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    My smashed up joy ride of dreaming

    My Totm: hostile takeover

    by , 11-26-2014 at 03:56 PM (225 Views)
    (Originally I was going to be fancy and copy paste leaves so there was a pile in my old dream, but that never happened)

    I'm in a random blue room, lucid now. I gear up and start the seige on my neighbor's house. The sunset cought my attention. Normal autumn stuff, but it looked nice. Going back to the mission, I go prone on this hill about 80 feet away from the house. Silent sniping ftw! I'm not really all there anymore, and I kind of thought I'd reward myself by burning my eye using the scope and the sunlight. This somehow created a lot of smoke. The swat team came in and shot me a thousand times. I'm only semi-lucid now, and I matrix dodge. Too bad my dream-self has bad balance. I fall over into the treeline, where there were mass collections of leaves. END

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