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    Field Trip

    by , 04-12-2023 at 06:34 AM (216 Views)
    Another patchy dream, really can't recall much of a cohesive story for this one either

    I'm sitting on a white bus next to a friend of mine, and we're on a school field trip. The bus has divided sections for each set of seats, like a caterpillar. I look out the window and see we're driving along a tree line that separates us from a beach. When the bus comes to a stop and we get out, I start arguing with the friend I was sitting next to about something. The next thing I remember is standing in front of a very small model house, before being told to go inside. Then, I'm locked in. I'm pretty sure this miniature house is some sort of escape room.
    The next thing I remember is opening one of the doors and a cardboard cutout of a zombie jumps out of the wall and scares me, like a haunted house. (Second dream in a row that has something to do with zombies!) Some other things that I can't recall happen, and then I remember being curled up on the floor of the starting room of the escape house, hugging my backpack and crying. I guess I really didn't want to be there.

    The next morning I wake up and realise I'm the only one still there, and I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere in this escape room while the rest of my class have driven back to school. I freak out and call my Dad to pick me up. When he gets there, I walk outside and see my classmates are there, even when they weren't a moment before. Something else probably happens after that, and then I wake up.

    First mostly nonsensical dream I've had in a while, I've really gotta stop consuming zombie media or else it'll be the only thing I dream about.
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    Tags: dad, school, zombie
    non-lucid , nightmare