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    My Own Resident Evil. ( without the zombies)

    by , 09-12-2010 at 10:01 PM (563 Views)
    Date: Sept.12
    Time: between 7am-10am

    Important Note:
    Again, from the night before I tried that no preparation technique of being completely confident about LDing, and it actually worked twice in a row. I did a mini WBTB. I was only up for about 5 minutes before falling back to sleep. I remember the dream before I awoke, and my lucid dream after.
    Description: A long semi-vivid dream. I remember mostly the ideas, and feelings of the dream, but not that actual order of events, and I have lost details throughout the day since I was late for work. My lucid dream was very short, or maybe I don't remember some of it. Again, tried different techniques to fly, but was only able to jump higher than usual.

    Dream: So I am in my backyard, with a couple of family members. For some reason we walk out into the front yard and look down the street. I see a couple of little kids riding their bike, for some reason we all think we are about to get attacked by zombies. So we decide to be defend ourselves in the house. I remember my dad telling me to get my bible, so I rush into my old upstairs bedroom and grab a red bible that was sitting under some papers. I rush out of my room outside, and talk to my family on what to do. We are by my front door, and to the left where there was a bush, now there is a secret staircase leading down, kind of looked like a bomb shelter of some sort. I never go down. I start talking about, once somebody gets bit, then the infection will grow rapidly. That soon we will be defending ourselves against the neighborhood. And eventually we will be in the apocalypse, and might be the only human survivors. That we need to leave, the house and drive far away. Nobody listened to me. I kept repeating myself and getting frustrated, because no matter what I said, nobody would listen. It got dark out, and my nephew finally listened. So I took off in my car with him and headed for some strip mall, that had a couple of big stores in it. I remember trying to tell him we need to go to Chicago. But then I awoke to my alarm.

    LD: So I fell back asleep and ended outside in the front of my house. It felt very cool, the wind was blowing, and it was late morning early afternoon. I remember for some reason I thought I was dreaming, so I did an RC of the nose plug, and it failed. I didn't get to excited, because I have learned to control that emotion when in an LD. So I said I was dreaming, and decided to try to fly. Before going to bed, I looked up how to fly in a dream. So I tried out different techniques. One was just look up at the sky and jumping. I did this, but all I did was jump kind of high. Then I tried imagining the ground moving away from me as I was in air, but that failed. I can't remember anything else, but I know there was more to it.

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