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    1. Gunfights!

      by , 10-18-2013 at 04:14 PM
      Ok, this time I did not WBTB but woke up around 5 anyways from a dream, so I was almost forced to do WBTB anyways.

      Dream 1: Me and my family and cousins were in some sort of apartment watching a football game with weird furniture. It was a weird apartment with one big room with the door then there was a little hallway to bedrooms/bathrooms/etc. People were talking and not paying that much attention to the tv anyways, kind of like a family get together type thing. Anyways someone was trying to flip channels to find the football game and flipped through a news channel that was talking about police chasing an armed gunman outside. Nobody seemed to notice or care but I was very cautious and wondered if he was in the building. So I went up to the door of the apartment which had some weird hand-bar instead of a doorknob, and I had no idea how to lock it. Just as I was trying to figure out how to lock the door a hispanic looking guy my age in a white bandana put his face right into the window of the door. I knew at once this was the armed robber/criminal and a wave of fear went through me, I quickly pulled down the lever and by luck I locked the door, I heard him shoot through the wall to try and kill me. I didn't have enough time to see if he shot me or not because I woke up a couple seconds after I heard the bang.

      Woke up at 5 am. Finally managed to get back to sleep around 6 or 6:30. Woke up at 8 and set a timer for 8:15 and went back to sleep. Did not remember to record down any dreams if I had any at that time.

      I was thinking about how I would position myself in the apartment if the gunman walked in and with what gun and where to defend my family. I tried to put myself back in the same dream, which worked in some ways and failed in others.

      Dream 2: I found myself in a mansion, I was not surrounded by family this time but friends. Me and my friend trey split up and I guess I somehow knew everyone was fending for themselves against something hunting us. We went around the house and eventually came to the garage. There were many cars there and we were thinking about driving away but the thing chasing us might be outside. I was thinking about whether to choose a crappy gun with a lot of ammo or this gun I knew to be a machine gun but I had no idea if it had ammo or not. I shot it at the wall and sure enough bullets came out so we left the garage. As I was leaving I noticed a bike giving off sparks onto the wall, and I knew it would catch fire but we left the garage anyways, didn't have time to put out the fire. After that I somehow knew I had to get up soon, so somehow I knew there was no point in fighting. So me trey and a guy with a whip were testing out the whip and he tried whipping our feet in different ways and we took turns doing it. Trey got whipped by the guy then me then the dream was over... weird lol.

      Guess the gun part of the dream came from the first part of the dream, the whip might have came from when I was reading about Frederick Douglass in slavery right before I went to bed.

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    2. large fragments, dream recall still recovering from spicy food incident lel

      by , 10-17-2013 at 01:40 AM
      Still recovering my sleeping schedule from that spicy food encounter, my dream recall is getting back on track. I set an alarm for 4:15 am and could not get back to bed til around 7 am no matter what I tried, I put on white noise and put a pillow inbetween my legs, read my calculus textbook and "relieved" myself, all things that make me sleepy but to no effect. My dream recall may take a dip because I plan on sleeping for a full 8 hours so that once my body gets used to it I can go back to waking up at 4 and going back to sleep no problem.

      Anyways here are my dreams from last night, or this morning rather:

      7 am
      Dream 1: I am in some house in a rural area. It looks like a vacation home and I feel as if my whole family is there but they all went out to go somewhere and I stayed home. I had to replace the batteries in this one device, it had 4 energizer batteries and the one that I had to replace said "16 weeks" and no charge when I did the little test on the battery. So I replaced it with the other smart living batteries. Im amazed how realistic the batteries were when I put them in. I get the batteries in the device and put the dead battery in the smaller device that works with only 1 working battery and its some sort of laser/flashlight. I lock myself in this small room and feel like I left my phone outside but see it on the table. At this point I suddenly become aware someone else is in the house. I am in the small dark room and I hear their footsteps outside. I try to keep my hands on the doorknob in case the person knows how to unlock the door and he tries to rattle it as hard as he can but I hold on until I wake up.

      8:30 am (false awakening)
      Dream 2: I feel like I wake up and am doing something in the basement when I see a white widow spider on tv, this guy is on a nature show and talking about the spider in its natural habitat. The spider is this giant spider thats legs span about 8 inches and has a white marking on the spiders abdomen. There is some gap in memory of the dream here, then I see a white widow spider right next to me so I go upstairs. My mom made this beef stew thing so I start eating it. I start telling her I need to eat whole grains while I eat this meal. The meal Im eating has beef, tomatoes, a crapload of jalapenos, and some green leaf or vegetable. (sounds kind of disgusting irl). At this point I tell her theres a white widow spider downstairs and we go down. Then I show her where it is and it starts running across a strand of string it has and right on to my dog shadows face. Im about to try to kill the spider before it bites my dog then I wake up.

      Whats strange is the second dream felt so real as opposed to my other dreams I had no idea it was a dream. Other dreams I somehow know they are a dream but don't have the full conciousness to realize im dreaming yet.

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    3. Backpacking

      by , 02-04-2013 at 05:54 PM
      I might have to start considering famous people a dream sign, this time the Crocodile Hunter was in my dreams haha.

      1. I was in a grocery store/complex of some sort, there were many many rooms in the building. The hallways had fairies everywhere except they just seemed like lights down the hall, don't remember this part very much but I wrote it in my dream journal. I started going down these hallways with small rooms in the side and once you spotted a zombie-like corpse thing, it followed you around. I remember I had some sort of inventory system in the dream and I tried to bring up a weapon, the closest thing I could find was a pickaxe. But when I tried to hit the zombie it sort of just nudged down a little bit, and I could barely move the pickaxe at all, not because it was heavy but some sort of "glitch" in my dream. Except when I nudged the pickaxe the zombie flew away down the hall. After that I got scared and I kept opening rooms to find the crocodile hunter. I knew he was somewhere in the building and I opened this one room down to some sewer system and the water was waist-deep. I found the crocodile hunter going down one of the halls in the sewer with a torch. The sides of the walls were made up of bricks, almost like in boo's haunted house in mario 64 except less cartoon looking. After a few seconds I get teleported to another part of the building. And I find the front of the store has cash registers like the whole building is a giant grocery store or something. What is strange is every clerk was a hot blonde girl, they all seemed to be talking to each other but they stuck in their respective cash register places. I thought this was very strange because hot girls are so rare, but then I kept going because I wanted to find the Crocodile Hunter again. I went back to the sewer and he was still holding the torch, then after a few seconds the dream was over.

      2. One fragment of another Dream I had was that I was just walking around with a heavy backpack. I was walking around some city at first and I remember walking down some streets with just garages on one side and the backs of some stores on the other side. There was also a scene where there was a circular giant sidewalk with artistically designed bricks on the ground and I was looking at myself walk towards where I was looking at myself from. On the left of where I was looking was a street, no one else was there but there were cars in the background. I don't remember parking my car but I remember my car got towed, I went back to the place I parked it, which was some random persons driveway lol. I put my gloves and hat on the driveway and laid them all out neatly for some reason, when the family got home and parked their car on the side of the street.

      Another fragment I remember from the dream was I was walking behind a middle school, and two girls were just walking home at that time, except it was extremely strange because it was midnight. I was so confused that I just stared and wondered what they were doing at this time of night, but I kept walking. Then I found a construction crew not really doing any work but just talking amongst themselves and just glancing at me as I go by.

      I feel as if there were more of the dream where I walked on some nature trails but I just do not remember it.