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    Fragment of Dreams

    1. Manchester United 1(or 2)-0 Manchester City

      by , 01-24-2012 at 09:18 PM
      Dream 1
      It was the Manchester Derby and I remember seeing Lindegaard scoring a goal. Anders Lindegaard is a goalkeeper for the MUFC. He scored and I remember the crowd going crazy and seeing a fat ginger man with short hair jumping up and down singing Man United songs.

      I went out the stadium and stood around a bridge and seeing a old-school double decker bus.

      Dream 2
      I'm in a warehouse and see an issue of X-Men with Rogue on the cover. I then start thinking about Gambit as they have a thing in the cartoon and he appears, hunting down Rogue. Rogue falls through the roof of a hut and Gambut looks through the whole. I get a strong feeling that Prof.X was there.

      I was using my PS3 to watch a CD. It worked but I'm not sure if it would work in real life so I couldn't locate the RC.
    2. Boxing Frag

      by , 01-22-2012 at 07:30 PM
      I came through the door of boxing club and said hello to everyone. I walked past a guy who was sitting near the door and said hello. He looked like a new guy, he was light-skinned, had short hair and sounded American. This is a dream sign but I didn't want to be mean and so carried on like I usually would and asked him questions to make him feel at home.
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      dream fragment
    3. Super powers

      by , 01-20-2012 at 02:57 PM
      I remember having super powers and being in a place like Deus Ex Machina. I was on a platform of some kind and I had accidently killed someone due to my powers. I couldn't control them OK?. Some guy told me that I shouldn't have killed that person and should try and control my powers.
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      dream fragment
    4. Battle Royale Bus

      by , 01-19-2012 at 11:06 AM
      It was more of a hypnagogic image. I was standing on the bus in Battle Royale. We were on the way to the island to take part in The Program. I could hear people on the bus chattering but thats all.
    5. Prof. Genki esque dream,Thundercracker and Battle Royale....AGAIN!

      by , 01-18-2012 at 12:15 PM
      Dream 1
      I was just in a huge building fighting from room to room to get to the top floor. I think I was with someone. There were loads of "contestants" playing as I moved from room to room. We had guns and all kinds of weapons I think there was a time limit, I got to a stage where soldiers tried to barricade the path so I went through another room and fought to the top floor and then the roof.

      I saw two soldiers one black one white. They were just lying there, I kicked them down the roof and absailed to to ground. I won.

      I did it again but this time I rushed through it really fast, so fast that the soldiers that were on the top floor before didn't get there in time. I won again.

      The third time I raced through it but there were 2 other people on the roof. We absailed down as I watched the dream as if it was a video game cutscene. I absailed and right behind me was another "contestant" and when the final guy came down. He was holding the end of the rope and we plummeted to the ground. It was pretty funny though.

      Dream 2
      I was walking around college. I came to a huge opening and started thinking of how Ultimate Marvel was better than Regular Marvel and the colours were usually brighter. As I thought that the college started to glow. I relaxed, I leaned on nothing I was more or less floating, the calm before a storm. Then all the students had weapons and were walking around killing each other just like Battle Royale.

      I tried to dodge people but the strange thing was that not everyone was "playing" most of them were just walking around. Once again the college looked different there was an East wall with a dip in it like it was for a statue or something. I came to some scanners and then people started playing.

      We had readers on our arms just beneath our shoulders and if you shot that you would kill the other "player". There was a girl I know in the role of "Mad" Souma, she offered oral sex for survival. I obliged I didn't want to but I was put in the role of Tadakatsu Hagami.

      "Always a need for release."

      I saw Thundercracker transform and saw him land on his foot.

      I was talking about Andre Villas-Boas with my friends. I couldn't pronounc ehis name right.
    6. More Fragments

      by , 01-14-2012 at 03:11 PM
      I was standing in a building like Westfield. I also remember things merging and appearing out of nowhere. Once again there was a transforming vending machine. It was probably Coca-Cola.
    7. Fragmentness

      by , 01-13-2012 at 04:38 PM
      I remember Carlton from Bel Air was talking to Uncle Phil in the kitchen of the Bank's home. Carlton was saying that Ashley was a commoner.
    8. Clone Wars and a School Field

      by , 01-07-2012 at 01:52 PM
      Went to bed with some binaurals I got from ninjasleeper. I had very vivid dreams.

      Dream 1
      I was playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 with 3 of my other friends I only remember hering one of them talk though. We were Super Battle Droids on level 1 of the campaign. While I was selecting which level I wanted to play I saw that the menu looked weird, like Call of Duty as it was on the side.

      We were on Mygeeto and guarding a power crystal (seeing as its the last objective) we stood there for a long time until the Clone troopers made their way through the Droid forces. The area looked more like a base than a tower holding the power source. When the troopers broke through I ran around shooting some, then running away as there were loads of Clone troopers. I remembered that there should be a reinforcement count and when I looked at the top of the screen it was there. I can't remember the number though.

      I'm gueesing they won but I get a strong feeling that I died in the game ad quit after.

      I remember walking in a field near a school and seeing some of my friend run around. I remember seeing a girl chasing me, I hid in a bush and waited for her to pass. I then got out and called out to her, she came and we had sex. I don't usually find this girl attractive but we did it anyway.
    9. Fragments

      by , 12-31-2011 at 03:35 PM
      1.My mum told me that I had to study for my maths exam.

      2.I was playing Row:The Third and had completed trailblazing giving me 96% of the southwestern distric in Steelport.

      3.Megan Fox was kissing some guy I'll name "Trent" and then whispered "Lithuania" something in his ear. As she did though her teeth changed and she bit him. I guess she was a vampire.

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      dream fragment
    10. Fragments

      by , 12-29-2011 at 01:14 PM
      1.I did press-ups and could actually feel the strain in my arms,mainly triceps.

      2.I was watching Manchester United but the squad looked weird. Instead of a normal line-up there was a player that I've never heard of before, his name was Ward. I remember seeing Valencia,Giggs and near the end Gary Neville.
    11. Walking with The Cast of Everybody Hates Chris

      by , 12-28-2011 at 12:25 PM
      Dream 1
      I was walking in a futuristic tube thing that went up. Like the Decker user.net in Row:The Third. There were holes in the tunnel that led to classrooms I saw Tyler James Williams and Vincent Martella in the chute and called them.

      I called Martella "Greg" in the dream as I forgot his name. They didn't see me at first so I called louder and walked with them down the street. It was a normal looking street,nothing hinting at a dream our anything.

      We went to a corner shop and went in there loads of intimidating guys outside of the shop like a hooligan firm. I remember saying "we shouldn't be here". The shopkeeper was Daniel Mays. It ends there.

      Dream 2
      I was in college from that tube thing in the previous dream. Some guy was there and we cheated on a test. I avoided the checkers or enforcers as I called them and we escaped to the chute/tube thing.

      Fragment 1
      I was fighting waves of zombies in a pretty futuristic city with nothing but a shark I was waving around. Hitting them all.

      Fragment 2
      I was getting shot with lasers in a spaceship hangar. I died but sicne its a dream I came back and went lucid.

      I really can't remember.
    12. One of my more Adventurous dreams

      by , 12-27-2011 at 11:16 AM
      Dream 1
      I was watching WWE Smackdown where Wade Barrett was facing Randy Orton. They fought to the stage and then Wade Barrett went too far, he started beating down Randy Orton and then hit him with a back suplex on the metal stage as referees tried to seperate the two. I thought that Barrett would be suspended.

      Dream 2
      I was in college with my friends, talking about Hispanics in the WWE. I said that they're mostly grouped together recently. Such as Hunico and Epico and then Hunico and that guy on the bike. See WWE and you'll understand.

      Dream 3
      I was outside a bank near college with a teacher. I started flirting with her even though I don't find her attractive in real life. I went on the street of my college and students were there just walking around then I went to a high-rise tower and remembered when I used to fight a guy in armour.

      I always give the guy more power till I get and upgrade during my fighting. I then got an upgrade(more armour) and defeated the warrior.

      I then talked to my companion and we both left, as I was still asleep I decided to go back and do it again but I couldn't be bothered to go through it again.

      I was shooting The Deckers in Row:The Third.
    13. Jango Fett

      by , 12-24-2011 at 03:55 PM
      I remember being Jango Fett, or atleast wearing his armour. I flew around a yellow hallway with his jet pack. I might've been in Tatooine but I saw windows on the walls and such.
    14. Humanoids

      by , 12-17-2011 at 12:00 PM
      I was driving on a highway, it was night time and I was with my family. There was an exit I took and it was very damaged and I saw someone else get out of their car. Then some "people" I'll call them "humanoids" touch the other drivers ad changed them, they were noe doing what the humanoids told them.

      I drove back to the city and tried to tell everyone, but it seems the humanoids are like the Transformers and had been hiding there a long time. I decided to leave with my family we were on the way to the train station while I started thinking "What if they're not bad?". My Dad dissapeared from the dream. I continued with my Mum and Sister tobanquet-type place with bronze walls it was a really high-end place. It had rows of tables with people eating one guy said something racist and my Mum retaliated, I just moved her along and kept going. I also remember seeing police come out of a van they were pretty futuristic.

      I saw the tunnel leading to the station as me and my family ran. I saw one guy jump over the stairs because the stairs were long, like a ramp for a wheelchair user. I ran down and around. I remember seeing a guy with glasses, a tattoo (I think) and a guitar gig bag he saw an old lady with two shopping bags and said "Can I help you with that?".

      As soon as he touched it he turned. It turns out the old lady was a humanoid.

      In Eastenders, Lauren was naked and so was her mother Tanya but she was covering up. Lauren was spraying stuff onto Tanya. Then Ian Beale came in with a sick and I mean SICK-looking grin on his face and started spraying the stuff on Lauren.

      Side Notes
      It was a mix between a dream and a nightmare. I think it would make a good film, if you could stretch out the plot. Or a book, I'd buy it.
    15. Low-Recall Lucid

      by , 12-16-2011 at 12:18 PM
      Lucid Fragment
      I became lucid after more or less chaining some dreams together. I did a hadouken and a shoryuken on some guy. I remember the hadouken blowing him away but I don't think I connected with the shoryuken that well. Or maybe I did. This was a dream goal so not bad.

      I'm with two people, one about the same age as me and the other is a small child(I think they were a girl). I was in the future the landscape was almost Tron-like a definite mix between Legacy and the original.

      I'm Batman Beyond aswell, but I'm trying to keep undercover. I save the girl from some woman and her crony, she was old and her henchman was a big brute. Like Ma Mayhem from the Batman Beyond episode "The Egg Baby".

      At one point I nearly blew my cover because of the way Batman punched and I said that "I've seen that before". My other friend there said "How? He hasn't been here before."
      To which I replied "I've seen it on the show" demolishing the 4th wall.

      I ran with the two people to a squash court and then finished the lady and her guy. I think, probably anyway.
      I also remember seeing Terry McGuiness doing poses in his Batman costume.
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