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    Old friend, lost in a forest

    by , 07-24-2015 at 01:10 PM (329 Views)
    First dream

    I was in some kind of a camp. There was my old friend. We were talking about SFML library and it's potential uses in my projects.

    Second dream

    With group of classmates and teacher we went into a military base. It was raining, there was mud and ground was slippery. I went back to our base to change my shoes, and went back to join with them. We walked around the base for a while, and then we entered a bus. Teacher gave us some kind of a pass, and after that we had to go for a stop.

    I went out of our bus, and entered another. There was my mother and my younger sister inside. We talked for a while, bus moved away from the stop in the meanwhile. When we stopped talking, I was on a road through forest, away from the stop.

    I left the bus, and moved around the forest road. It was nearing midnight. There was a fork. I wanted to go the right way first, but then moved back and tried another. I realised that I go the wrong way, and found the right way through the forest. I started to see a city, and a tall flat. A man walked out of it, and went closer to his car.

    I asked if he can drive me to bus stop. He agreed, but he had to repair something in his car. I had to choose: running there on foot, or waiting for the man to fix his car. I decided to stay with him, thinking "This must be a dream, they would search the area for me!" Though I doubted it, and haven't become lucid.

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