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    1. after EMDR lucid again x2 !!

      by , 02-08-2018 at 07:35 AM
      Another EMDR session and two lucid dreams last night.

      I was with a patient at home looking at the computer screen and was looking at something that was a bit like my screen at work. I said that's strange I seem to be logged into work. I couldn't read what was on the screen and realised I was dreaming. It didn't feel stable so I reached for the patients leg to feel it (strange!). That didn't work so I jumped straight through the window to go outside where it was dark. I could see the outside of my house which was realistic, the dream still wasn't very stable so I lay down in the grass to feel it, said my name and started to hear a very loud rumbling noise which rapidly became very uncomfortable and I didn't like it and woke myself up, it took a minute after waking for the noise to settle.

      I fell asleep again and was fixing a washing machine, walked outside, I don't know how I became lucid but I think I was reading a menu to someone to prove that I could read in a dream. Then I walked into an underground room but there was a solid door in front of me, I wasn't very lucid at this point. I decided to go upwards to ground level but found myself in blackness- I though this is cool and just enjoyed floating in it, then got out a bag and started throwing things around, they started to make my surroundings appear again. I was in a garden with several cats walking around, I stroked one of them, then decided to look around and improve the lucidity - it started to get very real! I went to a tree to look at the bark and could see incredible detail, I flew up to flowers in a another tree and looked at them and there was so much vibrant colour! I then remembered that I wanted to fly to the sun and said that was what I wanted to do, but changed my mind and decided to look for my father in law (who died 7 years ago) because I wanted to talk to him again. I walked over to where some old people were sitting and was told he was in the village hall. I walked to the village hall (I think I was there just by thinking about it). I asked for more lucidity as things were slipping a bit and things lit up. I found my father in law but it didn't look like him, I couldn't remember exactly what he looked like, so I said it was nice to see you and moved on. I then tried to use my hands to throw fireballs - got some smoke to start with then some fireballs which hit the walls an lit them up. I walked outside ans saw a woman standing on a grassy bank, she started throwing fireballs and said I know what you wanted to show me.

      The longest and most vivid lucid to date. My control is improving.
    2. Lucid again

      by , 01-25-2018 at 07:24 AM
      First lucid for years! I was talking about my first ever lucid dream at an EMDR session today it must have triggered this dream.

      I was at some sort of festival and flew towards a woman who had a stall selling bread, she was packing up and I wanted to ask her when she was opening in the morning so I could get some food early. I was hovering in the air looking down at her and asked her when she opened, she said about 8.30 so I told her I would see her then.

      I suddenly noticed how realistic everything was and realised I was dreaming. I flew outside and saw houses in the distance and concentrated on looking at the details and was completely blown away with how realistic it looked and I thought at last a good lucid dream. I looked in the other direction and saw a tractor and tried to zoom in on the detail but had difficulty, at that point the dream faded.

      I was then dreaming again (not sure low long after) and suddenly noticed I could see really clearly again. I was in a hotel corridor and remembered to try feeling something so I put my hands on the wallpaper, it was that fluffy sort, my fingers went through, so I willed them not to and felt it, it was very realistic. A girl waked past me and I spoke to her I can't remember what I said but she replied in gibberish. I then thought I don't know what to do, I went into a room and decided to try to go through the window which I did by imagining what was outside - thought is everything in a dream! I flew over some houses and down a street, then got a bit bored and couldn't think what to do next, lost concentration and woke up.

      Not the most exciting dream but it was my best and most realistic lucid ever to date. I really need to get a plan in case I get lucid again - perhaps flying into space.
    3. 15/9/17 Lucid

      by , 09-15-2017 at 08:34 PM
      It's been a long time since my last lucid dream. I've been trying to get lucid again in a very relaxed half-hearted way for the last few weeks.

      Last night I had an unexpected lucid dream that must have lasted 15 minutes or more. I found it really enjoyable and woke feeling grateful for the experience because I have never had anything like it before, and now I feel like I have experienced a true lucid dream.

      I'm not sure how I got lucid. I was flying and realised that I could change how fast I was flying, no great ah-ha moment just the realisation that I was lucid. Nothing too amazing, but a relaxed waking within the dream, and an enjoyment of the flying experience. I made myself fly faster and faster over a futuristic city landscape, then flew higher up into the air. I've left it too long before writing this down so I can't remember much after that until the final scene.

      I was in a room and decided to climb out of the window to get onto the ledge. I looked down and it was a blank canvas, tried to 'imagine' a deep ravine with a river at the bottom because I wanted to jump into it, but I couldn't get an image forming. I gave up and jumped anyway free falling down. Next thing I landed on a grassy field. There was a woman lying next to me... anyway I decided it was time to wake up then.

      An interesting experience.
    4. 17/9/2016

      by , 09-17-2016 at 06:14 AM
      I really have to stop being lazy and write my dreams down. Woke several times and thought I would remember a dream then completely forgot the lot in the morning.

      Remembered a lucid dream though!!

      1) Standing at the end of a park next to a road and realised I was dreaming. I saw some houses off in the distance and thought "if I'm lucid I could zoom in and look at the windows close up", it didn't work. I started walking across the park towards another house in the distance, I thought about myself sleeping in bed and reality seemed a long way off and didn't bother me. I then thought about taking my clothes off and thought that if it wasn't a dream that would prove it because I would get some very strange looks, so I took my clothes off. I walked towards the house and wanted to look in a window to see my face, whilst walking I looked at my hands and I had about 10 fingers on each hand. I saw my face in the window, the top half was a stange green colour and I had a large growth on my chin, it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be so I was happy with that. Then I thought about trying to fly, but couldn't, and I remember that I had done it before and managed to levitate off the ground slowly. At this point I was quite pleased that I had managed to stay lucid for so long and remembered that I should be trying to touch things to improve my lucidity, I think I slipped back into normal dreaming for a moment after that and then woke up.

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    5. 6/9/2016

      by , 09-06-2016 at 07:13 AM
      A real mish-mash of dreams last night.

      1) Walking down a wide open road which I had to cross. Quite a vivid dream, I was looking back up the road waiting for a chance to cross, I waited for a motorbike to come past, then crossed to the midle of the road before a large lorry came past. I was on the other side and I think I was with my daughter. We entered an office and talked about looking something up on a very old computer system but decided against because we were trespassing and left, I closed the door behind me (good detail). Carried on walking and past a restaurant, it was the Paul Daniels restaurant (?!), looked at the menu only two things were on it both pasta. At the counter we could see that the food was sitting in a chiller and it was being put in the microwave to be served. We said it was a bit odd but looked nice and we might come back for lunch.

      2) Walking along peeling an orange with my family. There was some sort of ride ahead with lots of water, not really a fun ride it seemed to have some purpose. I watched some people on it.

      3) In a house with Derick Trotter. He has to go and visit another daughter of his, his wife seemed quite happy about it. Not sure how I fitted into the family. Then someone came to visit him, I beckened him across throught the window, Del told me to let him in. The doorway was more of just a window with a latch on it he climbed in through it.

      4) I think I was flying and became semi-lucid but had absolutely no idea what to do and tried to fly towards something - very low level lucidity. I woke up into another dream:

      5) In a bed in a bed showroom, pulled the covers up. The bed was very comfortable and I fell asleep in it again.

      6) Fragment. I was going somewhere leaving a large playing field. I heard a scream over on the other side and rushed across to help. Nothing was really happening. A boy was making a lot of noise but he semed fine and I ignored him.

      7) Taking the children to school. A muddled dream. I looked at the queue for one school but then realised it was too early, and my other daughter is going to a new school so wouldn't be there. Then I was driving. there was a very small gap to get through with cars parked on either side. Someone was blocking it up totally and other people were shouting at the car.
    6. 9/7/2016

      by , 07-09-2016 at 07:34 AM
      Dreams seem a bit random and boring at the moment!

      1) In a canteen, Phil Colins talking about winning an award then he started singing. As if a documentary panned to his ex wife who complained about how much she missed him and how she went on a tour of Australia after they separated. Suddenly I was on holiday in Townsville with my family driving in a car, we passed a row of houses and commented that one of them was where our friends stayed quite often.

      2) Poor recall of this one - something about the doctors I was working with getting ill, I was told it was my turn to go to the sick room with another doctor. then talking to some old friends and looking at some books.

      3) In a mini-bus. Some kittens on the road but the driver just managed to avoid them. then I was ordering some sandwiches it was a special offer and I was ordering for the whole year I said I would come back once they had all been made. The I was talking to a patient in her bedroom, her husband leaned over and told me that she could have told me all this in surgery and I said that's ok I was just waiting for some sandwiches to be made so I had plenty of time.
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    7. 16/4/2016

      by , 04-16-2016 at 08:24 AM
      Competition night #6

      Annoyingly I awoke in the early hours, remembered a full dream and was convinced I would remember it in the morning.... all gone now. Only remembered 1 full dream.

      1) I was sitting in a canteen (again, why do I always dream about canteens??) with lots of teams of people one at each table. Some were identified by particular colours on their backs. Then I was serving with my wife. At one table we were serving a man and his young daughter, for some reason I asked if I should treat them as a 'couple'. Then I was at a table with lots of other people, I think it was breakfast. Everyone else had been served a rather odd looking starter. The person at the head of the table announced that if I wanted a shave I had an appointment at 8.45am and I had to rush off to it as it was almost time so left the table. Then I was at the entrance to an airport. I was pushing a shopping trolley full of food, and I had to go in to get a new passport, and I thought that I would be able to leave the trolley to one side whilst I got the passport. I pushed it up to the first barrier and was asked for my current passport which I didn't have. I knew that I wouldn't be able to get a new passport now and had to turn around. As I left the airport the trolley tripped over the curb and fell over, lots of electronic good fell out and I started to pick them up.

      I woke early and was unable to get back to sleep, so had a WBTB.

      2) I can only remember the end of the dream I was meeting a man in a long street in a seaside village. Suddenly I became lucid and immediately, without thinking of anything else like stabilsation shot off upwards trying to fly, I got to the top of the buildings and immediately woke up. Not a very satisfying experience, lasting all of about 1 second.

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    8. 10/4/2016

      by , 04-10-2016 at 01:55 AM
      Yes!!!! 1.30am and just had my first EVER proper lucid dream, it was amazing

      Too excited to go back to bed, so this is a sort of WBTB.

      Did a good WILD before sleep. Lots of movement but couldn't fall asleep.

      1) I was behind a schoolboy waiting to use a cash machine. It was my turn I was messing about and the woman behind was being impatient. Then I was in a garden it was dark, I put my right foot into a ditch but it was a pond, I was wearing slippers they were then very wet. I went up a set of steps (more sort of floated) and was looking at a computer screen, the pointer had a really bright dot of light on it I looked away it was so bright and looked behind myself to see if it was a laser beam causing the bright light. Then I walked backwards I think I felt like I was flying so I immediately thought that I must be dreaming. I looked at my hands but they looked normal, I checked again, still normal, I thought what the hell I know I'm dreaming!! I flew into an open room and pushed a window open to go outside then thought why didn't I just fly through it? I was slightly worried remembering that sometimes people can't fly when they first get lucid and wondered if I might fall to the ground but felt confident. I felt like I was flying in a vertical position so went horizontal. I flew out of the window and out into a dark night. I could hear an old friend calling me in some woodland a way off so flew that way. I could feel cold air blowing past my face it was so realistic! I started to wonder how long it would last for and could feel myself breathign so I rubbed my hands together, then tried to spin. It was working but by now I was thinking that I was bound to wake up. I spun around again then I was stood by a BBQ in a garden. The lucidity was very poor and I knew I was starting to wake up and gave into it, in fact I was so amazed by this point that I wanted to wake up to write about it.

      Added in morning:

      2) In a vegetable garden of some sort. I was looking at a dense hedge of some sort of fruit plants. Some parts were covered in black plastic. I noticed that there was a blueberry bush growing at the back, as I pulled the black cover off some of it I could see the flowers opening as the sun hit it. I walked off down a path.

      3) I took my car keys into a shop and hid them behind something on a shelf, can't remember why, I told the shop keeper what I was doing he seemed ok with it. Then I was on my motorbike, I was in Japan, the road was a about 20 lanes wide and I had to get into another lane, I think I was travelling into the city. I was with someone else on a motorbike, it was a woman. We got in the wrong lane. It all went slow for a moment she was explaining to me where each lane went to. Two of the lanes led to big metla structures I think they were cablecars, the one we went into I knew was arong. We got to the end of it and there was a boat. We stopped and looked the boat and there were lots of naked people stood on it. The woman drove away very fast and I said something like 'it might be fun!' then got on my bike and followed her.

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    9. 6/4/2016

      by , 04-06-2016 at 06:55 AM
      WILDed before sleep - lots of sinking sensations and sensations of moving around.

      1) I was stood at the back of my house with a work colleague. I was pointing with a stick at some overhead power lines showing him where there was a fault, he asked about a church in the distance I knew he was looking for a house locally and was thinking about converting it. We went into the lounge and I introduced him to our neighbour who has converted an old building and now lived in it. Then I was walking back down a corridor past my guitar and turned the corner, I loked back and the guitar had started playing itself, I knew that something supernatural was happening. I woke in my bed and saw the guitar standing by the wall in my bedroom, I knew immediately that I was still dreaming. I wanted to look at my hand to check that but couldn't move, although I just caught sight of my hand and it wasn't right. I thought that if I couldn't move I would try to OBE so concentrated on trying to move upwards, that didn't work. I tried to sit up - that was hard work! but I managed it, then I tried to move my legs, that was really difficult, I moved them and swung around, my body felt very difficult to control and feather light. My legs sort of floated down on top of my wife and I was worried I might wake her up. I was stuck by my pelvis, so I sort of flopped my legs and head down over the side of the bed thinking that I might just drop down onto the floor. I could see the carpet. Nothing happened I was still stuck by my pelvis. At this point it was such hard work and I was feeling very strange so I returned properly to my body and woke myself up.

      2) I was on the phone to a DV friend. She insisted on talking in her own language and I couldn't understand a word, I think she thought it was funny, eventually she started talking in English. We had something to discuss, and I said it was nice to hear her voice and we said goodbye.

      3) I was with a work colleague from many years ago when I was 20. We got in the lift together at a hotel, someone else got in and we went to the ground floor. I went to a bog desk to pick up a jumper, I was going with a big group of people out on a trip and had to be with them by 9am. I asked for my jumper and was told to wait. I looked at my watch and it was already 9.45. I saw the queu of people behind me being served. the lady was giving out suitcases and polishing them up for the other customers. I gave up waiting, but had missed the trip. The I was in a sort of nightclub type room there was a dog there, I cuddled it and noticed that it had a serious head injury and a maggot was crawling out of the injury. I asked and was told that the vet had already seen it and given antibiotics. I wake through to another room in the hotle. There were people around the room selling services, I remembered that there was a list given out before listing all the things that would be there. I read the notice in front of a stall - I couldn't understand what it was all about and asked the man there as it looked like he was selling drugs, he insisted that he wasn't but I still couldn't understand exactly what he was selling.
    10. 3/4/2016

      by , 04-03-2016 at 06:29 AM
      1) I was in a class and was asked to read. I looked at the page and couldn't understand the writing, looked back and it had changed. I knew immediately that I was dreaming, but looked at a hand to check and it looked very odd. For some reason I remember then thinking "I'm dreaming" but it shouldn't be like this, and lost lucidity immediately. I was then in a playground and I can't remember anything else from that dream.

      2) Looking back over a skyline and seeing a tennis court with 2 high chairs at each end. Then I was playing football with a boy with a tennis ball.

      3) Looking at a clockface, it was raised and golden. The clock was really old and in a wooden case. I was fiddling with the mechanism and adjusting how fast the clock was going. Then I was with someone else and it was like being in school we had to collect our drawings from the week, I collected a few they were some that I remember my children drawing when they were younger. Then I was in a university canteen chosing lunch. I looked at all the food and remember it in detail. There was a vegetarian moussaka, a girl sitting to the side had her elbow in the salad of the one I wanted and I was abit annoyed that she was touching it but decided to have it anyway. The serving lady said I had to eat the salad first then she would heat up the moussake. I ate the salad then she took it away to put it in a microwave. I looked at the time and notice dthat I had an appointment and couldn't be late so rushed off and didn't have time to eat. Other things happened that I can't remember. Then I was outside an old people's home and someone had been put into an ambulance thatset off on blue lights, it didn't go very fast and I was discussing with someone about why they bothered using blue lights.

      4) I was stood by the front door of my childhood home. There were two black panthers outside, and I was struggling to lock the door so they couldn't come in. Then my family arrived home in the car, I could see my wife looking at the panthers. A young man was then fighting with one of them, he was losing and he was bleeding heavily from his neck. My family came over to the door with the young man, they were talking at the front door rather than getting in and I started kicking one of the panthers. I think I woke up then.

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    11. First lucid dream

      by , 11-29-2015 at 08:40 AM
      Haven't written here for ages - gave up for a while!

      I played an online adventure game last night and thought maybe this will give me a lucid dream, and was thinking about it as I fell asleep.

      Very poor recall but I remember suddenly thinking I'm dreaming! Strangely I didn't get too excited about that and I thought about doing a reality check but knew I was dreaming and there were lots of people chasing after me so I thought I had better fly away first and do that later - I flew up into the sky and kept flying because the people were flying after me, I think it then turned into a normal dream. The level of lucidity was not good and I can't remember much more about it.

      Other dreams: I was seeing a patient with another doctor, then I remember talking to a receptionist to book him in for a test, then I was drinking a cup of tea with the patient and I realised I had put some valium in the tea and I suddenly started feeling very drowsy.
    12. 11/10/2015

      by , 10-11-2015 at 09:01 PM
      Tried SSILD again this afternoon. In the second cycle I went into a lucid(ish) dream during the visual focus phase, so within about 1 minute of closing my eyes.

      I was stood by a wall with a grass verge and was puilled towards a door with green light behind it, some sort of disco, as I went in I was saying to myself that I must hold onto my lucidity, saw a window and decided to fly towards it, took off, then got shocked at what I had just done and woke up.
      Probably the lowest grade of lucidity as I don't remember being very concious about being lucid, just thinking about it and remembering to try to hold on to it, even though I wasn't truly lucid and I didn't even really remember what that meant, and trying to fly.
    13. Smudgefish's Workbook

      by , 09-05-2015 at 11:32 AM
      I had my first semi-lucid dream last night, at least I think that is what I would call it.

      I can't remember all the details, but I found myself doing stabilisation exercises, rubbing my hands together (although I didn't look at them), then looking at objects around me in detail and feeling them, and remembering to move quickly from one object to another. Then I remember showing someone that I could fly and trying to levitate myself off the ground. Then I became worried that I might wake up and started to become aware of my real body, and woke up.

      It wasn't a real lucid dream because I wasn't really in control or fully conscious, more that I felt I was just going through the motions.

      Is this a step in the right direction? I hope so.

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