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    Powerlines and Marble

    by , 11-02-2022 at 05:51 PM (213 Views)
    In this dream I'm walking in the woods. There's someone else walking with me, but I do not recognize them and their face is pretty blurry. We are walking in the middle of the wilderness amongst a bunch of pine trees. There are those big metal high voltage powerlines running through the woods. We are walking along the large path carved through for the powerlines. It looks like a storm is coming cause there are big gusts of heavy wind and the sky is very gray. We walk to a point where the powerlines consolidate down into small hoops on short poles. The hoops keep them together in a ring. (I've seen something like this IRL.) The gusts of wind keep getting stronger and stronger. As we continue walking faster, the trees in the forest all become dead. It's just a bunch of black dead tall pine trees. We hear some loud cracking and see some of the dead pines falling over onto the powerlines. When they collide, there's huge sparks and a bang. We don't get hurt, but the air becomes filled with these little black floating flakes of tree ash. The ash is very thick and the pieces are hard and flaky, unlike campfire ash which is much thinner than paper. We start running away fast cause we don't want to get all those flakes in our lungs.

    Eventually, we make it to a large marble building in the middle of the woods. There's nothing else around. It's like a small skyscraper in size. It has fake columns carved into the walls in some places, but is mostly just a flat shinny slab of marble. Those powerlines go right into the side of the building. It's clear they were hooped so that they could enter the building through a small metal panel on the wall. Me and the friend I'm walking with start trying to find a way into the building. We don't walk far before we see a huge square hole in the wall going right into the building. It's like a huge garage door in size, but there is clearly no door. We walk into the building and find ourselves in a massive atrium. It's not super fancy, but there's marble everywhere and large columns. The floor is super dusty and covered with junk. It looks very spartan inside aside from the junk on the floor. We can still walk around cause it's not enough to fully cover the floor. There's no sign of life in the building. Everything is dark and dead. It looks like no one had been there in years. We walk around a corner into the front part of the building where there is something like a lobby. Here, we finally see an amber light shinning around a corner. There's a live woman in there standing at a desk like a statue. It looks really creepy cause it's clear the place is abandoned. Me and my friend try to get her attention, but nothing happens. We get freaked out and start running around the building aimlessly. It's just a bunch of huge empty marble rooms with junk on the floor. There's really nothing in there. We calm down and realize there's nothing bad in there; it's just that creepy women at the desk.

    Flash to a new scene: I'm in an old large house made of wood (not a mansion). I'm walking around an old renovated attic. I can tell because the ceilings are angled downwards from the roof. It's a large attic than has been segmented into rooms. There's blue fluffy carpet on the floor that's completely covered in dust and spiderwebs. I keep running around and turning off a bunch of light switches everywhere for these tiny independent lights.

    I wake up. The end.

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