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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. [Discs of Light]

      by , 12-03-2012 at 12:28 AM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Sunday, December 2nd, 2012]
      (I'm going to start recording again.)
      Me and Alex were walking around at dark somewhere.
      Two bright white discs appeared in the sky and began to vaporize the area with razor-like lasers.
      Me and Alex ran... and my recollection of the dream stops there.
    2. [School-lunch Trip to Bashas']

      by , 11-19-2012 at 07:30 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Monday, November 19th, 2012]
      (Plenty of dreams, but I don't remember most of them. I finally decided to jump up and record the last one for once.)

      The last thing I remember- I'm in Bashas with a bunch of other kids from school. I decide to go steal something while no one is looking since I'm hungry. I go to the Pharmacy section but notice kids surrounding the area. I instead turn around and head for the deli section. People are here too. I hear someone ask, "Do you prefer raw raspberries or blueberries? ... Raspberries." And then Cassidy Solpher asks, "Does anyone want to try some of my home cooked meal? It's fully cooked but I can't eat any yet." I then started eating a warm pasta off a shelf, there was beef, alfredo sauce, big long noodles, and mushrooms.

      <I woke up.>
    3. [Healing Pool]

      by , 11-05-2012 at 07:30 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Monday, November 5th, 2012]
      <My dream recall fades into...>
      At a theme park.

      In a child's playground, I crawl inside a plastic tube and meet a few people I know.
      Cassidy is one of them, an old pre-school through high-school friend of mine.
      We get into an arguement and I decide to just walk away.

      I walk up to someone in an outside office chair.
      I ask him how he's doing running and designing the park.
      He isn't. He looks very relaxed and layed-back in his chair.
      He says he was layed-off. The park management hired someone else.
      Everyone here has been replaced it seems- by more efficient and cheaper workers.
      I give him my condolances and then it seems everyone is leaving the park now.

      I follow suit.
      Right outside the park is a giant rounded pool; 30-foot deep with a 30 foot diameter.
      Suddenly, me and everyone in the park is filled with joy and bliss and we all jump in the pool.
      I feel amazing and refreshed as the cool water surrounds me.
      I was the first to jump in with my clothes on, and I watched as everyone else jumped in after me.
      It was amazing watching as everyone floated together in a neon-blue lit pool.
      I start to run out of breath and take air in, despite being underwater.

      <I wake up.>
    4. [Second DEILD Attempt/Playing With Creation]

      by , 11-03-2012 at 06:30 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Saturday, November 3rd, 2012]
      <I lied in my bed, after stretching and meditating for a good long time.
      I told myself and whoever would help me, that I needed help having a meaningful dream. Or a lucid dream.
      Falling asleep- I instantly began to have dreams, just cloudy ones. I woke up after some time. And re-thought my
      intentions to wake up and not move to enter into a DEILD.>

      The next time I wake up, completely still.
      I feel my body frozen and numb.
      I will myself up out of my bed towards the front end of it.
      And find my back to the wall.
      I repeated in my head-
      But I struggled and got excited and woke up.
      I rose my head out from the covers and thought-
      Suddenly, the darkness in front of me was transformed...
      into odd colors and sounds. Spirals and fireworks.
      The door had an outline of light that was separated from the door itself!
      I got excited again and...

      <Then I woke up for real.>
      <Through my excitement, I still fell back asleep.>

      I'm in a mix of Safeway and Target. I go back with Nathan and Alex to the back of the store. I find a dark corner
      where no one goes and in the wall, there's a panel missing. I crawl into the panel and sit there for a moment in the
      dusty old grey... and feel... a strange deja vu wipe over me. I find my old, golden, thin-frame glasses that my
      Mom's been looking for over two years to find.

      <fast forward in dream>

      Scientists figure out how to create God, and the head of the company in charge is talking to the father of "Morel
      Orel"'s Orel. They're in a dark room with a spot light on their wooden meeting table. Orel's Dad sat there in a dim
      meeting room as one of his lead scientists said:

      "We've been able to create women, doughnuts, nipples, cars...the whole works!"

      Orel's Dad squinted his eyes and said, "Ooohkaayyy. Riiiight." In mocking disbelief.
      The scientists went on to tell him that he was to receive cars and money and new technology.
      He owned half the company apparently!

      I remember a faint impression of being in Nevada or a desert area and I saw large satellite dishes.

      <fast forward in dream>

      My twin brother had a book that would allow him to have whatever he wanted.
      He just had to write it in a blank page.
      He was mad at me for some reason and was threatening to write me away.
      I grabbed the book and held it shut, we both tried forcing the book out of each others hand.
      He tried to cut my hair with a pair of scissors, but I got my head away.
      I grabbed the scissors and pretended to cut his hair until he let go of the book.
      Then I ran into the other room and hid the book.
    5. [Desert Snakes and Santaria]

      by , 11-02-2012 at 06:30 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Friday, November 2nd, 2012]
      Me and a group of friends are traveling through a sandy desert.
      Strewn across the desert floor are half-buried corpses of snakes...
      And what looks like BIG bodies of snakes, only partially showing through the beige-colored sand.
      Some of them, I'm unable to determine if they're alive or not.
      We stop and look at them for awhile.
      As everyone starts walking ahead of me, I find a snake that seems to be still alive.
      I toss a rock in its direction, and I think I see it move.
      I throw a larger rock to mark its location. As the big rock lands next to it, it recoils slightly.
      I skip in the direction of the group.


      I'm at my Mom's house alone.
      I'm singing and dancing around waiting for someone to show up.
      Just then, I walk up to the door and see that its half open.
      Someone knocks just then.
      I open it up and start singing Santaria, almost perfectly.
      I let a friend of mine and his kid (who is on his shoulders in the door) inside.
      We all continue singing Santaria.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. [I Need A Brake]

      by , 11-01-2012 at 12:25 AM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Wednesday, October 31st, 2012]
      I'm at Circle K, picking Alex up. I park it and walk inside. I have to go to the bathroom pretty bad, so that's the first place I remember heading. I walk in, and the door won't shut because of boxes and other things in the way.
      I try pushing them aside and get it as closed as I can. I see Leila trying to help me, but I can't close it all the way and I give up. I end up stealing something, like a pack of gum or candy bar... and it was almost subconscious how I did it.

      I walked outside of Circle K, Alex must have been waiting on me forever in the car. I get out there and Alex is spraying something on the tires and rims. She had an explanation like that it was to clean the tires or make them work better. I shrugged.

      Then I noticed the car was parked HALFWAY up the hill, almost completely on the wall.
      "WHOA. I did NOT park like that." I knew for a fact that I would never park like that.
      "Well, you did." Alex assured me.
      "No, fuck that. I did Not. I never park that far up."
      I tried climbing up the hill and it was almost too difficult to do that; I almost slid back down.

      "Fuck it."
      I ran back down the hill to calm down for a moment. Turning around, the car is on the ground, down the hill. I don't think anything of it, and I hop in. The car starts, and I roll the rest of the way down the hill...
      It won't brake very well. I throw it into Forward and... It goes forward. I park somewhere else and try braking.
      But it doesn't brake... hardly even slow down. Alex want's to go say something to someone inside, but I stop her-
      "Uh, Alex... the car isn't working. I run over the curb and fall off a small incline and land on the road in front of traffic.

      Me and Alex were driving away from Circle K- And my car wasn't braking anymore.
      "The brakes must have been clipped." I suggested, I started driving slowly through the backroads.

      <I wake up.>
      <I roll over and fall asleep.>

      Now Alex is driving, and we're headed to my Dad's to see if he can fix it. The brakes are working for now. We turn the wrong road, but I don't realize it until the road becomes narrow and lines with hedges. She turns left at a strange Fire Department building. With the garages closed, but a Cop car parked in front. We turn around and park... and stop for a moment... We get out and walk around.

      There's a couple really sweet vehicles like Mustangs and a black sports car here too now. Some other people drive up, get out and look around as if they're tourists. They admire the cars with us, and then I decide we should leave. We get in the car again, and have a small arguement that leads to us being grumpy at each other.

      "FUCK" I stop myself. "I'm stopping, I'm stopping." I bang my fists on the steering wheel once.
      "I'm not talking to you like this." She starts grabbing her stuff and putting it in her bag and opens the door.
      "Wait! I'm not even angry!" Frustration kicks in. Why is she mad right now?
      She starts walking away.
      "Oh come on, please don't do this!" Tears well up in my eyes.
      She turns around, "Stop crying. There are people around here!"
      I wipe my face and realize my face is soaked with tears now.
      We start walking again.

      "Apparently, Seth is up ahead. He's crying over something too." Alex let's me know. We walk on a sidewalk that runs along several buildings that came out of nowhere. A group of people are sitting on the ground listening to a British exchange-student friend of ours. She hasn't been here in almost a year. But everyone is listening to her tell a story. We weave through the people, ignoring it- and I see a few people sitting down up ahead.

      I light up a cigarette as we reach Seth. Alex and Seth start talking and I tune out. I take a drag, and exhale. What am I doing here? I wonder for a moment... Then Alex starts walking the other way. I follow suit.

      As we reach the exchange student's circle again, someone hands me a paper with the story printed on it.
      "When We First Kissed" by Hellogoodbye begins to play and the words change to match along with the song...

      Making points on white neon boards
      Is like,
      Pulling stars off the black sky"

      (My first dream lyric. And it's not exact, but it captures the point.)
      <My dream ends and I wake up. "When We First Kissed" still playing in my head.>
    7. [Red Root, A Lawn of Cartidges, and an Evil God]

      by , 10-30-2012 at 09:19 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Tuesday, October 30th, 2012]

      I was disguised into a group of thugs and baddies or just unfamiliar druggies. We sat in their red van as they talked
      about a type of drug they smoked and grew. It was a red root or weed kind of plant that would grow anywhere. We
      sat and talked for awhile, and then I decided I needed to use the bathroom. I got out of the car walked down the
      plaza street until I arrived at a bathroom.

      WHOA. I remember a dream before this. I came to this same bathroom, when I told my Mom I needed to use it
      before. I walked into the bathroom and flushed the toilet water it since it was yellow already. I sat down on it,
      went pee, but couldn't go number 2. So I flushed the toilet and left. The room was a comfortable, out-of-sight
      bathroom with Hawaiian tropical theme. I walked back outside, the whole ISLAND plaza was island themed.
      There was a bay of water to the left, close to where the drug van was parked, and the sunset reflected a beautiful
      orange and maroon just perfectly off the water.

      I walked back up to the van, and got in and began to excuse myself. They told me to look at the plant one more
      time before I left. It was growing underneath the passengers seat. I leaned down and put my face close, and... sure
      enough, a red sprout was sitting in the middle, right underneath her seat. I instantly began to thieve.

      I saw a stem that looked weak and dry, like it would crack off. I distracted the two people in the front seat.
      "So this is it?" I bent the stem back and forth, in hopes that I could snap it off. "You guys just started growing this,
      didn't you?"

      They answered that I was right. I picked a piece off and grasped it tightly in my palm.
      "Alright guys, I really am sorry. I'm not feeling so hot, I'm gonna head out now." I really did have to go to the
      bathroom again still.

      I opened the door and said my politries, then shut it behind me.
      "Phew, I did it." I thought silently as I snuck off into the everdarkening evening.

      I passed into an enclosed grassy area- it kind of reminds me of a flag pole area at the entrance to a school or hotel,
      but with highwalls to surround it. The path of brick or stone cut right through the grass to the other side. I
      continued casually, but slowed down when I saw a perfectly good SD card. Then another. And another. I stopped.
      "Whoa." I looped around, still trying to remain casual looking. I picked up an SD card, and all of the ones I found.
      Then I noticed there was more than just memory sticks. There's DS games, Gameboy games, Nintendo 64 games!

      All kinds of cartridges! Scattered across the grassy yard. I got excited and began to pick them up into a stack.
      "HEY!" A large tomboyish female called me out. She must have had blonde hair and a cap to cover it- because I
      get that impression. "What are you doing?"

      In a second, I told the truth, which is unusual for a circumstance like this.
      "I found a bunch of video game cartridges on the ground! I mainly just want the Gameboy ones, but you can take
      some if you find something you like too." It felt nice to share. I DIDN'T need all of these, anyways.
      She stared at me with an annoyed inquisitive gaze... then it lightened.

      "Okay!" She was suddenly friendly and full of love.
      We bent down and worked together, sorting through all of them, stacking them in piles.
      I would check hers to see if she found anything I liked, and likewise.
      I liked her. (It's too bad I didn't ask for a name.)

      <My dream faded as I woke up.>
      <I rolled over and went back to sleep.>

      I'm now inside the Hotel that was to my immediate right in the previous dream, after walking into that grassy
      entrance. I'm not sure how, but I was a fighter. A bunch happened that I don't remember. But I do remember the
      current circumstances I was thrown into. I had a Master who was helping me to stop the summoning of an evil
      God. We could see him, but he was powerless to harm us yet. He wore what looked like a red samurai mask. An
      evil idiot villian and his short alien-looking psychic sidekick were summoning him. My Master was keeping him at

      I had a staff in my hand and I got impatient. I charged my staff and pointed the end at the evil God and a blue
      light sparked out and glowed. It pushed the evil God away but then he smiled at me. My Master intervened and
      told me to be patient. I knew it was a powerful attack, but why didn't it banish him? He was REALLY powerful.

      Just then, the evil idiot villain emerged from the bathroom and told his sidekick,
      "Don't worry. When we win, I'll give you levatation powers."
      "That fucking idiot." I let out. The evil villain turned his head so fast and was in my face. He shouted and screamed
      and spit and seemed like he was going insane. His face went dark red and he looked like he was in pain almost.

      The evil God grinned, as if he had a chance to strike, THROUGH him.
      "CALM DOWN." I grabbed his head in my hands. "Look at me! Caaaalm dooowwn."
      "It's oookaaaayy. It's okay." His face resembled my best friend Nathan. I hugged him.

      <My dream faded and I woke up.>
      (I'll also add that I had to go to the bathroom REALLY bad when I woke up. xD Explains why I had to keep using it in my dreams.)
    8. [Paper House]

      by , 10-28-2012 at 07:30 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Sunday, October 28th, 2012]
      (This is the last of a series of dreams, and the only one I remember vividly. There was one dream of me on a desert reality show with a multitude of challenges. Before that I was at a strange shopping mall.)
      I'm at my old house, everything is identical almost. Everyone is doing their own thing in the house, Brent is on the computer and playing games, Casey is watching TV in the living room, Mom is in her room. I'm wandering around the house.

      I walked out into the kitchen and turn straight into the computer room. I want on the computer pretty bad. But I forget about it and walk away.

      I walk to the bathroom.
      I turn on the shower, as I need one bad. All of the water droplets that hit the tub turned brown. I couldn't explain it. But it must be because the shower floor is dirty already and its just becoming clear with water? I cup water in my hands and splash it on the tub until its clean and I get in.

      After I clean myself and soak for awhile, I wrap a towel around my bottom-half and walk into my Mom's room and begin talking to her.

      I was on a gameshow sort of thing for a week, but I got kicked off or fired the last day on a Friday. It was supposed to keep going and they'd add new members all the time but I didn't make the cut for some reason.
      It took place in the middle of the desert.
      I complained to my Mom about how I had lost, but how I was excited that I was going to be on a cartoon remake of the show that would air this weekend! I wondered to myself how I would be portrayed on a cartoon.

      I walked into the old bedroom-
      Brent was playing Nintendo 64. "I wish I could play guitar hero though..."
      I suggest to him, "Nathan has Guitar Hero for the Playstation 1! Maybe we could borrow it!)

      Casey was telling me about how he wanted to play an American Idol sort of game that he used to play when he went to camp once.

      Just then we looked out the window, the whole family, and we saw dark clouds in the distance, looming over the mountains. Mom had her boyfriend over, who was like a combination of Gordon, Ed, Dad and all of the rest of them. My Mom's boyfriend complained because he couldn't hear the storm, because of the all of the TV's and receivers and VCRs and DVD players humming and buzzing. I worked to turn them off, but had immense trouble for some reason. Only some of them would turn off, and some would just reset when I hit the buttons. I gave up as I couldn't turn off the last satellite receiver.

      We worked to put the blinds and livingroom curtains back up. It was more complex than it should have been.

      We went around the house fortifying all of the windows and doors and closing everything for sure. I went to the back bedroom, by the old computer room, and checked the window. The one on the left (that normally doesn't exist) was fine, but the one on the right above the bed was creaked open a little. I worked to close it as much as I could when I noticed it was raining... or leaking through the window or something. It was wet around the window.
      I through my shirt off and tried wiping off the window and putting it up against where it leaked.

      Casey walked in and said, "The whole bed's soaked!" He was right, the rain was dripping through the ceiling! It was happening everywhere. Water was leaking through everywhere. I grabbed a towel and set it over the bed to cover the blanket and anything else. I went to the closet just as my Dad walked in. I quickly made sure I was turned away so he didn't see my tattoo.

      I thought to myself, "Had he seen my tattoo earlier?" I quickly put on a purple shirt I found in the laundry hamper. I grabbed more towels and layed them over the bed. I walked out into the living room and saw that the wall was covered in rain drops, continuously being dropped. The rain was getting in somehow, as if our house was made of paper.

      <dream ends>
    9. [Stormy Weather Safehouse]

      by , 10-26-2012 at 07:30 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Friday, October 26th, 2012]
      A storm was coming, one that could probably blow me and my family's house down. I thought about running to a
      safer area...

      <In a later dream...>
      Me, Alex, Nathan, and some other unfamiliar people were doing drugs.
      Then out of nowhere- the door busted down and they were there among us.
      We were busted by the cops! Alex's Mom appeared and told me to run.
      In the general confusion and chaos that ensued, I assumed it would be possible to get away.
    10. [Sparring With My Lover]

      by , 10-25-2012 at 07:30 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Thursday, October 25th, 2012]
      (I fell asleep tongith at my Aunt's on her couch. I went over to clean that night, but I felt insanely nausious so I lied
      down for a while...)

      I'm on the same street that me and Alex had a fight on the night before this dream...
      Me and Alex are on a platform, it's midnight, and there's someone watching us from a bench...
      We're fighting in slow motion- dodging punches and swinging kicks- with superhuman precision and grace.
      The person on the bench doesn't say a word, but I have the idea that she's female.
      Alex has a weapon now, and she swings it at me, but I have a strange, giant, metal pair of pliers,
      and I dodge and rear back into a snake stance with the pliers ready to clamp.
      We stop and put our weapons down and laugh.


      Me and Alex are traveling through some strange mountain pathway up to a village...
      The side of the cliff path is so steep, we have to stab our hands into the ground to pull ourselves up.
      I feel almost robotic, but graceful in how I make my way up the mountain.
      As we reach the village- I either lose recall or the dream ends...


      I'm outside of my Aunt's/Grandpa's house in the yard.
      No recall besides the location, so far.
    11. [The Town Complex]

      by , 10-24-2012 at 10:05 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      (I had plenty of dreams. PLENTY of dreams. I only recall a few of them right now though.)

      I'm by Screamer's, a bunch of people pass by in a ship made of logs that sails on land.
      Me and Alex are in a blow-up-raft and are floating along the other way, going towards the road.

      <skip to the next dream>

      At Dunkin' Donuts with Nathan
      (I don't work here now.)
      I take a broken glazed donut
      He gives me another butternut chocolate
      Hope, my ex-boss for Dunkin Donuts, walks in the room and she's okay that I'm there.
      I think about asking for a job there since DD is back in town somehow.
      I wonder about how DD is back in business.
      The whole building is now huge, there's tons of tables.
      People are gradually coming in. By now there's only one person sitting at a table.
      Karen, our old landlord, also is a boss here too.
      We're built into the apartment complex.
      Hope hands me some clothes, "Some of these are yours that you left!"
      I'm walking around and see clothes scattered everywhere, as if it's a messy home.
      I find a pair of glasses that resembles mine, sitting on a table.
      I take off the ones I have on now and realize that they're not mine. I replace them.
      I walk around more and explore this new building.
      I find that pile of clothes from earlier that I had set down, and decide to look through it.
      "Heeyyy, none of these are even my clothes!" I say in a humorous high-pitched voice.
      I walk outside.
      With Hope and Karen, we get in the car and leave to go somewhere.

      We drive back up and we all part ways.
      I come in to the Dunkin' Donuts/Apartment/Bar later with a suit and tie and I look badass and sexy.
      People are everywhere, sitting at tables.
      I see a girl I know, Sam ____, and I point at her, "Hey you!"
      She gets up to hug me and attempts to kiss me in the process as well...
      I avoid the kiss, even if she's cute, because I have someone who I love already.
      After awhile of hanging out there, I go outside and notice the door doesn't shut all the way...
      and if I get it to shut, it doesn't stay that way. Frustrated, I walk inside and say,
      "Don't use this door, guys!" Someone replies, "Yeah, it doesn't shut."
      I leave it half open and walk outside...
      Then my old Golden Retriever runs outside!
      I chase her around, trying to catch her, but she's too damn fast.
      My Mom appears and tries to catch her too; she doesn't seem too worried.
      Another dog appears, maybe my old Chihuahua Pinky.
      Then Teddy appears, but he looks very odd and grey and old.
      Sedona is still running around the apartment complex when the dream ends..

      <I wake up.>

      <I fall back asleep.>

      Lying in bed, I notice that there's a flat-screen TV where it shouldn't be. A lady is delivering the news.
      I'm not in my room... and if I am, it's different. The lights are darker and colder.
      I realize I must be dreaming and decide to crawl towards the TV, to crawl inside.
      It's extremely difficult to make myself crawl towards it.
      I open my eyes and I'm in sleep paralysis.
      A figure stands near my bed, just out of the corner of my eye.
      I freak out and wake up again.

      <I wake up, startled...>
      <I fall back asleep.>

      Alex, Nathan, and I are driving through where McDonald's usually is, but this time, it's Wendy's!
      We pull up to the drivethru and I want two Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers, but they order before I have a chance to say it and pull up.
      Alex orders a Bacon Cheeseburger and a drink and Nathan orders something else.
      I'm distraught! They pull up and park and we go inside to eat.
      I'm complain, but they don't seem to have much sympathy.
      I see the plastic utensils, and look around to see where Nathan and Alex went.
      They're sitting down eating, while I wander around the restaurant aimlessly.

      <dream skips>

      I'm back at the apartment complex... or at least a different version of it.
      Each outside door leads to another SUB-apartment complex, with it's own 4 or 6 doors to actual apartments.
      The apartments are distorted, and extremely large and long, like warehouses.
      I'm inside of one apartment with lots of people I knew from school.
      We're all playing with these devices that you attach to either your clothing or your head-
      When you think a phrase clearly enough, it will play the voice off a speaker.
      We all take turns playing with it:
      "There's a snake in my boot!"
      "There's a rake in my poot!"
      "Pooh! Poot! Poop!"
      "Rickets... what? Whoa I can hear myself think!"

      We all goof around until, eventually, most people leave.
      <dream fades>

      (I don't remember the rest, just imprints of memories that have to do with the sky and mountains and sunsets. It looks like the sun is setting in the
      wrong direction.)
    12. [Mushroom Rodeo]

      by , 10-21-2012 at 04:39 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Sunday, October 21st, 2012]
      I'm at a giant rodeo or an open area with a fence around it. There is manure everywhere you walk along the soft dirt. My Dad is with me, and so is Nathan.

      Nathan splits up from me as I go to help my Dad with work. I follow him around the area, just to lend a helping hand, when he tells me: "There are shrooms growing all around the rodeo.", and he pointed at the ground at a mushroom. He bent down to pluck it and placed it in a bag. He went inside a building and I followed him as he cut it up and shoved a slice into his mouth.

      "Hey Dad!" I was excited, "Did you know that mushrooms and humans have extremely similar DNA structures?"
      I paused as he nodded... Apparently, I had already told Casey and Casey had told him.
      "I hear some people talk about how experiencing higher human consciousness could be connected to mushrooms somehow."
      He smiled and nodded again. I aplogized if I was annoying him, but he dismissed it.

      He sat down in an odd chair that was built into the side of the wall, with a strange orange head-rest with a spiral painted on it. He leaned his head back and pressed a button and the headrest shoved his head forward, as if it were made to give him a concussion. He was leaning too far to his right and it didn't go off right, he tried it again and-
      <memory fades>

      I go outside and scan the ground for more shrooms. I would LOVE to do shrooms. I only see plucked stems and misleading tree stem stubs. I arrive at an open field area and find Nathan again. I tell him about the shrooms in the area and he's just as ecstatic as me! But his enthusiasm dies down and he starts to look around like a zombie. I look around and see only more stems...

      It's almost time to go, but I find one on the ground, carefully hidden from view and I shout, "YES!"
      I pluck it and plop it into my canvas bag.
      Me and Nathan leave with my Dad.

      <I wake up.>
      (I'm open my eyes and I'm still excited! FINALLY SHROOMS! Then I realize slowly that I don't actually have shrooms and I calm back down to sleep again.)
      <I go back to sleep.>

      I'm in an office-looking building and I saw my Aunt and I noted in my head that she looked really pretty. My Dad and Nathan were still with me in the room, sitting down. I pick up a phone and decide to call my Mom. She picks up and says that she's at a hospital? and she saw the Caller-ID and that it said Triad, so she picked up. She sounds unusually happy and I don't think she is mad at me anymore for not talking to her for a few days. I talk to her for a bit and actually have a sensical conversation that I would remember clearly in waking life. (I didn't because I waited so long to write this down.) I say goodbye and hangup. My Dad, Nathan, and I leave.


      My memory fades in to where I'm back at our house (I don't recognize it in waking life.) My brothers are both there and we're all in the kitchen. I'm holding my canvas sack of shrooms (apparently there's lots of them now) and I reach into the freezer to pull out a Melon-Cucumber Gatorade. I open it up and drink a bit and am extremely happy to have it. I talk to Casey and Brent for a moment before heading back to a back room.

      Casey is in the room with me and on the TV I hear someone say something like, "I'm alone in the room with this nasty chick-"
      Another guy interupts him on the TV, "Please don't tell me you bumped uglies with her."

      I repeated whatever was said (it was close to THIS, but it was actually funny. I wish I could remember...) and Casey laughed his ass off.
    13. [The Everetts']

      by , 10-21-2012 at 04:32 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Saturday, October 20th, 2012]
      (This is my first true recall in a few days. I've been with Alex, super stressed off and on, getting stoned and drunk... So this was new and refreshing to recall a dream for once.)

      I'm at an unfamiliar home, but I see my old friends, The Everette family. Caleb, Jonathan, Aaron, and their Mom. Isaiah and their Dad, I can't find. In this new home, I fumble through games and movies like I used to when I visited them. I talk for awhile with some of them, and go outside a few times. Suddenly, everyone is leaving. They aren't here anymore. Their Mom must have taken them to church or something-

      My Mom pulls up, or something and my memory fades. The next thing I remember, I'm driving down a Phoenix road trying to figure out my way home. In the upper right corner of my vision, their is a Minimap like in WoW and Google Maps of the road. I'm going the wrong way, but it reroutes a way to turn after awhile I do turn. I make it back all the way to a Highway that leads to my home.
    14. [A Wall In the Road]

      by , 10-15-2012 at 12:37 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Sunday, October 14th, 2012]
      <later in the day, I take a nap>
      <dream is foggy, I forget to write this down and it vanishes>

      I remember summoning a 18-wheeler to come pick me up and bring me somewhere. We were on V.M. road and heading north, and as we passed the train tracks and took the bend to the left- we came to an obstacle. There was a giant wall in the road. I turned around and did something to a giant rock behind me. A triangle with an eye appeared and the triangle began to spin around the eye. It glowed a thick white light and shot out a beam of light towards the wall. The wall glowed with white veins and the wall opened.

      (Everything resembled futuristic, alien technology- and it was pretty neat to watch.)
    15. [We Defeated The Swamp Monster / Honey-Fizz]

      by , 10-15-2012 at 12:36 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Sunday, October 14th, 2012]
      (Around 3AM and I wake up and remember quite a bit. I've been sleeping for along time. A LONG TIME.)

      <dream had more before this, but this is where I started to remember>
      I remember being ontop of a building's roof with a few other people. There is a small lake between me and the rest of the land. In the small beige-mud lake, there is debris everywhere and people scattered through out. Whenever I come close to the edge of the roof, a giant tenticle shoots out of the mud and tries to hit me. I hit it with a weapon before it sinks back down. Eventually, it becomes like WoW... when the tenticle pop's back up- I command the rest of my "raid" group to attack, and all of the people drowning in the mud all leap out and attack the tenticle. I begin to shoot it with some kind of range attack as this is happening. It sinks back one more time before I lure it back up for a final attack. We did it! Everyone is teleported to the dry land. There's a neat looking Mage Staff with a star at the end of it for loot. A few people "roll" for it- in a new way that I don't recognize. I leap from piece of debris to debris all the way across the swamp and as I'm climbing up a small hill to get to the land, I realize that I'm a low level but also the leader of the group. I walk up to the loot on the ground and try to right click on it, but nothing happens. I try to ask how to roll, but I'm teleported to Stormwind or some other city in real life before I have a chance.

      In this other city, I try talking to the Raid but realize I've left the group and that it was a Guild group- that I can't talk to since I'm not in it now.


      I'm leaving town to go up Yarnell hill with my Mom and maybe Casey/Nathan. We're on our way up the hill, and we must have been walking. We walk up the hill faster than usual and we notice that some parts of the railing going up the hill have been smashed and damaged. There've been reports of someone vandalising the rails. We make our way up the hill and we find a cave. It's a giant cave temple- that I tell my Mom is a "Shaman Training Temple" inside, we see people who look like WoW characters all standing around, as if they're really Shaman Trainers or people to buy things from or Questgivers. We walk up to the middle of the giant cave/room and one of us talks to a questgiver. One of the quest involves stopping the man from damaging the rails, apparently its Virgil from McDonald's management.

      We leave and start walking up Yarnell hill more. Now I'm not with my Mom or Casey anymore, it's Nathan and Tyler. After awhile, we become thristier than ever and have to stop at a random convenience store. Inside, I grab a cup and fill it with a little ice and water. Its not enough ice though, so I hold the cup against the icemachine more and I notice how I can fill the cup up with ice without the water overflowing. I turn around and see a few kids I know selling some new drink ideas. (There was a peanut butter & honey snack- and there was a "Honey-Fizz" drink, as I'd like to call it, was handed to me. It was a dark yellow bottle of "Honey"-flavored soda. I opened it and downed it quick. It was AMAZING. It was one of the best drinks I've ever had. I made this known to everyone around me. After awhile of talking to Tyler and Nathan about this, I wake up.
      <woke up>
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