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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Finally!!! First Lucid 20 15 minutes long!! :D

      by , 08-31-2012 at 05:06 PM
      I finally did it. I unitentionaly did a WBTB and a DIELD that resulted in a long ass vived as hell lucid (: I forgot how I got to where it started but my friends grandma was giving me some clothes that she bought me when out of nowhere I realized that I was dreaming. I remember doing a RC but I'm not sure when. I mighthave had a false awakening, did the RC then and forgot i was lucid until later. I'm not sure, but then I spinted off down the hallway jumped off the staircase and did a flip down to the bottom (this is my own ohuse btw). I'm shooting across rooms and I make it to my backdoor. By this time the dream is just becoming more lucid. I open the back door and say to myself," Here I go, time to fly." I'm a little tempted because it's dark outside but I go out anyway. I start to sprint as fast as a can and jump right over the back gate. At first i start to fall but i remind myself i'm dreaming and start to lift off again. Insted of the golf course being in my backyard it's a medivel warfield going on. I swoop down and grap on of the troops with one of my hands and smack everyone else around me with it. I have no idea why xD then I drop him and somehow end up back at my house. At this point the lucid wen't away for a second because I was taking out the trash (which I would never make myself do lol) but a saw my family out by the car except my mom and sister were these weird alien things that kinda looked like that Jar Jar guy from Star Wars? and my dad was a giant. This just futher made me believe that I was dreaming(: so I what should I do now? First thing that comes to my mind was to head over to the hot neighbor's house and maybe get lucky so for some reason I try and give my mom and excuse to go over there and she says' she'll come with. and so will the rest of the family -___- So i'm walking over there with them and it's very bright out now. In fact it's more vived then ever. I say the word "contrast" and things become more detailed in color. Then I say "brightness" and everything got even more vived xD the rest of the dream wasn't very exciting. It was me sitting at the house while everyone else was in the pool. It took me about a minute or so before the lucid fadded away and someone tried to poke. at the exact moment i woke up aha. It was a really cool expeirnece. definitely look forward to more lucids!