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    1. High jumping in Grandparents front yard

      by , 01-04-2014 at 05:16 PM
      It was quite a weird night. I had just come back from a cruise and I was in this 5 star hotel. Except one strange thing was the room was incredibly hot. We couldn't find the thermostat so we just lied there in the heat. I woke up several times and I felt I had no need to go back to sleep but to pass time til morning. I had drank a shit-ton the night before. Anyways I only remember one dream from that night

      Black: dream
      [COLOR="#800080"]Purple:[/COLOR] lucid

      I had given unwanted sexual advances to a friend on the cruise and she was ignoring me and I felt horrible about it. For some reason I have a very foggy idea there was some part of the dream where 2 of the friends were sitting in the hotel room while I was sleeping. Anyways the first thing I remember clearly was being in my grandparents front yard. [COLOR="#800080"] I then became lucid and did not do any reality checks. I knew I was dreaming and I started trying to fly. I flew up about 30 feet in the air but I started to lose momentum and slowly fall back down towards the ground. I looked at my hands which looked incredibly realistic. I repeated trying to fly for about 15 more times then I woke up.[/COLOR]
    2. Pills, Mall, Road Trip, Lucidity

      by , 11-02-2013 at 11:51 AM
      Hi! I had another lucid :D. Every time I go lucid I am always in a car, hopefully I learn to go lucid when Im not in a car. Last night I went to sleep early because I was tired and also my stomach was hurting. I just kept falling asleep on the couch so I just went to bed at around 8 or 9, really early for me. I usually have trouble falling asleep by midnight. Anyways here's how my dream went.

      Earliest part I remember was buying pills in the mall. It was inside this weird store that was pretty much purple and had a little stand in the middle where I got my pills. I let this girl see the pills and I thought she gave them back. I had a bottle of my new pills and my old pills, she looked at the old ones. As I was leaving the store I looked inside the bottle for my old pills and there was nothing there. I looked at her and she started trying to walk away, I chased her down and kept trying to get my pills back. I got this little pamphlet from her with some of the pills in a baggy on it or some pills that stick to the pamphlet in an orderly fashion. I couldn't check if they were all there so I kept chasing her and getting my pills back. After a while, like 5 minutes dreamtime, she got to this maze. I kept going along the side of this maze and she came out right in front of me and I took my bag of pills back. Then she tried to grab them back and the bag ripped and it went all over the floor.

      The next part was my sister and me in the car going somewhere, she was driving. For some reason I think she is the girl trying to steal my pills in the mall. I also tell her I have to go home but she gets her friends in the car and she says nope and they start driving somewhere else. So at this point I am really angry over everything she has done so far so I smash her head through the windshield and push it against the window through the broken glass so her head comes off. Her friends keep driving and somehow her head grows back. I sit there a while and then [COLOR="#0000CD"]I realize I'm dreaming. I look at my hands in the car (my car) and it looks exactly like real life its crazy. I look over to my sister and shes reaching her hand out trying to touch me like a zombie, I fly out the open window and land along the side of the road. I quickly try rubbing my hands together and it works for a bit. I look around and I'm in a road with wheat on both sides, or very tall grass and a tree on the right side, when I'm on the left side. Past the wheat is a forest, it's in the afternoon and everything looks awesome. I fly into the air again and I chase the car down, Im about to shoot an energy blast to blow up the car from the air but I accidentally wake myself up.[/COLOR]
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    3. Driving Car, LUCIDITY!!

      by , 10-31-2013 at 02:37 PM
      I apparently always go lucid when Im driving.

      Anyways I dont remember much at all about my dreams last night except when I went lucid. I was driving my car and I just knew it was a dream, I didn't do a reality check or anything I just realized I was dreaming. I rubbed my hands together so I wouldnt wake up and I tried driving around for a bit but it didn't last long and I woke up. Thats pretty much all I remember

      I only have this one other fragment of playing this game where I had to pour this liquid in little grooves on a board. I let it drip and the girl next to me told me I lost cause if it drips then you lose.
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      lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    4. 2/24 Bars, Cruise ships, Video games

      by , 02-24-2013 at 09:08 PM
      Non-Dream [COLOR="#4B0082"]Dream[/COLOR] [COLOR="#DAA520"]Lucid[/COLOR]

      Ok well haven't posted in a while but here goes. I don't really know the chronological order of these events so my dream may be told out of order. The facts and events are what actually happened in my dream, although they might be in the wrong order, and some parts are also missing as I don't remember the entire dream.

      Sleep: 4:00am
      Wake 2:15pm

      1. [COLOR="#4B0082"] My first dream was in the basement of my moms house, where I live. For some reason instead of one bar under the stairs there were two smaller bars next to this great view of a window thats the size of a jacuzzi? It went from the ground to the ceiling and there were two bars on the side. Both of them had this green tile on top like the bar we have in real life. I realized I usually spent time at one bar and I just was getting comfortable to the other bar when something happened and I went into another room where my mom put in a third bar that was much bigger. It was a big oval and stretched as far as a schoolbus lengthwise. On one side there was beer on tap and my grandparents were testing it out, I asked my mom what happened to the old bar and she said she got rid of it. I felt sad and that was the end.[/COLOR]

      2. [COLOR="#4B0082"] The next dream I remember is I was on a cruise. Apparently it was a pretty shitty cruise now that I think about it because it only had rooms on one side and pools on the other. Apparently we were docked in Japan and I was walking in my bathing suit to the pools side of the boat. I was just trying to find a hot tub to get into. The architecture was weird[/COLOR] let me explain the top of the boat in MS Paint.


      [COLOR="#4B0082"]At first I saw a father helping his daughter down the waterfall steps, which was cool and cute at the same time. Then I got into the hot tub, and there was this family in there. The father was sitting across from me, they had a daughter to both of our sides and the mother was sitting on the top of the hot tub. The father started telling me this amazing cop story and I was trying to pay attention so i tried to get comfortable. I tried to get comfortable but I kept leaning towards his daughter and he kept getting more suspicious, I tried to move away but it was just awkward. I looked to the wife and she filled in some of the story while the father told it. I eventually left the hot tub to go look off the side of the cruise ship. It looked like a Japanese harbor, and then for a few seconds[/COLOR][COLOR="#DAA520"] I went lucid. I didn't even try to do anything my subconcious already knows that I am going to wake up if I do anything exciting. I decided to just sit there and enhance the view. It suddenly turned to night and the sky had so many stars and there was a beach way down below me. Shortly after that I lost the lucidity[/COLOR] [COLOR="#4B0082"]and my dream continued.
      3. [COLOR="#4B0082"]I had a dream me and my brother were playing call of duty, and we decided to play this other game. We looked like little slime people, like yellow gum drops except everyone had white hair and glasses, which were supposed to portray they were old. At first me and my brother were racing against each other, and you had to press A fast to win the race. I ended up doing the trick where you put the sleeve over your finger and rub the button across to be able to press A extremely fast. My dad was in the background and said something then asked if he could play. After that we watched another team of two try to beat my and Joeys added score. I handed my dad the controller and that was the end of the dream.[/COLOR]
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    5. 2/10 Achievements Unlocked: Going Lucid, DEILD, RC, Vivid Dreams

      by , 02-10-2013 at 05:07 PM
      I completed a few milestones today, as well as having some vivid dreams. I was kind of dissapointed at first but I just kept going back to sleep. I've realized after tonight the less tired you are when you go to sleep the better chance you have of having a lucid dream.

      Awake [COLOR="#4B0082"]Dream[/COLOR] [COLOR="#DAA520"]lucid[/COLOR]

      I went to sleep around 2 AM, I had a horrible dinner which might have had something to do with it. I didn't even really have a dinner except eat a bunch of seven-layer-dip and a chicken wing right before bed.

      Sleep: 2:30
      Wake: 6:30
      Sleep: 6:40

      1. [COLOR="#4B0082"] I was in some sort of gymnasium where Obama was giving a speech. It was like a basketball court and then there was a smaller court right next to it so from a birds eye view it looked like a square next to a rectangle.


      [COLOR="#4B0082"] On all sides of the room there were bleachers and they were all full and Obama was on the far end of the square in the room giving a speech. I was next to my cousin Russell and some lady with a baby next to him. After Obama stopped speaking they put on a movie for everyone to watch. Inbetween the speech and the movie the woman with the baby started walking on top of this tall row with her baby and there was like at least an 8 foot drop. The movie we were watching had someone's kid being taken away by child services and I started yelling yea we got someone with the same baby problems over here and I pointed to the woman walking with her baby on the high beam thing. I kept yelling jokes about it and she kept trying to hide her baby, but still kept walking on the beam. Pretty soon her baby was taken away and I was the only one who was clapping as it was happening. Sounds cruel but would you rather have a dead baby? Sometimes I feel like the only person in the room who knows the true consequences of things.
      After that the movie kept playing and the next thing I know is somehow I met a guy and a girl on the way back to the cars and my dad was about to leave but he wanted to get "that movie with the rock in it" lol. So for some reason I remember all this is happening at our River house for some reason (my dad owns a river house we have 3 hours away from our normal house) Except in the "dream river house" it's a lot sunnier and theres a lot more bushes and trees and such. And I try to go in the house through this futuristic white truck thats owned by the guards, no real trouble for going in it but it looks suspicious. I realize I can't get through the truck so I go around to the place where the speech was taking place. Two of the guards pass by me (they are soldiers from some african country) and start talking about checking up on the display case, which apparently was in the back of the truck. I walk back to the auditorium building and in the dream it was blank but somehow I'm supposed to know it was a beach on that side, but now that I look back it was just white on that side lol. There were bushes and two wooden beams over a gap where it dropped to a beach down below that you had to walk over. Once I got back to the building the entrance room looked like it belonged to a church, and I met the Jogger guy and the girl I had met before. They asked me what I was up to and I guess I didn't remember what I said before because I said I was going to go watch Lord of the Rings. The guy asked me if I was going to where it was filmed or either asked me where it was filmed, dont remember. But I was saying no it's not around here it's all the way in New Zealand. The dream ended a few seconds after I was imagining on a map my location on the earth, and then like on google earth there was a blue line zigzagging and zooming all the way to New Zealand.

      After this I stayed perfectly still when I woke up, Which is a landmark success lol. However the DEILD did not work as intended.

      This was around the time I woke up at 6:30, and I was feeling like SH*T. Because if you read at the beginning what I had for dinner. I had a bit of a stomach ache, drank some water which only made me feel worse. I went outside my room and did some general cleaning for 10 minutes then went back to sleep.

      woke up at around 9:30 and nothing happened.. decided I had nothing better to do, even though I was fully awake I concentrated on going back to sleep.

      2. [COLOR="#4B0082"]In this dream something happened that made me go on a road trip, can not remember no matter how hard I try. I was driving in my car on the road and the GPS turned onto some back country road, I had to slow down a lot to drive around all the giant rocks on the road, and I realized I didn't have the lights on so I turned on the lights, the lights inside the car worked but the headlights weren't working. Either way I saw the rocks in the moonlight/starlight anyways and at one point it felt like a childs toy car and I just grabbed the sides and picked it up over the rock. Then I thought about how crazy this was and I was like "wait a minute"[/COLOR] [COLOR="#DAA520"]I performed my first ever RC (:banana:yay!!:banana:) and my hands went through each other and I realized I was dreaming. I looked around and everything, even though it wasn't daytime, was still in vivid detail and it felt so real. It felt so much like real life it was that hard to tell the difference. I looked to the side and there was a bigger street and a jeep wrangler drove by and its headlights were shining through the snow into a thick forest/jungle straight ahead of me. I tried to fly but I couldn't get off the ground. Then I realized my dream was fading and I tried to stabilize by rubbing my hands together but it was too late and I woke up.[/COLOR]
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