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    SpellBee's Summer competition night 3

    by , 08-03-2016 at 10:54 AM (252 Views)
    I woke up without remembering anything, aside from the rain hitting my bedroom window. After a few moments I could remember a fragment, other bits and pieces followed. As usual with my dream recall a lot of rich details have faded away.

    I was at a mass gathering, playing a huge game, divided into three distinct teams. One team was dark and a bit overpowered. I was part of another lighter team. Each team had special tactics and specific abilities. I was suddenly surrounded by a few dcís of the dark team. They countered me from above. But a dc failed and landed awkwardly painfully on the floor. I could escape easily. Then I searched for a pyramidal building. I had a pet that helped me with the game. I found a construction robot that I used to destroy other team buildings. With long metal claws. After the game the three teams gathered and there was a heavy discussion.


I found myself in an RPG environment. I was searching the boundaries and possibilities of this new game that I found myself in. I stood in a market place, I needed to take over a merchant stall with a duel. I failed a few times, I duelled with another merchant for his trade and stall. I succeeded, it was an easy fight. Then not soon afterwards a dc player with a much higher level than me killed me, I died, re-spawned and lost my progress.


In my garden a fly was following me and piercing through my leg. Inside the house I noticed a deep, but small cutting wound. 

    For a special occasion I needed to buy my grandfather a very odd pastry. I went to the baker, asking if they had it or could make it? They didnít have it. It was a sort of a round, flat pastry with a red jelly on top of it. 

    WBTB was at 5 A.M. too little sleep, It wasnít very effective at all this time, way too tired.

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    1. MadMonkey's Avatar
      That game sounds really fun actually! It would be cool if we invented our own sports that you could play in lucid dreams using dream powers. People would play in the dream and then report their score once they woke up! Sort of like the DHL but with more specific rules.
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