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    1. zombie army

      by , 03-06-2018 at 10:44 AM
      Running down a dark city, being pursued by a startling number of zombies. Several of them succeed in grabbing me, but I am able to pull myaelf free. They eventually disperse. I move through the mostly abandoned city and come across some regular, albeit ugly looking people. Lucidity hits me as the dream is ending and, because I saw a similarity between them,I am able to make one of the peole lose his face and become slenderman.
    2. disconnected shopping and drugs

      by , 03-05-2018 at 11:12 AM
      Was shopping with family. A hairy creature was milling about, but we paid it no mind. Mom fell over. I went to help her up, but she screamed at me to go away, so, I did so. Heading back home I noticed the cats had somehow gotten into the medicine cabinet and had eaten some purple drugs. Fortunately, they had the sense to vomit them back up. My uncle came home and decided to deal with the mess.

      Different scene. I was watching a youtube video where the writers of all the star wars films had gotten together to explain which parts of their film were filled with plot holes. When the video started, however, it turned out to be an amateur youtuber explaining what liberties the lego games had taken with the source material.
    3. by far the best I've ever had.

      by , 01-10-2018 at 08:58 AM
      Need to get back into the habit of recalling because this is a poor showing for what is by far my best lucid ever.

      It consists of multiple adventures held in different worlds with a hub world that resembles a gradually being torn down apartment complex.

      First adventure: On a bus with a pretty girl in a somewhat normal city. Billboerds stand out to me for some reason. We made love and I used dream control to create and control fire for a bit. We had sex at some point in the journey. Ended by arriving in the hub world.

      In the hub world I fulfilled a long time goal of meeting my shadow self. I dont remember too much of the encounter but he waved at me, a tiny bit cautiously and I think we ultimately had a friendly meeting.

      Second adventure: With a collection of people. It became obvious that they were all clones of each other from about three base designs, especially when I saw a couple seated at a table look identical to another couple at the opposite table. One of these designs had two faces with one at the back like Quirrel, the other was unremarkable and the final one had a ridiculous number of jagged teeth. The last of these not only gradually overtook the rest of the designs like a virus but began infecting other body parts like her chest and hands and eventually even inanimate objects. I used dream control to tear open a portal in a wall that resmbles those cracks in time in doctor who and used to escape into a cupboard in the hub world.

      Third adventure: With the pretty girl again. Gave her a hug that lasted for the entirety of our second journey. She acted annoyed by my deliberate clinginess. During this journey I tried to test out perception and persistence by looking away at objects and seeing if I could still hear them and if they looked the same when I turned back to them. For the most part I could and they did.

      Fourth adventure: Wanted to go the the Zombiu world again. Only partially succeeded, given I was on the run from clowns, but at least it was raining. Opened up a portal to leave and wound up in the same cupboard as before.

      Decided that it was time to leave this world and wake up. Rather than simply will myself to wake up, I left the now dilappidated apartment (which was filled with various characters, some of whom I had met on my adventures) with the intention of waliking out of the world and waking up that way. After a mostly forgotten journey (I may have simply "snapped" to the next scene), I came to a collection of beautiful waterfalls which I new marked the boundary of the world. Rather than walk off. I noticed an outpostt nearby that I made my way to. Inside, for some reason, I began fiddling with a ventillator fan only to break it. Unable to fix it traditionally, I used dc to reverse time for the components successfully fixing (if you call transforming them into an inflatable pile of lego that my dream self thinks is a good enough job fixing) all but one: the fan cover. Instead, I used dc to instantly knit a sort of mini tigger onesie that I put over the fan. Afterwards, I continued on my journey but snapped back to waking mid way through.

      And several more adventurres that have sadly been forgotten.

      This serves as quite a few milestones for me. 1. I was persistently lucid throughout the whole thing in that I always had an awareness that I was in a dreaming world. I even caught myself losing lucidity at one point and willed myself to get back to peak lucidity. 2. I possessed all mental faculties and "felt" as intelligent as normal during the whole thing. 3. After a single false start with the fire thing, my dream control was exceptional. There was not a thing I could not do 4. Even though it was only one dream, the apartment hub felt like a persistent realm with a chronology to its existence and its changes. 5. First time I had sex in a dream without immediately waking up. 6. Longest lasting lucid dream, being a few hours real time and roughly a day in my mind. 7. I've had a dry spell for quite a while, so, ending it with something this good feels absolutely wonderful.

      All in all by far my best lucid dream yet.
    4. New job

      by , 11-28-2017 at 12:15 PM
      Despite having a perfectly good job already, I decide to get a job in Ripon. What my role is is anyones's guess, since I seem to do no work. I spend three days in this dream, each day going to work. Certain landmarks were familiar to me, but the rest of the city seemed to have been made up. A collection of beautiful women also worked at this place. Each day consisted of us doing an obnoxious team building exercise. At the end of the dream, whilst walking to Harrogate, I notice that my new job is incredibly vague and that it feels more dreamy and unreal than my old job did. This almost got me lucid, but my alarm clock got in the way.
    5. Secret police

      by , 11-23-2017 at 12:10 PM
      Living in my Gran's house with a bunch of other people. A couple of buses pull up and everyone is immediately filled with a sense of dread. We are instructed to get on the buses and although we consider running, we eventually do so. Sitting next to a friend from work we head off through the countryside to who knows where. A newsreel style montage occurs explaining that Russia has returned to the height of cold war paranoia and that inexplicably Britain has followed suit. One of our number committed a crime and now the entire group is being taken. The final item on the mintage suggests that a resistance ia being built over in Russia.

      Fragment: Working in a supermarket. Friends from my real life work are also there.
    6. hidden factory

      by , 11-21-2017 at 12:08 PM
      1. Dealing with a trio of witches. One was friendly I believe and helped us.

      2. Exploring the countryside with a friend from work. We come across an apparently irradiated piece of land due to a nuke. Despite the advice of my friend, I decide to explore this area and discover a factory where they are using child labour. A man who is working there seems to recognise, despite me not knowing who he is and beckons me over. Unnerved by him, I run out and am imformed by my friend that he is some creature that messes with your memory so that you eventually remember him and then consumes you when he succeeds.
    7. An oddly depressing collection of fragments.

      by , 10-16-2017 at 10:32 AM
      1: In a city that resembles a fusion of Harrogate and Ripon. I know it is near Hull. With my uni friends. We are discussing disatisfaction with our course. The streets have shops that are each based on a single animated Disney film. An odd scene where I pull my own left nipple off. No pain or any reaction at all, really. I think at some point I was trying to avoid someone.

      2: Nana's house. Looking through old ps1 games. Instead of regular discs, each game is saved on a small, black circle that resemble fridge magnets. I recall an animaniacs, a Donald Duck and a sonic game. Myuncle is there and some of the games are his. I drop one of the "discs" but after a bit of fumbling I recover it. We play Sonic, but the game appears to be a sevely altered version of Sonic heroes that changes into a more accurate version of sonic Genearations. I notice this, but dont become lucid.

      3: At my house. Night time. Old primary school teacher knocks on the door and passes a letter through informing us she wants to help. My mom insults the letter for being messy and expresses ridicule at how she ever became a teacher.

      4: Still night. I'm making my way through our neighborhood, occasionally taking to the roofs, looking for someone. Quite vivid.

      5: In the fusion city. Been barred from a shop. Go wandering. See my boss in a barbers getting a haircut. H eorders a drink from the barbers in a loud voice I can hear from across the street. I walk on. A vivid scene of standing at the top of an escalator with a pretty girl. She doesn't seem happy with me. After travelling for an hour dream time, I realise that I am so far away that even if I start back now, I can't get back to work on time. I then realise that I don't care and keep moving.

      All in all, an odd collection. More bleak and depressing than my usual dreams are.
    8. Working the unrinals

      by , 10-14-2017 at 10:13 PM
      Single Fragment: The channels I usually fill at work have been massively extended to resemble urinals. I notice nothing unusual about this. Single image of a colleage standing in front of it with his arms outstretched.
    9. Auldrick

      by , 05-06-2016 at 07:34 AM
      Successful WILD. Lucidly transitioned into a city with loads of skyscrapers. Flew up the walls of one of them and found an alcove where a window would ordinarily be. This alcove contained a door that led into the building. Going through it I found a maze of lifts and escalaters. Navigating through it, I heard snippets of conversation from others in the building. Can't remember the details, but it felt as though they were about business. One of the corridors was darker than the rest and stood out in my memories. I eventually arrived at a medium sized room where a bunch of people from my university course were gathered. This was apparently (I just instinctively knew) a teaching conference of sorts, which makes sense as I'm learning to be a teacher. During this period, I noticed fuzziness in the dream and willed for clarity, which I received. One of the ladies present, who was not from real life, was named Auldrick (again, I just "knew"). Its not exacltly a feminine name, but she was beautiful and, to put it bluntly, we had sex.

      Next dream, non-lucid: I was travelling with a taxi driver and someone who I suspect may have been Donald Trump (this dreams a bit hazy, so, I don't know). We had both entered this cab, when some sort of vague apocalyptic event occured. Instead of taking me to my destination (wherever that was) he instead decided we were off somewhere else that would apparently help with survival. During our journey through an abandoned England (again, what Trump was doing here is anyone's guess), I, in all my dream logic, decided that using a text interface, similar to irc chat, to communicate with them was far better than speaking face-to-face. Our driver got frustrated at me for this. We got into an argument over our destination, which he eventually won. At one point hee drove straight a house. He also drove us down a steep hill at high speed, causing us to briefly fly off. When we landed, the shock woke me up. There may have also been a scene involving me ona a bus.
    10. Cinema

      by , 07-29-2014 at 10:01 AM
      An interesting dream, where I and a bunch of people from my school went on a trip to the cinema, where we ha the choice of two films. We eventually decided, though I can't remember what we saw. Over the cause of the film, one of my friends fell off the benches we were sat on. There was also a scene where some friends from college joined us and we struggled to make enough room.
    11. Lego lucidity help machines.

      by , 07-27-2014 at 10:33 AM
      Began fully lucid in my own room. Left the house and encountered an ice cream truck, with people lining up at it. A police officer tried to stop some imaginary disturbance, but was shooed away by everyone. Somehow made it to college where the police officer was back, but had devolved into a black comedy relief style character. After a few misadventure, which I can't recall, I left him and woke up.

      Brief awakening followed by a return to lucidity where I returned to my house to find my mother talking about college grades. After a while, I left her and went back outside. Tried in vain to fly, but was successful in phasing through the ice cream van. Tried to go to the zombiu world, but instead transitioned to a vaguely digital style platform floating above a stormy sea. To the left were other platforms, which I effortlessly flew to this time. I discovered that the architecture, which consisted of two flower beds and a series of purple cubicles I identified as lucidity help machine, were all made of lego. After destroying the flower beds and collecting studs, I woke up.
    12. creepy music teacher and prostitute

      by , 07-20-2014 at 10:38 AM
      Fragment: There was a prostitute at my grandma's house, whose services I gladly used. She was a petite, blonde, flat chested girl.

      Main dream: My old music teacher, who I recall to have been extremely creepy in this dream, asked me to go to room in my old secondary school, whose design I can't remember, but I think it had a circular something in the center. What he asked me to do there, I also can't remember, though I believe it involved decorating. There were other people in the room, including the prostitute from earlier. At some point, the room grew vacant and I left. As I was leaving school, the music teacher demanded I return to the room, though in the next breath he calmly said it was a choice. Despite noticing this contradiction, I didn't become lucid. Finally, I recall the music teacher getting incredibly jealous over something I had apparently done or not done, and, therefore, forming a group whose sole purpose was taking revenge on me. The group consisted of people I had met in the past (mostly, women), along with a bunch of fictional characters, most notably Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean, who took the appearance of a wanted poster, with his animated likeness on it.

      Interestingly, I had been brainstorming ideas for a potential story, which would have involved a man seeking ultimate power for the purpose of using it to eternally torture someone who had previously wronged him.
    13. Merlin

      by , 07-18-2014 at 08:19 AM
      Much of this dream consisted of my dead cat Merlin returning from the dead and me and my family feeding and petting him. A part of me realized it was odd seeing him again, but it wasn't enough to make me lucid.

      My other cats acted more or less as they do in real life, though they seemed more civilized towards Merlin than they ever were in real life.

      Midway through the dream, Merlin was duplicated, but there wasn't much change in petting and feeding them.
    14. Ophelia the ice fairy.

      by , 07-05-2014 at 07:24 AM
      This slightly short WILD began and ended on an icy island. I began on the shore of the island and saw various boats and ships, all of which had a design and texture that resembled a termite mound, despite clearly being made of wood. I ventured into a cave that was right in front of my start point and found various jutting out rocks that I spent most of the dream swinging on. Eventually, I remembered what I was here for and tried to summon Ophelia, who arrived in the form of a fairy in a pink dress. After chasing her through the caverns for a bit, I lost awareness and went back to the start point, where I discovered the owners of the ships: a group of violent and viscous humanoids that had a slightly rocky aesthetic to them and possessed a hive mind. I vaguely recall trying and failing to infiltrate them, before spending the rest of the dream engaged in battle with them.
    15. And she's human again!

      by , 07-04-2014 at 08:36 AM
      Had a successful Wild and immediately went to look for Ophelia. No annoying mazes this time. She was right outside my door. She was even human: a blond, thin woman in a red dress. She possessed a creepy smile that reminded me of Robot chicken and Wallace and Gromit. She waved, said "hi" and, now that my task was complete, I immediately left her.

      My awareness began to fade from this point onwards. While I'm not sure how I arrived there, I found myself in a separate room having sex with that woman from the dove commercial, involving the cactus.

      Complete loss of awareness here. In keeping with the recent theme of gaming (guess what new reality check is), I was playing a bizarre version of the Wonderful 101, involving Shrek characters. I remember a scene where Shrek and Fiona grab onto a rope that takes them to Jergingha's lair. At some point, my mom decided she wanted to play and I handed the controller to her. She was dreadful and couldn't grasp the controls at all. Just as I was about to help her, the dream ended.

      I noticed a recurring pattern at the onset of this dream: my hypagogic sensations often consist of the same tune playing decently loudly. This song seems to act as a "success" jingle, informing me that I am withing seconds of the dream.
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