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    1. Counting Total Disease States

      by , 01-20-2023 at 05:41 AM
      In this dream there is a clay-mation like city growing up into these weird 3D looking isoforms. You know, like an isometric grid, except there's clay structures like buildings, spirals, and chess pieces pushing up out of the clay. My perspective is from above scrolling downwards (like how you'd scroll a page down). My POV scrolls down to a part where things like bar graphs are forming out of the clay. I also see some double helixes near the bar graph rectangles pushing up. Then, a Morgan Freeman type narrator voice says, "We are determining all the possible disease states."

      Then, I appear in an old large rectangular train station. It's also made out of clay or maybe old limestone, but at the same time, has many American colonial features, such as oak wood trim. I levitate up in the center of the station, so that my POV is right in the center of the open space. Then I hear the narrator voice again, he's like, "this is our monument..." - or something to that effect "and this is the maximum number of colors for the clock." There was a big old fashioned clock on the wall, but it wasn't very colorful, so I know it was not referring to the colors I was seeing there (mostly beige clay). I got the impression that it was the maximum number of colors that I could potentially see. Then he said something like, "That's the total possible disease states." And then the clay wall of the train station formed a big number on it. It looked like a marquee sign, but carved into the clay. The number wrapped around middle wall height on three of the four walls. The station was about two floors in height, but lacked a second floor, so where the second floor would start was the numbers wrapped around the wall.

      Analysis: I got the impression that I was looking at some sort of analysis that was being run on us to determine every possible disease we could get. When I woke up, it got me thinking about our planet. I wonder if we could be lab rats that are being tested for our genetic fitness.