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    7-26-14 All this stuff is MINE??

    by , 07-30-2014 at 07:43 PM (329 Views)
    I dreamed I was driving through Colorado or something and there were these majestic snow-peaked mountains all around. I was down in a valley. I must have been speeding or something, because a police officer put his lights on behind me. There was no shoulder and I wasn't in a town, so I pulled into someone's driveway. I don't really remember the police officer or what he said. He might have just driven past me for all I know.

    I decided to park the car and go up to the house. I walked in. The house was strangely quiet. As I looked around, a man walked up to me. He was a hillbilly and had a crazed look about him. He was carrying a suitcase and seemed in a great hurry. He told me he couldn't stay in his house anymore, and urged me, even begged me to take it. He said I could have it for free. Before I could answer, he was gone and out the door, leaving me to deal with his house and belongings. He might have driven off in my car. It wouldn't surprise me if he did.

    I wandered about his house. The house wasn't very nice. In fact, it was very trashy. But he had the neatest stuff! Like a bottle that you would build a ship in, only filled with hundreds of other tiny bottles. Or a smart phone with tons of songs from the Matrix movie soundtrack. But the strangest thing was a set of toy soldiers, only the two opposing kings were missing. That disappointed me, because I wanted the complete set.

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