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    Im an Assassin with Amnesia

    by , 09-21-2010 at 03:44 AM (575 Views)
    Date: Sept.10-20
    Time: NA

    So I started school, it has been hard to remember dreams recently, I will remember some parts of it throughout the day as things will remind me of them. I need to get a schedule going for when I should practice my WBTBs, WILDS, and entering SP. There is one dream I remember quite vividly from a while ago.
    Description: I haven't had any memories of recent dreams, but there are a couple of fragments I remember. So here they are in no particular order. Warning- Some are very short! Also I have a vivid memory of one.

    Frag 1: Faking passing out in the middle of the class. I fell and was taken to the office to be sent home. I think I did it to get out of class.

    Frag 2: Looking at the cars in the street in front of my house, one is mine, my brother's truck, the kia, and my sister's car. An officer is at the front door because of too many cars in one spot.

    Frag 3: Running down the street away from something. I felt fear, but it never really turned to a nightmare.

    Frag 4: Talking to somebody in my house, not much else comes to mind.

    Frag 5: I am walking around my basement, K is there for some reason I want her to see my penis. So I undress while she walks in on me. I am now nude while she follows me. I grab a pair of shorts, and head outside. She chases me around the pool as I show her more of my now fully erect penis. Can't remember more, but pretty sure I almost had dream sex ha-ha.

    Dream Fragment: I start the memory off walking toward the kitchen in my work, someone is beside me saying I need to finish it. He hands me a piece of glass that is shaped like a scythe, later I remember it felt more like cardboard. Someone walks past me so I follow them. I don't kill them for some reason, so I jump onto her back, she fights me. I chase her out to this big parking garage. Inside there are walls made of glass, I try to tell her I am trying to help her but she doesn't listen. So she gets into a car, and I break into one, and chase her some more. I dodge police cars, and social workers. I can't remember anything else.

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