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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. 2/21 - held hostage + escape

      by , 02-21-2023 at 01:45 PM
      very little recall here...

      I was being held hostage by this woman in her house. I was myself as a child. There were at least 2 other children being held there with me. The lady was choking me and I almost fainted, but then one of the other kids started crying and yelling for help in another room so she ran off to stop him and left me alone. I was having a bit of trouble walking since my head was a bit messed up from the choking. The other girl I was being held hostage with opened the front door of the lady's house but said I should wait until we can plan a real escape. I don't care so I start trying to run out of there. I get out of the door and try to look for somebody to ask for help or something to hide behind since I know the lady won't be far behind me. The street outside of her house gives me the same feeling as the street next to the elementary school I went to irl. I begin to run but I feel something at my feet. This wakes me up, it was my cat trying to get warm.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    2. 2/12 - happy memories

      by , 02-12-2023 at 03:03 PM
      I have been having a hard time sleeping since something terrible has happened to me. This is the first I have had a dream in a while. Interestingly, my dreams prior to this happening predicted it... maybe I knew this would happen subconsciously. I don't really believe in coincidences.

      ...memory dream about one of the hikes I had gone on with my husband in Korea. We had been hiking up the mountain for a while and we took a break to share one of the Kimbap (a seaweed/rice roll with eggs/kimchi/ham/anything in the center) that I had cooked for us. Very happy memory.

      "memory" that could have taken place in another life, or maybe in the future. NSFW but we are poking fun and making jokes about the situation that is happening to me right now (as if it has been over for a long time). He looks slightly different, maybe a bit older or with a different haircut.


      Me and my husband are sitting together watching a little girl in front of us play the flute.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. 2/3 - dropped bomb / running into large underground shelter to avoid extinction

      by , 02-03-2023 at 02:00 PM
      We (?) were at a grocery store when we heard the sound of planes overhead. everyone at the store suddenly stopped where they were and just gave eachother looks of worry. i looked up toward the cieling and saw the sound of the planes led to it cracking and releasing a bit of debris, but it was still not collapsing. The rumbling got louder until i huddled on the ground and heard a huge explosion. i saw a flash of light and was dead.

      I was a student at a large university, but I was a bit of a loser and this was apparently known to everybody on campus. This university was at the forefront of climate change research. The architecture was large-scale and fatalist, but mixed with certain organic additions. The school's president issued a warning that we all needed to make our way to the underground shelter immediately and bring with us any food or water we could find. .... I was running along with my classmates down this ~20ft wide spiral staircase. although the steps were normally sized, the overall structure was very large. my classmates were all taller than me. As we ran, we heard announcements through the loudspeakers telling us to bring water. I entered the shelter (i was one of the last to enter) through a square opeining and was greeted by a straight set of stairs leading downwards into the dark. On the left, there were tables built into the walls as far down as i could see and each sat 2 students looking downwards. each of them had a plate in front of them of brussels sprouts (?) and carrots diced. most of them were obese. the table closest to the opeining was free, but i didnt know if i was allowed to take that seat as it may hve been reserved. I was told by the girls seated below it that the seats were not taken. The school's president was giving a speech about how this meal of brussels sprouts and carrots was all that survived from the cafeteria, and we would not have any more food to eat. I went to sit down and I got the feeling that I would have a revelation.


      I was on a roller coaster. it was going through a tunnel and other roller coasters were coming onto the track from different directions but did not crash.
    4. 1/30 - being chased by federal agents through a labyrinth of rooms

      by , 01-30-2023 at 08:26 PM
      I had been in this area in prior dreams. escher-esque architecture + maze of pointless rooms; plain light concrete walls + no view of the outdoors. and yet, soft light coming from nowhere.

      Me and my husband were going to our room, but some federal agents came out of a disguised opening on the ground. They were wearing dark trenchcoats, sunglasses, and a poker face. the opening was square and incredibly dark to the point where i could barely make out the set of stairs leading downwards. me and my husband went down the opening, but the dream perspective stayed above the surface so idk what went on down there. A federal agent escorted me out of the opening, but my husband stayed inside. The federal agents disguised the opening again and i went off to my room to sleep.i got into my room which was a smallish room with floor, walls, cieling being made of the same light concrete as the rest of the dream structure with a bed on the wall opposite the door i entered from. i began to get suspicious of the agents and the suspicion soon became fear. I ran through another door and kept running through empty rooms. Soon I heard the agents crashing through trying to find me. As i continued running through the maze of rooms, the rooms became darker and more house-like. I got to an empty room with a small door near the floor which when opened revealed an old chimney. I climbed inside the chimney opening and found a crevice where i could hide half of my body. luckily there was a lot of clutter and debris in the chimney, so i covered the part of my body left exposed with the debris. A federal agent opened the door to the chimney opening, but thought that i was just clutter. So i successfully hid from the agents.
    5. 12/14/22 - candy fight / boss fight / boat death

      by , 12-14-2022 at 06:29 PM

      Im in a grocery store hiding and ducking behind shelves. Im dodging candy bullets from the opposite side while trying to sneak in a few shots at my opponents with my own candy bullets. At one point I shoot at an opponent but the small chocolate candies don't reach him. My team gets mad at me for giving the other team ammo by shooting so much and missing, since now they can just pick up my candies off the floor and shoot us with them.

      ... dont remember the transition ...

      Im below a set of stairs on a cliff and I leave a pink flower on a cranny as a symbol to somebody Im waiting for.


      i have to get past this guy by beating him in a video game. The game has the style and characters of kingdom hearts but is more like a american ninja warrior game where you jump between platforms. at the end of each platform is a '>>>' speed powerup. After this guy, i had to beat another boss ut this time the game i had to play was a boss fight (again like KH). I lost and then had to write something in korean '음국' (not a real word- maybe food land, music land, negative land, yin land). the guy is getting annoyed that im taking so long to write it. There are now a bunch of people in the space with us including a guy i met in physics class and my husband. all of us are on white bean bags except the boss. i start to fall asleep but I keep my left eye half open. people check if im asleep yet or not. Im awake and I ask my husband if he feels better yet. he says no. I tell him it will be ok since im almost done with school.

      ...thinking about what to do about school...

      im in an hotel room with my mom. I see a large steam boat out the window coming out of the sky and going to crash into us. At first it looks like its going to miss, but then the boat flips and hits us with its side.