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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. the realm of Provedence

      by , 11-14-2016 at 06:32 AM
      Unlike most dreams where I type them here primarily for my own benefit, when I woke up I had a strong compulsion to inform others about this place. I have no idea why, but its hereanyways, so, take from it (if anything) what you will.

      I'm part of an archeological team investigating a large circular marking in the middle of the floor in what might have been an old church. I touch the circle and I'm transported to a large room (which I understand to be an entirely different realm called provedence, located underneath the disc which comprises this particular dreamworld.) where a disc- like object that has the world map etched on it is rotating. I touch the disc where I believe North America is and I'm suddenly transported to the skies above where I touched it. Water is gushing down from the sky and I understand that this is the source of all waterfalls in the world. They all begin with the sky. Thanks to a parachute (which I apparently just had on me) I make it back to earth safely.

      Some time passes and now knowledge of provedence is common. People from all over the world visit. Turns out that hthe map isn't all there is in there. All of mankind possesses a "destiny force" (I'm stealing from Marvel) that allows them to influence the universe, even down to the physical laws and provedence enhances these abilities. Because of this Earth has become a utopis, as everyone uses provedence to fulfill there own desires . War etc. is simply not needed. When not in use provedence is gauarded by two men who I understand to be trustworthy.

      More time passes and I experience a false awakening. When I "get up", I see that my sister is in my room sleeping under a folded up cardboard box. I wke her and explain to her about provedence (why I hadn't done so behorehand is anyone's guess). We go there, but a friend of hers (who may be imaginary, yet simultaneously real, however that works.) informs her that he cannot go there. Only humans can. He seems genuinly scared of the place. This next scene could have happened whenever, but I think here is the likliest place for it. I'm in provedence, which is now a white void, yet it still possessees a serene quality. With me are a group of people who I think are naked (no idea if I am) and together we use the power in provednce to make ourselves more and more serene and calm and peaceful. We reach a maximum level and then through sheer willpower we surpass that too. It honestly felt beautiful and I'd be glad to revisit this place again just for that.

      More time passes. The world is now unpleasent in some non-specific way. It is understood that provedence has something to do with God. An old man now controls provedence and is using it to make the world unpleasent. A group of people (all of whom may have been the same type of psuedoimaginary people from earlier) are backing away from the entrence to provedence (now on the ceiing) in pain or discomfort. And so it ends.
    2. Hary Potter and the inexplicable cast change

      by , 11-08-2016 at 11:24 AM
      A Harry Potter themed dream where most of the gang had been locked up and thrown into a pit. Whoever had done so had employed Mad-Eye Moody as a guard. A pidgeon flew down into the pit and the gang started playing with it. This really set off Moddy for some reason and he began ordering the prisoners not to play with it, until he determined it was safe. Whilst he was distracted, some of the heroes who weren't locked up attacked him, knocking him unconscious. Just before he went, he muttered something about foreshadowing. Even in the dream, I found that a bit strange (I'm an observer, in this one.) The crew clamboured out of the pit and started running down a hallway, where thay, for some reason, turned into the main characters from Futurama. Also with them was another decapodian who didn't seem to like Zoidberg all that much (but then who does?). When they reached the end, Leela made mention of a narrator who had apparently just died. Never heard him actually narate.

      A brief snippet of me in alleyway with the sixth doctor at one end and one of the other incarnations at the other. There was also a long narrative involving the twelth doctor and Clara, but I can't rember anything about that other than it happened and it may have also bought a few of my old friends from high school.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. Unfinished grave world for unpleasent people

      by , 10-28-2016 at 04:51 AM
      Elderly couple own a castle, which they market as a resort of some kind. Have a general unpleasent air and look downright decrepid. They die and wind up in a void, filled with floating bits of land, as well as an upside down 1920s style car with a street light hanging from the bottom of it. They navigate this tiny unfinished world and discover at the end their graves. Come to a realisation that this is their final resting place , but it was discarded by the creator. Due to this, if they can "survive" (no idea what from, an infinite drop, maybe?), they wil eventually "drift" back into their mortal bodies.

      Before they do, a voice from the void describes their adoption of a little girl as a "sham". My dream self (sometimes an observer, sometimes the oldman) considers to be a euphamism for a far worse fate they had in store for the girl. No specifics are given but it implies abuse cruelty. They eventually return to the normal world, only to almost immediately go back to the grave world, which now has a different layout of its mini landmasses. They begin the brief journey again.

      Very chilling and eerie dream. The old couple resemble a realistic depiction of Victor's parents from Corpse Bride with a few more years on them.
      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    4. Missing cheesecake

      by , 08-28-2015 at 06:22 AM
      Did WILD, emerged in bedroom. Decided trying to disingtergrate my duvet was a good reality check. It became a bunch of black particles that floated away in a nonexistant wind. Felt my sheet for a bit to boost clarity, went into front room. Uncle was not sleeping on the futon, as was usual, but was on the sofa instead. Rather, his feet were on the arm of the sofa with the rest of his body lying straight off the edge, but supported by nothing. Contemplated having a moon rock, decided cheesecake was a better idea. Went into kitchen and opened fridge, but, true to real life, there was no cheesecake to be found.

      Tried to create a slice through dream control, failed. Noticed a partially drunk bottle of coke. Decided to finish it. Tasted like coke, but felt "distant" and, therefore, disappointing. Went outside debating what else to do, woke up.

      Fragment from subsequent failed WILD attempt, may have had slight awareness: Engineering area (I just knew it was) that resembled a server room. Was with uncle. Two "engineers" left. The monitor attached to the servers was oddly designed, being circular and growing. I identified it as a "protostargate" based on the interesting symbols rotating within the monitot. Woke up.
    5. Mayan cities, a black hole and the Godfather

      by , 08-22-2015 at 09:07 AM
      Dreamt I was in a Crash Bandicoot level. There was a bowl with a hole in the bottom and a powerful suction. Tried to escape the bowl and nearly succeeded, but a large, shadowy creature emerged from the bowl and dragged me down. I heard a child cry out in despair as I fell down and woke up.

      For whatever reason I researched Gulliver's travels on my laptop (despite it being dead. I eventually realised it was a false awakening) and found a screenshot from what was allegedly a 1920s colour adaptation displaying a mayan city. Was transported there, can't remember what I did.

      Woke up again (for real, this time), did WILD. Appeared in bedroom, enlarged a hole int the wall (that isn't there in reality) and walked through. Returned to Mayan city which gradually (and unnoticed by me until after) became a more modern city. After a brief bit of fighting with my base desires, I summonned a black hole behind me, turned around and walked through. Arrived at my old college building, where someone I identified as the Godfather (from the films, apparently, although he wasn't remotely similar) greeted me.

      Can't remember much else apart from a bus chase and another false awakening, where I did most of my dream recall. As I attempted to WILD within the dream, I heard a mumbling conversation and woke up for real.