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    My subconscious must like the snow

    by , 11-21-2012 at 11:13 AM (554 Views)
    Ahh, it sure has been a while, hasn't it? Welcome back, my friends, to Snowy's magnificent dream journal! After DV's recent... troubles, I have been inspired to start using this feature more. But anyway, here's my dream from last night!

    So I found myself alone on a snowy plain, with rolling hills blanketed in white for as far as I could see. This was nice, as I love the snow (I'm not called Snowy for nothing!). Off in the distance was a mountain range, with sharp mountains and jagged peaks. I became lucid completely by accident, which I'd have to admit was pretty cool. The first thing that came to my mind was something along the lines of, "snow again, huh?", as most of my dreams lately have featured snow in some way or another, but those are tales for another time.

    I began to walk around the wintery expanse, becoming increasingly aware of how cold it was. Eventually, the temperature became intolerable, and I made myself a nice fur jacket out of some nearby air. Here I almost lost lucidity and woke up, but I managed to overcome the feeling.

    I wandered the plains for what felt like hours, and it was great. By far the longest lucid I've ever had! One would think that I'd lose some of my skills during my hiatus, but I guess not! How lucky of me. Eventually, I decided to let loose and have some fun. I melted the snow around my feet, and discovered that I was standing on what seemed like a frozen ocean, with ice and stationary fish extending downward for a terrifyingly long time. What I thought were hills earlier were actually frozen bulges and waves on the ocean's surface, and I began to feel an overwhelming fear of my surroundings. The fear overtook me (I have no idea where it came from), and I woke up.

    Quite a good night, if I may say so myself!

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