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    1. Airplanes again and working in a warehouse during the 80s

      by , 04-15-2021 at 02:30 AM
      I'm going to start logging my more trivial dreams now. Up until this point I've only written down the most vivid and symbolic ones. I figure by doing this I might see some patterns or get more insight.

      So I'm with my brother in a futuristic airplane. It's nighttime. The plane is very long and narrow and mostly metal on the inside. I couldn't see too many details cause it was dark. We sat up front near the pilot. The plane was pretty long with maybe 20 seats. So clearly it wasn't an airliner, but bigger than most personal planes. The pilot was a pretty dorky older guy that looked either Mexican or Asian. He was very friendly and laid back. I remember there being something illegitimate about the plane or situation. I knew the plane was safe and I trusted the pilot though. When we took off, there was a ton of force pushing us back into the seat, but as we got going, it was fine. We were going to be traveling a very long distance and quickly, but I don't know where. There were other things that happened, but I don't remember. I do remember that the plane was fine though and we didn't crash.

      It goes black for a while and then I hear the sound of a train, but I don't see anything yet. The sound of the train keeps getting louder and then the scene fades into view. In this part, I am a young British man (IRL I'm an American). I'm working at a garage/warehouse near a train track. The building has a ton of garage doors and it's mostly open to the outside. It looks kind of like a larger version of a car wash building. Me and my mate are there at night. I was aware that we work there during the day, but we stayed late to play around. (I don't work somewhere like this IRL.) As the train is going by, me and him are building something. I don't know what it is. I wish I could remember. I think we were welding and cutting some metal. We were also kind of just screwing around and laughing. When the train passed, we walked up the berm for some reason and were looking around. We talked and joked for a while until our boss man came out of the garage and yelled at us to get away from the train tracks. We both listened. He said he didn't want to get in any legal trouble with his business if we got hurt doing something stupid. I said I understand. Then I tried to tell him that I'm not the type to sue and if I do something stupid it's entirely my problem. He didn't listen and turned around and went back to what he was doing. Me and my friend/co-worker continued working on the thing. I remember speaking to him while we were working saying that I built a new 386 PC at home. This is certainly not what we where doing right then cause it was an industrial garage. This made me realize that the dream was set in the 80 or 90s cause a 386 is a computer from that time period.

      Later during the daytime, me and that same friend are walking around a large mall. It's more like Ikea though. There's tons of furniture and trinkets, but also some weird other more mechanical things I don't remember. There was a third guy with us. They went to the bathroom and I hid behind a corner and when they came around, I scared them. They weren't really scared though.

      The End.
    2. Futuristic Planes and Airports

      by , 04-09-2021 at 03:17 AM
      I'm at an airport some time in the future. I'm either leaving home or taking a long trip alone. I say goodbye to my mother and talk to her for a little bit regarding my trip, but I don't remember the exact details of what was said.
      I get on the plane (which is much larger inside than a plane of the current year). The seats are more like bus seats and there is a row in the middle of the plane and not just the two sides like a normal plane. The row in the middle of the plane are like bench seats and this is where I sit down. A women approaches me. She appears to be more than a flight attendant. She examines people's paperwork to verify that they are allowed to travel. I show her my papers and she examines some of her own as well. Clearly, she is not 100% satisfied, but does not outright deny me either. Strangely, she rubs the end of her papers up against my arm forcefully. At first I thought it was an accident, but it was pretty clearly intentional. I get a paper cut on my arm from them. It starts bleeding. I'm like, "Jesus, what are you doing?" She gives no response and begins walking away. I did not get kicked off the plane however.
      The plane starts taxiing very quickly; much quicker than a current plane. It seems as if airports in the future take up a substantial part of the city. It's almost like some of the roads in the city are designed for airplane taxiing. As we are traveling through the city, we approach an underpass. The distance between the support beams of the underpass is pretty narrow, yet we fit through it just fine. I am kind of perplexed because I did not see the outside of the plane before getting on. Unlike current airports, you do not see the plane waiting for you through a window or something. It was just a hallway to get on. I ask the dude sitting next to me how it managed to fit under. He acts a bit arrogant and surprised that I didn't know. He explains that the wings on this plane are situated above and below the plane, making a shape like this:
      \   /
       \ /
       / \
      A normal plane for reference (cause the text mode is not clear):

      It's sort of like a rocket shape instead of a plane. I wonder if a plane like this would work IRL?

      Of course the "O" is the center tube of the plane and is much bigger than this drawing, but I had to make it with text. As he is explaining, I remember, oh yeah, it is like that. We continue taxiing around. We never actually take off and it's pretty clear that this is not always used as a plane, but occasionally just used as a fast mode of ground transportation. I manage to miss my stop for some reason. When I tell the woman that I did, she's clearly even more annoyed with me than before. She says, "there's no way we are going back and you're going to have to get off at the next stop." The next stop is very far away from my destination, so I'm pretty upset, but there's not much I can do except try to find another plane back. This is all I can remember. I then wake up.

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