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    Dreams I can Only Dream.

    The First

    by , 08-24-2010 at 06:22 AM (493 Views)
    Date: Aug.22/23 Sunday
    Time: around 8:40 am

    Description: To start off I want to explain something. I had this as my very 1st lucid dream to date that I can remember. I had another more lucid one right after this with more details and events and more control, but I will post that at a future time. Most of this is straight out of my dream journal by my bed. I also apologize if it doesn't seem like there weren't many details, the dream really only lasted about 1 minute.

    Dream: The dream starts off with me looking at a stack of ps3 games and on top of them are ps2 games, I can't remember any of the titles but I think the very top ps2 game was NHL 2003. As I look at the stack I rotate them to see their spines. The games are sitting on my wooden brown desk at the center. I am sitting on my knees on the ground, and I notice my nephew on my computer struggling to play the ps2 games (pcsx2 for anyone that knows the program). So I tell him to move over so I can go to set it up. He gives me this look of frustration as he looks at the clock in my room, which I think (he never tells me, but I assume) that he has to go soon, that him and his dad are leaving. I tell him "Chill dude, it takes an hour to setup anyways." As I look at the screen and see some text, the text onscreen seem to shift and shake (that could of been my eyes, kind of like the shaky vision you get from drinking to much alcohol) and strange runic symbols appear. At that precise moment I yell out "HOLY CRAP, I AM DREAMING!" My stomach goes to butterflies and I get really excited. I fall backwards, and the scene starts to zoom out, I get the feeling you get when going down hills on a roller coaster, and now I am in a black void so to speak, I instantly remember the spinning technique that Laberge created. To re stabilize the dream, it works for a moment as I zoom back into the dream, I notice someone was sitting to my right, the lights were off and the glow of the computer screen was the only light source, I don't know who this third person was, my suspect is my nephews younger brother. I don't know. Now I zoom back out as soon as I touch down in the scene again but I kinda of lose consciousness so to speak. Now I imagine myself spinning, now a new seen appears where I am high above a city with lots of buildings, they all have a purple glow about them, I can tell it is night time, cause I see the windows have lights coming from out them. I am above the city, but again lose consciousness again (I mean everything turns pitch black) and I shoot out of my real bed, it takes me a moment to collect myself as this was the most intense thing of my life.

    Other details: One extra detail I need to say, is once I went lucid, the feeling of being there was so real, except for it feeling like my body was kind of heavy or light, gravity on me seemed way different.

    So there it is, I hope you guys have comments, I am interested in what you have to say about the experience, and it was an experience cause I really was there, it wasn't a memory of a dream, I was there!

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