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    Always reality check

    by , 05-20-2012 at 06:54 PM (734 Views)

    I was in my front room, sitting on my sofa and was watching television with my family. We were watching the BBC News and two black men were in court. One didn't have a shirt on and placed his shoes/trainers into a box being held by a white man at the front of the court.

    I was eating some Shreddies and looked at the clock (I think it said midnight) I was going to reality check but I had a bowl of cereal on my lap and I didn't want to spill it by nose pinching. So I told myself "It's ok. I know I'm not dreaming."

    How foolish. I woke up feeling like I missed a huge chance at being lucid. This just goes to show how real dreams can be.

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