest. So we enter to check it out. When Iím looking into one of the tents, weíre suprised by people who were already living there.

      Theyíre armed, but we outnumber them. I tell them thereís no need to fight and that we should maybe join forces. Strenght in numbers and all that. Their leader seems okay with the idea while the other people donít.

      I walk around the camp, some. Start a fire. Talk to one of my friend and thatís all I remember from this particular dream.


      Iím at work (a school) when my friend Alex shows up. Iím showing him the place, but apparently heís already been here and heís already know someone of my students. He stops by the library and hands a book to the librarian. The book actually belongs to one of my students.

      Then we go to my classroom. I sit by my desk as Iím about to start talking with him, my students come in. Theyíre dressed in this weird uniform and they all seem very proud. Apparently, they just won a spelling bee.

      The runner ups are also there, and they donít seem upset that theyíve lost. Of course, being the great teacher I am, I proceed to make fun of the losers.


      Iím at a park. The surrounds look a bit some, I donít know Paris. At least, what I assume Paris looks like. Thereís this Crazy Dude flying a stuffed squirrel like a kite (HOW DID I NOT KNOW THAT THIS WAS A DREAM!) heís doing this because he gets a kick out of seeing Falconís get all confused and attack the flying stuffed squirrel. I see one of the falcons attacking it and I do laugh, so maybe Iím a tad crazy too. There are two guys with videocameras shooting the falcons attack, I think, for a reality show. Man, the French are weird.

      I decide to leave I pass by a pretty girl whoís locking her car door. Her car is filled with junk. Her friend is awaiting for her up ahead. Also pretty. They are much younger than I am, though. Like maybe ten or fifteen years. On the corner I meet a friend (well, not a real life friend obviously, a dream friend). Actress SHANNYN SOSSAMON.

      Is it too much? :/-vasco.jpg
      I can tell right away that, even though we are friends Iím in love with her. But sheís more interested in partying her life away. I can tell that sheís sad. Thereís something bothering her. I ask her what it is. ďIím getting old.Ē She says, as the two younger girls approach us. We cross the street, I look at her face and I think about her silly sheís being. And then I tell her. ďYouíre way more beautiful today than when I met you twenty years ago.Ē Sheís smiles, and takes my hand into hers.

      As weíre about to enter a building I get a little bit bolder and I wrap my arm around her waist. She doesnít complain. Now, we enter the building and this is where my brain, obviously fucks everything up. The Stairs are impossibly hard to go through. Theyíre very narrow, and the apartmentís door look like doggy doors. So obviously, I get stuck. And I wake up.
    9. The tv station heist

      by , 06-24-2015 at 11:54 AM
      I woke up today at around 1AM, and I knew that I had been dreaming, but I couldn't remember what it was about. Bummer. Then I went back to bed and-

      06/24/2015 - THE LONDON BUS NOOKIE

      So I think I’m in London (Although it looks a lot like Downtown Rio), I don’t remember the beginning of the dream. We’re already halway here. I’m crossing a street and thinking that I need to buy LOUREIRO a gift. Maybe a Liverpool kit? Weird thing is, we’re not even that friendly in real life and we often argue.

      So I cross a street and then I arrive at this Grand Central Station kind of thing. But I wait outside at the bus stop. Then I meet a girl. She’s very pretty. *THINGS GET WEIRD AND KINKY HERE* Inside the bus she starts having sex with a random Dude in a suit. Dude in a suit is a douchebag and while he’s having sex with her he’s bragging and going “Oooh, look at me I’m fucking her and yo aren’t to a Younger Guy, who’s carrying a surfboard.” The Younger Guy goes: “Whatever, My friend and I did her yesterday!”

      So right around here, Dude in a Suit gets self-conscious and he asks the girl who’s a better laid. Him or the Younger Guy. The Girl doesn’t answer, but her face says it all. It’s the Younger Guy. So Dude in a Suit dumps her mid coitus.The girl looks distraught.

      So the girl get off the bus, and so do I. We're near the beach. I’m with a friend a apparently, who tells me he’s going to do run some errands and meet me later. I approach the girl and I ask her how she is. However, I can tell that I’m not at all interested in her feelings. I’m just horny. (WTF, SC MIND?!)


      I’m outside this TV station or whatever with my Mother and some other people. We’re discussing how to break into it. I’m immediately like “What the fuck are you talking about? We’re all going to jail!” I beg my mother not to do this, but she’s like, “No. This is something we HAVE to do.” I can’t understand why free cable is so important to her, she doesn’t even watch TV all that much.

      This lady, Asian, Pretty, starts giving everyone assignments. I don’t remember mine exactly, I just remember I had to follow one of the lady’s friends and help him. The dude looked a lot like CHRISTIAN KANE. So we break into the TV station, which was no TV Station apparently. It was a secret lab. We’re there to mess with their computers and still some info.

      The alarms start blarring and people are running like crazy. Shots are fired. Christian Kane looking guy gets shot in the side, but he doesn’t even flinch. He walks into the computer room and a few seconds later he comes out of it with a hard drive. Now we have to get out of there. Christian Kane Looking Guy’s eyes are now this sort of eerie steel ish blue color. I’m freaking out.

      We get out of the TV Station/Lab just fine and I meet Asian Lady, her daughter and my mom. I demand answers and Asian lady is super forthcoming, and she tells me that she, her daughter and Christian Kane-looking dude are in fact aliens. And there are others like them living in our planet. The people in the lab had a list the IDs of some of the aliens we were there to retrieve that.

      We go to Asian Alien Lady’s apartment, WHICH IS ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE LAB, and we’re celebrating the success. I sort of flirt with Asian Alien Lady and she’s into me. Later, when it’s time to say good bye, we kiss and I end up staying over.

      The next day we go to a fair, which apparently is what you do after you participate in a heist and find out that we’re not alone in the universe, at the fair I manage to actually make a connection with the Asian Alien Lady’s daughter, who helps me win a teddy bear for her mother with her mad alien reflexes.

      We meet a woman working at the fair. I know her. She’s my cousin’s ex-girlfriend, I haven’t seen her in almost 20 years. She was a model back in the 90’s famous ish. Now she’s a train wreck. She doesn’t recognize me, but she knows the Asian Alien Lady.

      The daughter tells me she wants a Pepsi and I could also go for a pepsi, but when we go buy it, they only have ONE pepsi can. I can tell The Daughter is going to hulk out, and I tell her she can have it. I’ll just drink a coke.

      Now, this is where my dream gets super strange (yeah), I gather all the youngsters at the fair and I go on this impromptu TED TALK-like speech on transgender people’s right. I mean, GO SC MIND FOR YOUR OPENNESS, but that was so out of nowhere.

      I had another dream, that I didn’t write down when I woke up and I can’t remember for the life of me.

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    10. 06/23/2015 - guardian of the soccer court

      by , 06-23-2015 at 11:43 AM
      Yesterday, NO freaking recall. Today, I had a bunch. I think I have a better recall if I wake up in the middle of the night and then go back to bed. Anyone here has that?


      Iím in the gated community I grew up in. I walk out of my house. Iím barefoot. I walk towards the indoor football court we had in the community area. Thereís a bunch of kids hanging out. Apparently Iím younger there. I see VICKY, a girl who lives across the hall from me now (she didnít live in the gated community), sheís hanging out with the other youngsters.
      I want to play soccer, but there are a bunch of little kids currently playing on the court. I can see that one of them is currently one of my students and I recognize him as a student, which doesnít make sense since in the dream I was still a teenager, but whatever weird brain.

      I talk to the kids and I try to convince them to leave the court, but theyíre not really feeling like it. I tell them they could play outside the court, but they donít want to leave, specially because the court is the most well lit part of the communuty area and theyíre all afraid of the dark. One of them cries.

      Then, the community area is empty. I donít know if it was a transition or if I just donít remember what happened. Iím inside the court and CHRIS PRATT is sitting on the benches in front of the court. Apparently I know him in my dream. ďWho would have thought youíd be the biggest fucking star in the world?Ē I say to him. He kinds of shrugs. Heís even humble in my dream, I love that guy.

      We talk a bit about his career and favorite roles. He mentions a movie he did called ďHardĒ (which doesnít exist) and Iíve seen it and I say: ďYeah, with the huge samoan dude, whatís his name?!Ē (apparently my SC mind is slightly racist. THE HECK, SC MIND?!) Then I remember The Rockís name.

      We also talk about the best sequels ever. I remember that I had the same discussion with a couple of friends, and then I sort of flashback for a second, me leaving school with ALEX (who I didnít know when I was in High School) and a GIRL and weíre talking about movies. And then I imply that ďBoogies NightsĒ and ďMagnoliaĒ count as sequels because theyíre in the same shared universe (theyíre not).


      This one I just remember a little bit about. There was more to it. So thereís this WOMAN, sheís at home. (Her home being my appartment, or at least her kitchen looked A LOT like mine). So sheís at home, with this actor dude.

      I think sheís doing the dishes. The actor is trying to convince her to do drugs. I think they just wrapped a film or something like that, and he always gets high when he wraps a film. She ends up agreeing. Theyíre SUPER high. Her MOM is there too, so sheís trying to pretend sheís not. Itís her adoptive mother, apparently.

      So the younger woman chats with the ACTOR. She tells him about her brother and how he was a wreck after the death of their bio-mother. So, the actor tells her about his psycho of a brother, that used to torture him when they were kids.

      The older brother loved to steal their motherís panties and hide it in the actorís room. Kinky.


      Iím in my apartment. One of my exes, JULIANA, is here and sheís looking beautiful. I donít remember exactly what happened. Something missing maybe? But I call the cops. Sheís annoyed by that.

      We talk about her love life. Sheís living in Paris and her current boyfriend lives in Germany.They can only see each other on weekends. Sheís not that into him, and I can see that she still has feelings for me.

      At first I try to not think about it, but I can feel that I also have feelings for her. We flirt. A lot. I sit next to her on the couch. Then I decide to call the cops and tell them it was a mistake. (And now I kind of want to call Juliana Stupid dream)
    11. 06/21/2015 - visiting universities

      by , 06-21-2015 at 04:59 PM
      So this night was a busy one. I woke up at like... 6 ish. In the middle of a dream (The Barcelona one). Then I went to bed. Some of those dreams were SUPER vivid. Which was cool. Way better than yesterday when I only had like a wee bit of recall. Anyways. Here it goes.

      06/21/2015 - VISITING UNIVERSITIES

      Iím in the United States with my sister, my dad (I think) and Isabelly. Apparently I'm much young in the dreamWeíre going to visit some universities. Weíre in a van, however we first stop by Isabellyís building and I meet her parents. Her mom seems more welcoming, but her father seems like a very strict man.

      As per usual, Iím not happy to be there. Everyone else is excited, though. My sister has a green water bottle. Like the kind you take with you when you go jogging or when you go to the gym (it looks very similar to the water battle I misplaced this week and canít find it for the life of me).

      Isabelly is super friendly towards me. I tell myself sheís interested in me. We visit a university and I see a bunch of kids, leaving a class. Theyíre happy. Theyíre excited. Thereís a guy with a face on the back of his head. Everyone thinks is super cool. I think he looks ridiculous. There is an aeral walkway and a very busy street in front of it. This particular university looks like the ones we have here in Brazil, it doesnít look American at all.

      We later meet Isabelly and a friend of hers at other University. It kind of looks like El Camino College a little bit. Her friend wants to be a lawyer, but itís mostly because her dad is forcing her to. Isabelly sits next to me. I put my hand around her shoulder. My hand, gently, brush against her chest. She doesnít seem to mind. My sister is sitting on my left side. A little later Isabelly pushes my arm away. I donít really mind. Itís not like Iím super attracted to her anyways. I just lean against my sister and think about being in the US again. Iím sleepy, but I really donít fall asleep.

      The van stops across the street from Isabellyís building. Before we leave, Isabelly (either on purpose or accidentally knocks my sister water bottle around and thereís water all over the van).

      Everyone then cross the busy street in front of Isabellyís building. I fear someone might get ran over. Iím the last one, and Iím running for my fucking life. Then weíre inside Isabellyís apartment.

      I sit on the couch and Isabellyís (still unamed) friend sister on the floor between my legs. I donít really think sheís attracted to me, she just might want to make Isabelly jealous.


      Iím on a farm with my dad (who by the way has been dead for the past 18 years). We see a dead cow in our property. Thereís a number branded on her backside. I looks like 11, but in hindsight it might have been ll. All farms there were indentified by number, ours were 10.

      So my dad tells me to call the cowís owner to tell him about. I do. I call him on the cellphone, and the cow refuses get his dead call, and heíll only do it if we pay him money (??). I donít say anything, instead I just give the phone to my dad.


      Iím at my sisterís house. Itís not really her ACTUAL house, since she lives with me. The bell rings and I open the door and itís Michael Keatonís Bruce Wayne and the Jack Nicholsonís The Joker. They come in, apparently my sister is friends with the both of them. I just look in awe at how amicable they are to each other.

      The dream transitions to an airplane. Iím sitting next to a guy, whoís arguing with another one. I get the feeling I know them both. One of them says we shouldnít have chose this particular company because it has the option of travelling nude. (a nudist airlineÖ I might kickstart that!).

      The plane takes off and my sister is cheering, because it seems like a successful one. The plane, then turns upside down, everyone is screaming and holding for dear life. Iím seeing from outside now. It all looks like some bad flash animation. The plane manages to turn around rightside up.

      Weíre now flying over a river, I have no idea why weíre so low. Iím still outside. The plane nosedives into the river. Iím back inside. Iím freaking out trying to get my momís mask on her before I have mine own, even though I know I shouldnít be doing that. ďAmerican Airlines donít have oxygen masks!Ē She tells me. I put mine on when I feel the water inside the plane.

      I then convince myself this is a dream, but instead of taking control I still let panic take over and I wake up. (Does that count as a lucid dream?)


      Thereís a cement pathway on the grass. I think it might be a park.I looked a LOT like the park from a video I was watching before going to bed on mindfulness. So Iím walking until I realize Iím near the beach. Iím stretching, which is completely out of character because I A) donít exercise and B) when I do I donít stretch (I donít believe in it).

      Thereís a group of people exercising on the sand (the beach looks like Copacabana, now that I think about it). I know someone there. A girl. I donít know who she is in real life. So she calls me over and I go to them.

      So apparently someone is interrupting their exercises, but they donít know who it is. I spot two kids on a bike, and they have aÖ BB FUCKING SNIPER. Theyíre shooting the group with it. However, guess who also has a FUCKING BB SNIPER? Thatís right. The Sebass. So I get mine and BLAM. I hit the kid who was shooting at them.

      I see the kid talking to his dad. Complaining? Crying? I donít know. I tell the group we should march overthere and tell the dad about it. The group doesnít want to. That frustrates the fuck out of me.


      Iím flying in front of a house. Thisis FC Barcelonaís HQ or whatever. Not the real one. Just one my mind made up. So Iím trying to break into the trophy room. When I get to the window, I see someone inside. Someone I know, Alexandre. But Alexandre here looks like DOC BROWN.

      Doc Ale Brown opens this cabinet, and I see it: The Champions League Cup. Apparently, I was there to steal it. As soon as I remove it from the cabinet I think. Fuck. There are cameras here. Weíre gonna get caught. Alexandre goes, ďworry not, I got this.Ē So we go downstairs and he starts chatting up the Security Guard. I think I was supposed to erase the videos and turn off the cameras, but I just joined the conversation.

      Then these super violent thieves show up and they beat the living heck of the security guard. So, in the dream I have superpowers, right? So I take all the thieves out. So weíre alone there, what do I do? I invite everyone I know to go for a swim at the pool. Ernesto (a childhood friend I havenít seen in 23 years) is there, but apparently he and his family are dobermannís now.

      I play with them for a little bit, then I remember I brought my dog along. I decide to check up on her. I walk to the front of the house and I see a flash mob thing starting. I donít know who put that together, but I decide itís a bit much and maybe we should bounce before the FC Barcelona people show up as Iím going back, I run into a lot of players. They seem confused by the people there, but not angry.

      I tell Dani Alves and Xavi that I have superpowers and they demand proof. So I say that I can rip these metal thingies that were screwed on the wall. Dani Alves says he can do that himself, and he does with great effort. I laugh and effortlessly rip it off. Garret Bale (whoís not even an FC Barcelona player) seems super amused by my display of strenght.
    12. 06/20/2015 - the homophobic student

      by , 06-20-2015 at 03:13 PM
      So, Iím in my classroom. This time it looks fairly like it, as opposed to the dream I had the other day (I feel like my brain might be getting smarter to prevent me from noticing things that are off, lol). One of my students makes a VERY homophobic remark, and I just canít help myself. I completely let him have it. (Good for you, Subconscious Mind! Homophobia sucks!).

      I had a couple of other dreams tonight, but I canít remember them.
    13. 06/19/2015 - The Inept Zombie Hunters

      by , 06-19-2015 at 03:34 PM
      (first and foremost, let me tell you that English isn't my native language so at times it might get hard to understand what I'm saying and for that I apologize)

      I had a few dreams tonight, I can remember pieces of two, but I had a SUPER VIVID one that I decided to share.

      I'm walking on these tall, huge wooden catwalks. I can see houses and the street below me and I instantly know that the streets aren't safe. Zombies. Of course. It's a freaking zombie apocalypse. Iím oddly calm, and I can see other people going about their business. One section of the catwalks start shaking and people start panicking. Zombies are attacking.

      How did you find your way to this forum?-zombies-01.jpg

      I manage to run away as I see a couple of the sections crashing down. It pisses me off to no end. I canít stand zombies ruining our lives anymore. I walk back to the settlement. Which is basically a group of humans living in the ruins of an old suburban house.

      How did you find your way to this forum?-zombies-02.jpg
      (It kind of looks like one of the on torn down houses from that suburban area in the game ďThe Last of UsĒ.)

      My sister asks me what happened and I tell her sections 7 and 8 (or maybe it was 6 and 7? I know one them was 7!) are gone. I ask about our parents and she tells me they are out looking for food. It seemed like something people did regularly.

      I see 3 guys armed to the teeth. One of them is Marcelo, a dude I went to school with (I havenít talked to him in almost 20 years), then thereís an old college buddy Danny and the third guy I canít remember who it was. They all looked bad ass each had an assault rifle, military fatigues, bullet proof vest.

      They were going to go zombie hunting. Since I was super pissed I decided to go as well. Apparently, I used to run with those guys back in the day. I wasnít as bad ass as they were, but I was good with a camera and I used to film our adventures.

      So I got my helmet camera, and my 9MM. I was super pissed I couldnít find my Mossberg 500 (itís a shotgun), Marcelo is super upset that I lost the shotgun that HE GAVE ME. I figured one of the people took with them when they went out to look for food. I see an old shitty rifle and for some reason I decide not to take it with me. Iím embarrassed by it. (WHAT THE HECK, BRAIN?! A SHITTY RIFLE IS BETTER THAN NO RIFLE AT ALL!)

      My sister begs me not to go. Sheís afraid something bad might happen to me, but Iím still angry. I want to kill some zombies to get back at them. So we walk out of the settlement and into another abandoned house. We see a group of zombies. Marcelo fires a shot, to get their attention.

      Suddenly thereís LOADS of zombies coming to the house and I only have a goddamn 9mm. Iím shooting like a motherf- and Iím actually hitting them. Nothing happens, though. The zombies donít die. They manage to get into the house. Danny is gone. Unidentified Dude is gone. Marcelo is like ďWHACK THEM IN THE HEAD WITH YOUR GUN!Ē (I mean, sure if shooting them in the head wasnít working, thatíd definitely do the trick).

      Zombie dog tries to attack me and Iím kicking it away. Whacking a Zombie in the head. I know Iím going to die. I think back to my sister telling me not to go. She was right. I shouldíve stayed at the settlement. Thatís when I wake up.

      The funniest thing about this dream is that, I used to play this videogame called "War Z" (later renamed "Infestation") with a group of friends. It's set in a zombie apocalypse, of course. While the game was a LOT of fun, and while we DID have a blast, we sucked nuts at it. We were constantly being killed either by other players or by hordes of zombies. This dream made me think of those gaming sessions. I wonder if it was because I played FIFA with one of them last night... hmm...

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