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    10-15-14 Children unite against terror!!

    by , 10-16-2014 at 06:32 PM (249 Views)
    A terrifying terrorist had come to our town and had hidden himself in the basement of a church. My cousin and I decided to go see if we could find him.

    We found the door to the church basement easily enough. But inside it was pitch black. I switched on my flashlight. What I saw was a large room, sort of like a stairwell, with concrete stairs going down the sides of the walls. I shown my light over the railing on the side to see if I could see the bottom. I couldn't.

    We tentatively began walking down. We got to a landing, and there was a rotting alien corpse. Suddenly we heard a noise and hid behind it. It echoed through the stairs. We listened and waited for a long time but nothing showed itself. Then we gave up and went back up to the main floor.

    Then all the children that attended the church banded together. (The group included my sister, who was suddenly quite obese.) They numbered about fifty. They vowed to all the grown ups that they would descend the stairs, reach the bottom, find the horrible man and destroy him. The adults pleaded with them not to go, but they would not listen. So one day they marched through the door, and we listened on the other side to the muffled echoes of their feet descending the stairs. They never came back up.

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