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    War Letters

    by , 05-02-2023 at 01:41 PM (127 Views)
    I actually had this dream yesterday but forgot to post...oops.

    I'm sitting on a catwalk outside somewhere (the industrial kind, not the fashion one) reading letters a girl has been sending me. I'm guessing this girl is my dream girlfriend, and she is beautiful. Medium length brown hair, wide face, green eyes, it's all I can think about as I read the letters she's sent me. With them is a drawing she made for me and a photo of her. In her letters she tells me about the drawings she's been doing and how much she misses me, as I've gone to war. I begin writing a letter in response to hers, and I barely have the heart to tell her how bad it's been, how I might not come home, so I instead write about how much I loved her artwork.

    As I'm sitting on this catwalk I look around and see I'm in a green garden outside of my Grandmother's old house, which is a place I dream about a lot. The sun is shining so bright the reflection of it off of the bright green grass blinds me. Then, behind me, I hear shouting and gunshots being fired. I turn around and see the door to an abandoned building, which the catwalk is connected to, being blown off as smoke comes pouring out of the doorway. Soon after that, soldiers come running through, firing at everyone around them, and all I do is watch while holding the letters in my hands. And then I woke up.

    The girl in this dream is the same one from my school ghost dream I posted a month ago, I guess I have a type.
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    Tags: art, girl, grandmother, war