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    1. Missing cheesecake

      by , 08-28-2015 at 06:22 AM
      Did WILD, emerged in bedroom. Decided trying to disingtergrate my duvet was a good reality check. It became a bunch of black particles that floated away in a nonexistant wind. Felt my sheet for a bit to boost clarity, went into front room. Uncle was not sleeping on the futon, as was usual, but was on the sofa instead. Rather, his feet were on the arm of the sofa with the rest of his body lying straight off the edge, but supported by nothing. Contemplated having a moon rock, decided cheesecake was a better idea. Went into kitchen and opened fridge, but, true to real life, there was no cheesecake to be found.

      Tried to create a slice through dream control, failed. Noticed a partially drunk bottle of coke. Decided to finish it. Tasted like coke, but felt "distant" and, therefore, disappointing. Went outside debating what else to do, woke up.

      Fragment from subsequent failed WILD attempt, may have had slight awareness: Engineering area (I just knew it was) that resembled a server room. Was with uncle. Two "engineers" left. The monitor attached to the servers was oddly designed, being circular and growing. I identified it as a "protostargate" based on the interesting symbols rotating within the monitot. Woke up.
    2. Mayan cities, a black hole and the Godfather

      by , 08-22-2015 at 09:07 AM
      Dreamt I was in a Crash Bandicoot level. There was a bowl with a hole in the bottom and a powerful suction. Tried to escape the bowl and nearly succeeded, but a large, shadowy creature emerged from the bowl and dragged me down. I heard a child cry out in despair as I fell down and woke up.

      For whatever reason I researched Gulliver's travels on my laptop (despite it being dead. I eventually realised it was a false awakening) and found a screenshot from what was allegedly a 1920s colour adaptation displaying a mayan city. Was transported there, can't remember what I did.

      Woke up again (for real, this time), did WILD. Appeared in bedroom, enlarged a hole int the wall (that isn't there in reality) and walked through. Returned to Mayan city which gradually (and unnoticed by me until after) became a more modern city. After a brief bit of fighting with my base desires, I summonned a black hole behind me, turned around and walked through. Arrived at my old college building, where someone I identified as the Godfather (from the films, apparently, although he wasn't remotely similar) greeted me.

      Can't remember much else apart from a bus chase and another false awakening, where I did most of my dream recall. As I attempted to WILD within the dream, I heard a mumbling conversation and woke up for real.
    3. Boat houses and a new word

      by , 08-10-2015 at 09:32 AM
      Did WILD, arrived outside my Nan's house. It was a bright, sunny day. I looked at the other houses lining the street and I saw that their design was vastly different to the real houses. In an instant, and without any fanfare or beautiful lights, the purpose behind this new design became apparent, as they were in fact large boats. The ground below and around them instantly became water and they sailed for a bit. I turned around and looked at my Nan's house. It too was different, but it was stationary and large and resembled a shopping centre more than anything else. I remembered my dream task and attempted to fly into space, to find a black hole. I failed and the world started fading out. I attempted to will clarity back, but failed at that too.

      I found myself in my room, and convinced I had woken up, went on my laptop. I searched (God knows why) for humans acting as animals (can't recall the exact search term). The first link I encountered was for a TV tropes page called "elephantra". I intuitively knew it was an invented word and looked at the side of my laptop to discover the charging cable was plugged in. In real life, my sister had it. (She broke her own, so, we share). My laptop was also dead in real life and this was enough to make me lucid. Sadly, I woke up (for real, this time).