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    7-10-14 Andy, Pie, and the Hunger Games

    by , 07-11-2014 at 05:11 PM (287 Views)
    I dreamed that my aunt decided that my grandparents needed a new house, so while they were all out in town, she had their old house demolished and a new one built in its place. It was an incredibly fancy and stylish Frank Lloyd Wright style home, and my grandparents really liked it.

    Then I was walking down a dirt road next to some woods. there was a small group of guys walking in front of me. One of them had a pie, and all the rest wanted a piece. But the guy refused to give them any. When they became increasingly insistent on having some, he shot off off into the woods next to the road and disappeared.

    Then the grown-up Andy from Toy Story 3 was wanted to be the starring character in a new soap opera. He declined the role, much to everyone's disappointment. He was in sort of an apartment complex. As he left the meeting with the soap opera people, he walked past the open door of a day care. A young toddler was sort of crawling out the door, and as Andy walked past, it sort of reached out its arms and gave a small cry of want and desire. As if it really wanted him to star in the soap opera. But somehow the toddler's actions touched my heart, and I started crying really hard. I cried and cried as I followed Andy.

    Andy went up a long flight of stairs into the upper level of the apartment. He got to the top and went inside a door. I could see him through a window. His grandmother appeared and gave him an after-dinner mint, and anxiously asked where his sister was.

    There were two VFX companies that were widely renowned for their superb visuals. To everyone's surprise, the two companies decided to merge and become one huge amazing company. I dreamed they made a commercial for their new company, and I was somehow in it. All the famous characters from their previous films came flying out of the sun and collided with the other company's characters. The result was an awesome explosion with lens flares and lots of glamour. (Yes, as a filmmaker, I'm into visual effects companies. :p)

    Then I dreamed about the opening scenes of the Hunger Games. (I've never seen the film, by the way.) I dreamed that Katniss's father was an alcoholic man who made beer off in the woods in a trailer. She was selected for the Hunger Games. The judges told her to go off into the woods and get ready. She went away.

    What followed was a beautiful ethreal sequence. Strange long women in bright colored dresses wove in and out of sunlit trees, singing low. They swayed back and forth, like the women were made of rope. I dreamed Katniss was there, and was bathing in a spring. It was embarrassing. Suddenly, a horn blew in the distance and she looked up anxiously. It was time to get back to head quarters, and she had taken too long.

    Then it was several days later. Katniss had just completed a task, and for some reason she needed information from a spy. So she and a judge went off on a rainy evening to find him. The spy was literally a mole. He lived underground, and all you could see of him was his head, because they had dug away the earth around it so they could talk with him. Katniss needed information, but the spy was reluctant to give it to her. She got increasingly stern with him, and he enigmatically replied, "But this was our first breakup! Not even your precious boyfriend survived the last task!" But at last he relented and gave her a reel-to-reel recording.

    Katniss went off and tried to decipher the message, but she couldn't because the recording was of a person speaking "in the language of trees".

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