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    [23/24-01-2017: 10th & 11th competition night]

    by , 01-24-2017 at 04:41 PM (306 Views)
    The lonely path

    It was evening, dark and cold. I left my house and wandered far away to mountains. There were two paths leading through them - the easy and ordinary, and much more dangerous and remote "The lonely path". I instantly chosen the second and started walking up the path. Suddenly I found myself back at a valley close to mountains, in place where one path split in two (the ordinary and lonely). I chosen lonely path again. Then I found myself back at my house, thinking "Each time, despite different circumstances, it leads to the same decision and outcome. Each time creating a separate universe." I ran to the road and saw a few cars passing by. I made a decision just before reaching the road - I'll chose the lonely path.

    The prom

    It was my prom made second time, as most of people wanted to repeat it. I was hesitant, but did appeared there. I was bored and wanted to leave. Everyone gathered outside the local - it was a busy city street. Everyone was talking about other participants of the party. Someone even called me bumptious.
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