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    1. 2/13/17-Underground Portal?, People Getting Sucked Out of Window in Elevator

      by , 02-13-2017 at 11:52 AM
      1. I was walking my dog which wasn't my WL dog so (Dream) when I noticed a hole on the side of the road maybe 6 inches wide but looked deep. As I went to pull the grass back to see how deep it was the grass lifted up like a carpet. Very lightweight and it made me giggle at how real it looked. Knowing this is a dream I let the dog go and pulled back the carpet where the hole was so I could see what was there. It had a flap that was a door to stairs that went underground. I thought this was pretty cool and decided to explore. I know the water table isn't far down there in WL but my curiosity got the best of me. I start walking down the stairs and they keep going. It is very damp and cool in the hole. I get to the bottom and I walk along the ground when I see another set of stairs going up. I walk up the stairs and out into someplace entirely different. It appeared to be from the past, or that was what my intuition was telling me. I crawled out to what appeared to be a tall grassy area with mountains at a distance. I stood there and looked around and didn't see anything that would tell me where I was. I was about to fly around because I wanted to explore my new secret land when I was woken up by dog kicking me.
      2. I was dressed up going to some kind of event my daughter was going to be having and for some reason was meeting people at a hotel to help her with something. I recognized and old friend from years ago, RK he was friends with my ex and we got along great. He was so happy to see me he gave me a hug and was telling me about his wife and daughter that were both new since the time I knew him. He was there to help my daughter as well. We got in the elevator with about 10 people. It was a huge elevator but it still felt packed. There was a window in the back and I am afraid of heights so I stood near the front. Most people got off as we got higher but we were going to the top which was the 49th floor. There were about 4 of us now. When the door opened I felt I was still moving. Everyone got out and they went to look out the window to see the view. Normally when lucid heights don't bother me but this one I was not and I was terrified. It felt so real with RK there and he looked like I imagine he probably look these days. As they got over to the window I could feel the entire building tip to that side and I grabbed on to the wall in fear. RK laughed and said it is fine, that's what happens and he ran to the other side and I could feel it tip slightly to that side. Perfectly normal he said. I was convinced. We had our meeting with the hotel owner who was letting my daughter do her event there and RK is in sales and he was getting extra perks for her while she stayed here. I was impressed. Then there was a cocky guy who was wearing a business suit and had his chest puffed out who kept trying to get my attention. RK introduced me to him and he gestured in a way to watch out for him. I already could tell what kind of guy he was, so no worries. Then we all got in the elevator to go back down when the cocky guy opens the window and sits in a seat by the window. I was afraid enough without a window open. There were bars for him to hold on to. RK then goes and sits next to the guy and tells me to come with there too. I said no thank you that is not safe. I was shocked there would be an open window in an elevator. As we went down the wind got so bad. It was crazy. I could hear flapping and swirling of the wind. All of a sudden I heard and saw the most horrifying thing. The cocky guy was there and poof he was gone with the most awful sucking sound. RK was sitting there looking dazed. I yelled for him to hold on and I could see his hands slowly grab onto the pole. He didn't show any emotion at all. His hands were grasping softly then swoosh he got sucked out too. I was devastated as I literally watched him get sucked out in slow motion. Felt real. Then I was teleported out to about 1000 feet from the hotel and I was walking toward it...that was when the aha moment happened that this was a dream and I felt so relieved but as I was understanding that I was walking closer and could see the bodies of the two of them falling to the ground like windmills. Head toe head toe spinning. That confirmed it was a dream. No one is going to spin like that. Whew I was relieved and as I got to where I was in front of the hotel I saw people leaning over their balconies throwing purple flower pedals down on them. Now that was strange.
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