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    1. Some non-lucids

      by , 04-06-2015 at 09:19 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was walking in the countryside. I was halfway to the nearest city. There were fields on the left and right, and a forest in the distance. I met a brunette girl with bright blue eyes. She was wearing a white t-shirt, bright blue skirt, and had a necklace. I can't recall how the necklace looked like.

      She asked me if I can take some flowers for her from the field. I jumped onto the field, and looked for the plant she wanted to receive. When I got out, I was all in mud, dirty. She was really thankfull.

      I decided to go with her to the nearest shop. She chosen what she wanted to buy. The shopkeeper demanded huge amounts of money for only four products. I tried to remove some of the more expensive, but it was still huge.

      I checked my wallet, and it was empty. I asked if she has any money. The girl checked her wallet, and found nothing as well. She asked me if we can just take the products and run away, and after a while of consideration I decided that we should just go away, without taking anything.

      We walked out of the shop. Suddenly we found ourselves in front of my house. There was a black man - student of Oxford college. He was weaing a green hoody with Oxford written on the back. He went to the street, met other students, and rapped.

      Second dream

      I was walking in school. There was a girl that was looking for her lover. I tried to help her. We found out that there was a man who had a few girlfriends. They received that information rather quickly.

      Third dream - recurring, different ending than before

      Technology became so advanced that humanity could revert all it's impact on environment, and then move to huge vault-complexes. Nobody leavd their vaults, except for moving to another vault, either by trains or cars that used form of energy, that doesn't create any pollution.

      I was with a group of teenagers. The group consisted of three men, and two women. I can't recall if any of them used names in the whole dream. One had dark hair, and was wearing white shirt and jeans trousers. Second guy had blond air, and was wearing black t-shirt and jeans trousers. I was the third one. The first girl had brown hair, and was wearing grey t-shirt and jeans trousers. I can't recall the second girl.

      Somehow we found a way to the surface, but after we got out the way was sealed. It was cold early morning. The vault was surrounded by fields with growing crops. There was a road and train track nearby. We tried to go back the sealed way, but it wouldn't open.

      I decided that we should spread out, and see if we can find a way. If we do, we must call for the rest. I searched the area close to the sealed way. My point of view changed. I was the guy with white t-shirt. I was searching some basements. I saw a way, looking like ducts, but I hesitated if I should enter it.

      Then my vision changed again. I was the guy with black t-shirt. I was on the road. I dodged some cars to get close to the trains, but I saw that they open only from inside the vault, and have no windows. I saw that there is a way from under the train track, but it risks death if I would be there where train comes.

      My point of view changed again. From the top view I saw the girl, searching some rooftops and going into corridors. Suddenly a door in the corridor opened. The girl was scared and was crying.

      Then I was back at my point of view. I found a hidden switch, which moved a platform to the rooftop. I found a way inside there. I immediately sended a message to the rest of the group, and the came quickly, We just jumped through the hole, and landed safely in the corridor near apartments of the vault.

      *Usually the dream ended with:

      - The guy in white t-shirt killed by mechanisms when trying to go through ducts;

      - The guy in black t-shirt hit by car when moving on the road; killed by train while trying to find the way under the tracks; killed by a serial killer when following the road to the entrance;

      - The girl killed by mad scientist after entering mysterious room;

      - Me catched by mad scientist, and killed by serial killer;*

      False awakening

      I "woke up" in my bed. I felt a strong pain in my teeth. I touched one with my tongue, and felt a huge hole in it. I felt that I touch my gums through it. After a while all of my teeth started to fall out of gums, and form a ball of crushed teeth. I took it out of my mouth, and then awakened.
    2. Non-lucid fragments

      by , 04-04-2015 at 10:21 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I remember having a few dreams, but all I can recall are fragments. I was in my home, working on something. I recall also another weird toilet dream.
    3. The highway

      by , 03-07-2015 at 09:25 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in my home. I went outside, and looked around. It was grim, dark afternoon. The sky was overcast. I saw my family. Everyone was waiting for me. I asked what's going on, and they told me that we have to drive somewhere. We drove on a highway. It was really high above the ground. Suddenly, I found myself on the road. I looked around. It was midnight. We had a huge car accident. I don't know why, but something told me to run away. I saw that there's a sidewalk on the highway, but my way back was blocked by huge piles of sawdust. I climbed up, and ran on the sidewalk.

      On the way I charged through layers of sawdust. After a while I heard someone following me. It was a group of my classmates. They were laughing for some reason, and shouting after me. I felt a little frightened, and I knew that they meant harm to me. I was running. After a short while the sidewalk was closed by fence and barbed wire. I knew that I was close to some kind of medical research facility. A top secret govrnment project. I was still escaping from the ambush of classmates.

      Interpretation: The ambush composed of classmates might show that I feel somehow opressed and anxious around them, which makes me try to escape from them.

      Notes: Its a recurring dream, but this time I ran away from the accident site, and ambush. In the past I was running to the accident site after hearing about my family. Also, no ambush before.
    4. For yesterday and today

      by , 02-03-2015 at 01:15 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      *I had no time to post DJ entry yesterday. I've posted them today*


      I was in the toilet. When I did my job and left the bathroom I've found myself in the government building. With another guy we were wanted. I tried to escape throug the window. It was cold morning. Sun gave slight blur over the rooftop. I couldn't see the road due to the fog. It was too high, so we both surrenderred to SWAT officers. They told us, that their job was to guard us, as mafia wants us dead. We were moving ambushed by snipers and other squads of enforcers.

      A village

      I saw a village and its commoners. It was in 8-bit game style.

      Todays dream fragment

      I was waiting for my luggage to take it out of the bus.
    5. Diablo, rock concert

      by , 01-20-2015 at 06:23 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was playing Diablo 2 : Lord of destruciton on my laptop. I was a paladin, running through the forest in the first act.

      Second dream

      I was standing in the middle of the stage. I was holding an electric guitar in my hands. When I was ready to play, I felt strong, stinging sensation in the right side of my lower body. My mother arrived, and she told me Why are you dating with sister of your brothers girlfriend? I looked at a DC standing close to the stage. A skinny blonde with pearl white teeth and brown eyes. She had pale carnation, and she was wearing casual clothes. A black shirt and jeans trousers. She was smiling to me. I saw her first time, yet my DC mother claimed that she was her. I replied to my mother Don't disturb me! I have a concert to play, and there is a weird stinging sensation in the right side of my lower body!

      *I woke up with the same weird pain, but luckily it ceased until now.*
    6. Slaying demons

      by , 01-19-2015 at 06:16 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was in the middle of the night. The sky was clear but I couldn't see any star. I was standing in front of the campfire. In the background I could see a village with victorian houses. Gothic cathedral was barely visible in the darkness. The campfire gave dim, moody light. I saw random adventurers. Some of them stayed close to the light, but th rest was hidden in the darkness, leaving only black silhouettes in sight. We were sitting there until the morning, then we moved to the forest. We were fighting with groups of small, red demons weilding scimitars and bucklers. There were also some zombies shambling in the distance.
    7. Drunk dream

      by , 01-18-2015 at 11:12 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in my home. Brother came back from work in Switzerland, and made a party. We were drinking vodka and wine. Lots of them. There were many bottles spread across the whole house. Piles of bottles, each of them different. We were drinking and talking. When the last bottle was empty, we took a taxi cab to the local shop. They told the driver that we need to buy more vodka. I yelled And what about me!?? Driver replied They haven't forgot about you. and handed me a bottle of wine. We walked down the street from the shop, and went to my house by foot, to drink much more. My abilities to walk and see weren't impaired, but I felt stronger and stronger urge to drink.

      *I was completely drunk when I came back from my friends 18th birthday. It was a special occasion, so I broke my rules to never drink too much. That's the effect.*
    8. Plantation, wine, local troubles

      by , 01-16-2015 at 04:58 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Plantation in the garden

      I went out of my home to the nearby fields. It was cloudy, dark afternoon. With my parents we made a plantation of exotic plants. There were six furrows surrounded by ditches with water. We had many random plants, like coffe, tea or oranges growing there. The most memorable were small trees that gave red-brown, big fruits similar to peaches. It was time to harvest the hard earned fruit. I was watching the workers so they could not take anything. Then I talked with my father to ask about the soil preparation method for the more requiring plants. He told me that remains of what was harvested must be burned on the fields, and that we lost a few workers to this technique, as in some places the fire was still raging under the shell made of ash. This created some kind of land mines, burning anything that would walk on them and break the shell composed of ash.

      Drinking some wine

      I was sitting in my kitchen. I took the bottle of wine, and I poured some of alcohol into the glass. Before I could drink it, the dream ended.

      *Unintentionally incubated this non-lucid when I was thinking that it would be good to make ToTM with chugging whole bottle of wine, right before falling asleep.*

      Troubles with energy

      I saw some kind of a map. There were roads and icons representing lightnings moving on them. They all ended up in one place, leading to troubles with energy in the local area.
    9. After the great war, writing a story

      by , 01-07-2015 at 10:29 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      With my friends we were in a post nuclear war city. We were going through some alleys, and we were ambushed by a large group of bandits. We have spread out, but most of them ran after me. I was fighting, and brought them to their knees with a few puches. Then, I ran through some abandoned flats, and met my friend in the power plant. We tried to turn the generators on, and we made it.

      Second dream

      I was writing a story about that first dream, and it had even good reviews, although some flaws were spotted.

      *Dreams about dreams...*
    10. Family Meeting, blood donating and hobbit

      by , 12-31-2014 at 10:44 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Meeting with family

      I went out of my aunts home. I could easily spot each member of my family. They were talking and laughing. Younger members were playing volleyball. I tried to find a good spot, and I saw a bench. In some places it was hidden behind some pillars. I sat behind one of those pillars, and felt better. I heard my family talking about going to church somewhere in a city.

      *Mother told me that while I was sleeping, my aunt with her daughter drove to the hospital with a woman. Their car broke near my house, so father helped them repair the car. After repairing they were sitting in our kitchen, and talking about mass for my dead uncle. I must've heard them from my room, and it incubated the dream.*

      Donating my blood

      I was in my kitchen. There was a weird device for donating blood. You had to take needle and stab yourself in the tongue. Machine then would suck your blood from artery placed there. My mother told me to use it, and that it's for helping the hospital.

      The school play

      With my younger sister we were chosen to participate in a school play. It was recreation of story from Hobbit book. I went to the room where other actors were preparing. It was a room full of weapon replicas and training dummies. We had to train for the battle scenes. I was searching for a long sword, but couldn't find any.
    11. Disco, zombie apocalypse

      by , 12-29-2014 at 02:53 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      At the disco

      I was at the disco with my pals. There was a disco ball, and rhythmical music. I somehow liked it, and started to dance.

      *I don't like discos and dancing, it was a good opportunity to DILD, but I missed it.*

      Zombie apocalypse

      *This dream is ridiculous, and full of wrong assumptions.

      I was in the ruins of gigantic metropoly. With a group of survivors, we were hiding in a self made shelter underground, near the surface level. It all started when nuclear weaponry was used during the cold war. Radiation caused weird mutation in people. Soldiers were killing everyone, zombies, and civilians to stop the plague from spreading. I was searching for resources, and I stumbled upon a squad of soldiers. They were wearing green suits, and trench coats. I escaped from their ferocious onslaught, right in the moment when they were attacked by zombies. I couldn't come back for weapons, as the area was contaminated. I returned to the shelter, only to find one priest inside. He told me that everyone escaped, and while trying they were eaten by zombies. I told him that we're low on food, and that soon we'll have to find some. We only had some bread, sausages, sweets and two oranges.
    12. DILD + chain of non-lucid dreams

      by , 12-21-2014 at 11:34 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Night creatures

      *A nightmare in dark, overnight scenery. I recall that it's not the first nightmare placed there. I become lucid near the end.*

      I am walking on foot in the pine forest at night. I was afraid of being surrounded by paranormal. I could sense the presence of something unspeakably evil. I thought I saw something behind the trees, but it was some kind of shrine made of white marble. I sensed something behind me, so I tried to run away. I found myself in the churchyard, but everything except cemetery was closed. I ran through the graveyard, on the road avoiding dead ends, and somehow entering the church. I walked upstairs, and saw someone praying to the elder werewolf god. I was surrounded by possessed dogs. I thought to myself Godmode! I grabbed two of them and threw them away. I grabbed the other two, but they bitten me really hard. I could feel the pain, but I wasn't even hurt. Eventually I threw them away, and woke up having enough of it.

      Stopping the thieves

      I was in a big seaside city with my classmates. We saw someone breaking into the jeweler's shop. We entered the car. I was the driver, and we drove through the wall, stopping them, but destroying the building. Police came quickly, they were mad at us for all the destruction, but since we helped them, they didn't punished us. We were invited to a party made by the jeweler, but I said I have to go, I have something to do. While going away, I heard my classmates saying Something about that one... I didn't wanted to hear it, and entered another shop. After a while went out, and met someone from school. We went on the
      shore, and talked about our lives.

      Dying for love

      It was in post apocalyptic world. Germans won the World War Two, by using nuclear weaponry. It happened during the evening and night. I was trying to save a girl attempting to suicide, I felt that I love her. She wanted to enter the hazardous environment, where one of nuclear rockets striked. I persuaded her to stop. She wanted to jump onto the train, but I stopped her in the last moment. Then she accused me of stalking her. I entered the truck, trying to escape from a group of german officers. They shot me in the heart. I died in that cold, dark foggy night.


      The cold war ended with nuclear war. Humanity lived in the cavernous bunkers made by germans during the world war. Everyone was scavenging for food and other resources. One of my friends told me to go for resources into the western chamber 1/a. I told my group to look elsewhere, and I'll go there alone. I entered it, but suddenly the automatic doors closed, and toxic gas was going out of a pipe. I tried to open the doors, only finding another set of doors behind them. I finally got to the last one, but they were too hard to open. Then a dog put his paw through the door, stopping them from closing, and saving me. I came back to my group, with a new friend.

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    13. Unfinished mod, research facility

      by , 12-20-2014 at 09:45 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      *It was lengthy, non lucid recurring dream. Only the first part with playing games and presence of my classmates is new.*

      I was playing Baldur's Gate on my PC, but I get bored after a while and turned it off. Then my friend appeared, and wanted to see the mod for Half-Life I'm working on. First, I looked at textures first, and they were quite good. Next I turned the mod on. I saw everything from the mods hero point of view, and felt everything he felt. I started underwater, and swam up to the surface. It was cold and dark. I got out in some kind of lab, the alarm was turned on. I went to the corridor, turned around and frightened escaped from zombie. I ran until I found myself at the edge of enormous pit, filled with water. Without hesitation I jumped in, diving into water. I turned the game off, and looked into the level editor. I saw lots of errors. I thought that I'll finish the mod later.
      I turned the PC off and went through the door. I found myself in some kind of research facility. One of its rooms was placed in the outer space. I saw a man opening the gate to the space, and women in the astronaut suit. She was afraid to go out there, so I tried to push her inside. For a while I was her. I was afraid of going into the void. I felt that the siut is slightly bigger, I was really slim. I went back to my perspective. I wasn't forcing her to go there anymore. I stepped back, but the void started to suck her inside. I tried to help her a few times, and I made it. The man closed the gate, while another one wanted to go into the space. He was wearing the astronaut suit, and went outside. Next I saw a woman, who is working in the labs. Tall, slim brunette with slightly dark carnation. She entered her room, and showed me a sign to come with her. Suddenly I felt that I love her. I went inside. There were lots of laboratory equipment. She called also another man, and I escaped, feeling that she will dump me for another. I was running away from that room, and chosen the doors to warehouse. I saw a few classmates there, but didn't wanted to talk with anyone. I wandered the warehouse area for a while, then one of them wanted to talk with me. She was a little higher than me, brunette with dark carnation. I know her a bit in reality. I ran towards the stairs again, and went through the doors.
      Suddenly I found myself at the rooftop in some kind of city. It was late afternoon. Everything was dusty, like there was lots of air pollution. I couldn't smell anything. Everything i saw was a little distorted, and had a film grain like in old movie. There was a man with a rifle on the nearby rooftop. He was wearing dark green t-shirt, and jeans. His hair were dark brown. Two more men joined him. One was a policeman. The police officer took the rifle, but he couldn't resist and shot. Another policeman from the city shouted at him, he was mad. Suddenly, the bullet ricochet and hit the policeman in the torso, but nothing happened to him. All of them went somewhere, out of my sight. I grabbed the cables to slide to another rooftops. I felt the heat, my hands hurt. Eventually I found myself on the road. Whole city was empty. Then I found myself in my room, lying in bed. I changed the TV channel, and saw some kind of a movie for childs. Without any additional thought, I changed the channel again. But before I could see anything, the dream ended.
    14. School and Bloody incubation

      by , 12-17-2014 at 11:57 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      *I basically have one dream about school each night. Also, yesterday I thought once about playing Blood again, and it was enough to incubate a dream.*

      PE lesson

      I recall being in the cloakroom. I changed my suit for PE lesson, and went to the sports hall. I saw my fathers friend, bald, tall man with a little dark skin. He was standing within children and playing volleyball. Last thing I remember is going out of sports hall.

      Bloody incubation

      I was Caleb from Blood game, it was in the train level of the first episode. I was running with double barreled sawed off shotgun, and killing cultists. I saw parts of level that weren't in the original game. At the end, I was throwing dynamite at zombies.
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