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    by far the best I've ever had.

    by , 01-10-2018 at 08:58 AM (182 Views)
    Need to get back into the habit of recalling because this is a poor showing for what is by far my best lucid ever.

    It consists of multiple adventures held in different worlds with a hub world that resembles a gradually being torn down apartment complex.

    First adventure: On a bus with a pretty girl in a somewhat normal city. Billboerds stand out to me for some reason. We made love and I used dream control to create and control fire for a bit. We had sex at some point in the journey. Ended by arriving in the hub world.

    In the hub world I fulfilled a long time goal of meeting my shadow self. I dont remember too much of the encounter but he waved at me, a tiny bit cautiously and I think we ultimately had a friendly meeting.

    Second adventure: With a collection of people. It became obvious that they were all clones of each other from about three base designs, especially when I saw a couple seated at a table look identical to another couple at the opposite table. One of these designs had two faces with one at the back like Quirrel, the other was unremarkable and the final one had a ridiculous number of jagged teeth. The last of these not only gradually overtook the rest of the designs like a virus but began infecting other body parts like her chest and hands and eventually even inanimate objects. I used dream control to tear open a portal in a wall that resmbles those cracks in time in doctor who and used to escape into a cupboard in the hub world.

    Third adventure: With the pretty girl again. Gave her a hug that lasted for the entirety of our second journey. She acted annoyed by my deliberate clinginess. During this journey I tried to test out perception and persistence by looking away at objects and seeing if I could still hear them and if they looked the same when I turned back to them. For the most part I could and they did.

    Fourth adventure: Wanted to go the the Zombiu world again. Only partially succeeded, given I was on the run from clowns, but at least it was raining. Opened up a portal to leave and wound up in the same cupboard as before.

    Decided that it was time to leave this world and wake up. Rather than simply will myself to wake up, I left the now dilappidated apartment (which was filled with various characters, some of whom I had met on my adventures) with the intention of waliking out of the world and waking up that way. After a mostly forgotten journey (I may have simply "snapped" to the next scene), I came to a collection of beautiful waterfalls which I new marked the boundary of the world. Rather than walk off. I noticed an outpostt nearby that I made my way to. Inside, for some reason, I began fiddling with a ventillator fan only to break it. Unable to fix it traditionally, I used dc to reverse time for the components successfully fixing (if you call transforming them into an inflatable pile of lego that my dream self thinks is a good enough job fixing) all but one: the fan cover. Instead, I used dc to instantly knit a sort of mini tigger onesie that I put over the fan. Afterwards, I continued on my journey but snapped back to waking mid way through.

    And several more adventurres that have sadly been forgotten.

    This serves as quite a few milestones for me. 1. I was persistently lucid throughout the whole thing in that I always had an awareness that I was in a dreaming world. I even caught myself losing lucidity at one point and willed myself to get back to peak lucidity. 2. I possessed all mental faculties and "felt" as intelligent as normal during the whole thing. 3. After a single false start with the fire thing, my dream control was exceptional. There was not a thing I could not do 4. Even though it was only one dream, the apartment hub felt like a persistent realm with a chronology to its existence and its changes. 5. First time I had sex in a dream without immediately waking up. 6. Longest lasting lucid dream, being a few hours real time and roughly a day in my mind. 7. I've had a dry spell for quite a while, so, ending it with something this good feels absolutely wonderful.

    All in all by far my best lucid dream yet.

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