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    by , 04-29-2023 at 10:31 AM (142 Views)
    For a reason I've forgotten, I'm being held hostage by someone I know's cousin or brother. Him, a few other people and I are in what I assume is his house out in the bush in the middle of nowhere. I'm sitting with my arms tied in a room with glass walls, and I'm watching the sunlight filter in before I suddenly hear shouting. Then, as if the place were being raided, smoke begins to fill the hallway outside of the glass room I'm in, and I watch as people are running past. Realising this may be my only chance at escape, I get up and try to find an exit from the doorway of the glass room. I see a man run past me into another room, and then out a backdoor, before seeing the man who kidnapped me emerge from his room. I'm not sticking around to get captured again, so I dart out the backdoor onto a porch, looking around to see only forest surrounding me. I run around to the front of the house where I find a dirt road cutting through the forest, and I start running down it. Behind me, I hear the kidnapper getting in his car to chase me.

    I run down that road like I've never ran before in my life, (which is a little unusual as in dreams running is normally very hard to do). My hands are still tied behind my back, but I'm booking it. It feels so real, like I'm actually running for my life. Every time I feel so tired that I might cough up my lungs from the exhaustion, I push myself to keep running, not waiting to hear the engine of the man's car behind me. Everywhere I look, I see trees and more trees, until I finally come across a clearing with a very small, airport like facility. As I start admiring my first look at civilisation in what must have been a very long time, the man pulls up behind me and grabs me, dragging me down a hill towards the airport.

    The place is completely empty, not another human in sight, except for a young woman who I recognise as this man's sister. When he spots her, he lets me go, going up to argue with his sister out the front of this makeshift airport. As soon as I'm released, I begin looking for an escape. About 100 metres from where I'm standing, I see a small plane parked with a pilot climbing in it. I assume he's about to take off, so as the man continues to argue, I start running once again. The man notices and starts chasing after me, but I reach the plane before he can catch up. As the plane takes off, I wake up.

    I should mention this is not the first dream I've had about being kidnapped this year, which is slightly worrying...
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