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    1. Opposite dream

      by , 11-23-2013 at 06:49 PM
      Had a dream where I went to London for school for some reason but had to come right back a couple hours later because something was messed up with our plans. Had a dream my dad and brother were back and I we were sitting on this weird couch telling them about it. It was very bright although it was inside. This is the only dream I remember.

      The reason I called it opposite dream is because everything felt like it was going right in my dream. Then I woke up to my real life... lol
      Tags: family, house, travel
    2. I was a little girl?

      by , 11-14-2013 at 05:16 PM
      I only remember one dream, and I was a little girl in the dream lol..............................

      I was at one place which was supposed to be like a hard level I had to do over.. oh just remembered part of my dream

      First fragment I remember I was at this one level of Super mario 64 and I was telling these people about Super Mario Sunshine. I showed them the gamecube cover of the game and sunlight radiated through me and I felt the warmth of the sun. Then I just had to say Praise the suN!!! lol.

      Next fragment I had I was this little girl and I was trying to beat this one level on Majoras Mask, Ocarina of Time, or Mario or something I forgot. You had to enter the level through this painting or somehow, and quickly press up down left right left right a b a b start select, at least thats what I thought the code was. And if you didnt do it fast enough you couldnt beat the level. I remember I was a little girl playing the level and there was this mean older lady trying to do mean stuff. Like the principal in Matilda. Thats all I remember
    3. ugh

      by , 10-22-2013 at 01:29 PM
      No dreams

      slept from 12 to 5, then failed at WILDing for 3 hours. Now that I have to get up I'm tired all of the sudden after being completely awake not being able to fall asleep for 3 hours. Woooooowwww
    4. Recovering my recall

      by , 10-16-2013 at 03:39 AM
      Finally remember a tiny snippet of a dream. I saw my mom and Chris (her bf) in the front yard. That's all.
    5. hot sauce ruined dream recall

      by , 10-15-2013 at 05:52 PM
      No dream recall

      Ate incredibly spicy food for dinner and tried to wake up 4 hours after, I had stomach pains from the hot sauce I picked, restaurant I went to had sauces ranked from 1 to 10+. I chose the spiciest menu item they had and they had two sauces that had the rank 10+. I poured the two sauces on my meal and it burnt like crazy but kept eating. Really bad idea in retrospect but still, I kind of want to do it again :?

      I tried to do a WBTB, it was going so well til I had the stomach pains, hurt like f***.
    6. English Class

      by , 10-13-2013 at 06:31 PM
      Had one dream. I had to go to English class but I had to go through this tiny little hole I could barely fit through to get there. Once I got there the teacher asked me all these questions about what cities on the globe had a lot of architecture after 2006. I kept listing cities like China and Houston and stuff and she kept pointing out the ones I said that were wrong. The room was a darkly lit lecture hall with way more students than are actually in my english class, almost like movie theatre seating. Then two black guys that work in the offices came up and asked this one kid for his student ID and he gave it to them. Then they asked for mine and I said I didn't have one at the moment. Then he said well go get one and I said I didn't have 10 bucks, then he said well whats your name then. They were gonna look me up on the computer and I just told them my student ID number and they left. I started waking up as I was saying thanks for wasting 5 minutes of class time that really came in handy! and other things like that I was waking up.

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    7. One eventful walk

      by , 10-12-2013 at 06:18 PM
      Ok I guess my dreams are starting to become more memorable now

      The first thing I remember is that I'm walking down a street right outside my neighborhood, I think I went to this park and I'm on my way back when I see this car crash between three cars. One of the cars keeps plowing into another and the car starts bending inwards and the guy inside is almost crushed. Then the other car pulls away and I go down to help the guy. He apparently doesn't need help and gets out of the car himself. Then the next thing I know it somehow changes to night and the intersection is huge and everyone is stopped at all 4 sides of the intersection. The guy that got out of his car is messing with one of the street lights and using it to weigh his car somehow. While this is happening I see this attractive girl dressed really nice carrying champagne, shes probably a server or something. For some reason me and the girl and a bunch of other people our age start running back towards my neighborhood. I start running backwards so I can talk to the girl face to face and I forget the exact words but I asked her something and she had a rejectful answer. So I just showed off lol and ran a lot faster than everyone else to get home, I kept trying to tell myself to go faster but I was already going so fast.
    8. first entry in a long time 10/11

      by , 10-12-2013 at 08:06 AM
      Haven't posted on here in a while, trying to start back up

      I had one dream where theres a bunch of people at my house and were watching a movie. I know this lesbian couple and i made them a card or something and my teacher shared it with the class and I was really embarrassed about it. The card was as thick as a book with pages, hardcover. Everyone went outside for a smoke break or something and I went up to the kitchen to eat salsa and jellybeans. yep thats all i remember :P
    9. Movie Theater and the ride home 2/25

      by , 02-25-2013 at 10:57 PM
      I only remember one very long dream last night, and I only remember segments of it.

      I was in a movie theatre in the lobby. There was a hallway with structures and benches in the middle with movie posters on triangular prisms coming out of the ground like in some malls where you can see three different movie posters if you decide to walk around the structure. I remember there was a guard standing next to the wall but I was just kicking the wall next to a moving sidewalk, one of those things at an airport. I decided to go inside the movie theatre and I sat near this random girl in the corner of the audience section? what do you call the area where all the seats are? the auditorium? stadium? whatever. No one was there so I got up and left to go back into the lobby and continued to kick walls while I was on the moving sidewalk. When I went back into the theatre there were many people there and I chose one of the only seats left, which was next to this girl I have known for a long time named Melanie. For some reason I remember she was wearing a white t shirt. There was tension between us but neither of us said anything for most of the movie, at one part she lazily put her arm over the armrest so it was dangling over my lap. I did nothing and after a while she put her arm back and nothing happened between us.
      I feel as if this might have been a different dream or happened right after the first dream. I was walking home in this field. There were two roads that if the field was a rectangle, I would start at the top left corner and go down a bit then go across horizontally. There were roads on the edges of the field and as I walked through the field a car drove past me and threw a firework out the window, it had already been lit a while ago but for some reason there was still a few explosions left, and after the car drove for a bit it crashed in the distance. Further down the field police with a megaphone told people to walk with their right sides to the road, so I had to walk backwards as I was going from the top left to the top right. As I was walking backwards on the side of the road I saw a policeman staring at me from the back of a bus as he was going the opposite direction and I was walking backwards to follow the police order. The field seemed to be in autumn at dusk. I remember dark orange being a color a lot.
    10. text message

      by , 02-15-2013 at 06:30 PM
      I was just looking at a text message Ihad got from my friend jesse, forgot what it said..

      also had a dream where my mom lost her credit card, she asked me if i had seen it

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    11. :(

      by , 02-13-2013 at 06:24 PM
      Went to sleep around 1:30, woke up around 6, tried to go back to bed and perform WILD, accidentally fell asleep. Woke up at 9, tried to perform WILD again, could not go back to sleep. Do not remember the slightest hint of having any dream.... nooooo
    12. 2/9 Class is Over

      by , 02-09-2013 at 05:46 PM
      ugh, only 1 dream, here it is

      1. I had a dream I was in this cheap classroom where it looked like a small cafeteria kind of and the hallway outside had this cheap kind of rug to it. I remember outside the hallway I was talking to this girl I used to know named Shannon, and she was in a blue sweatshirt. Somehow it got out that I liked her (what is this 5th grade?) so obviously she stopped talking to me which is perfectly normal. In class we were talking about the history of the human evolution and a black person mentioned that black people came from white people. So i said I'm sorry but I think white people came from black people, because we originally came from africa and as we travelled through snowy areas our skin became white. Then after I said that it was like the most racist thing ever (even though its true) and everyone in the entire classroom kept staring at me for like 45 seconds. I kept saying what, theres DNA evidence to prove its true, whats the matter? and they kept staring at me. Then we went on to something else. But the teacher saw this one girl drinking a capri sun and said GOODBYE GET OUT OF MY CLASSROOM! Obviously there was a strict rule against drinking capri sun in class. After she was leaving another guy threw his capri sun in the trash so the teacher kicked him out and pretty soon more than half the class got kicked out so he just said class is cancelled for today. Then in the hall me and a small group of people were walking together (including Shannon) and we start joking around about how retarded that class is. I remember seeing Shannon in a blue sweatshirt and her friend in a red sweatshirt walking together. Then one person starts dancing and I start dancing like I'm in footloose (LOL) and everyone laughs cause I'm dancing so funny. no black people are in our group because I said something that was racist apparently. I kept dancing into this lounge area and I saw through another room to a door outside and there was a black guy dancing outside the window, and further out the window there was a football game being played. This dream was lengthier than I originally thought.
    13. A very weird high school

      by , 02-01-2013 at 03:44 PM
      I'm glad my dream recall increased so greatly last night, might have to do with all the apple juice I drank, or the fact that I actually went outside yesterday.

      Sleep: 11:30
      Awakenings: 4:00, 9:00
      Methods: MILD, WILD

      1. Skyrim Ruins

      In my dream somehow I knew I was in Skyrim, except I was actually in the game. I was in this snowy place, it looked like the stones from stonehenge except they were on hills and there were a lot of them. This group of other people were chasing me and I kept trying to get to a city so the guards would attack the group of people chasing me. I looked on the map and saw I was right near one of the gold little stonehenge pieces, which somehow I knew meant a city. I started climbing up this big hill with nothing on it so it was like a field on a hill. Somehow I didn't wake up after this but I still remembered this dream.

      2. Vacation house

      I was in this vacation house with my cousins, this seems to be a very common recurring element in my dreams. It somehow got dark outside at 4:30 and we were just sitting around talking, a very boring dream. All i remember is what I wrote down when I woke up, we were talking about health and somehow one of my cousins (she'd never say this in real life) said that she eats one quart of club sandwhiches every day lmao. After a while my uncle asks me what channel is the hockey game on. So I start to flip through the channels, and in this house somehow we have comcast or something cause it's different from what I have at my house. After a few seconds of browsing the channels I wake up.

      At this point I feel WIDE awake, I write my notes down in my dream journal, go upstairs and drink some applejuice and some water. Then I try to fall back asleep.

      3. High school Weirdness

      I dreamed I was back in high school and we all went sledding. I did not feel the cold at all and somehow all I was wearing were soaking wet whitey tighteys. (LOL) After sledding we went to this weird cafe to have dinner, and there was one aisle with two rows of booths where everyone was eating. At the end of one row was a podium where some guy was giving a speech. After he gave a speech everyone was just waiting and sitting, so I went up to the podium to see if I could give a speech. After I got up to the podium Someone else from across the room started giving a speech talking about prom and some other events so i went and sat back down. After we started eating I guess two security people kept moving me around because I kept causing trouble. I went to a few tables then to a popular table then to a table in the back. I do not remember anything that happened at any tables. Then I remember when we were leaving we had to walk past another big group of people and I shouted "SAN DIMAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES!!" (it was in bill and teds excellent adventure) then as everyone was leaving I was running through the snow, up past a wendy's and a few other restaurants until I got to this big snowy field that seemed to go on forever, I kept running towards this hill but I never got closer, this went on for a long time in the dream. I kept wondering why I wasn't cold but I never realized I was dreaming. I eventually imagined I was on the hill on purpose so I could get home faster but I still didn't realize I was dreaming. After that I woke up.