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    Death of a Fatty

    by , 06-17-2011 at 07:22 PM (382 Views)
    So, it's been awhile since I've been recording my dreams, and I find I have significantly less recall ability because of it, so I've been trying to pay more attention again. Last night I had such a vivid dream, thanks to Calea Z. love that shit!

    It started with me sitting in a restaurant with a group of people, only I wasn't me. I was some 40-50 year old dude with thinning hair, somewhat longish, but not really. I was quite fat but my weight kept changing throughout the dream. We were sitting at this table and these people I was with was discussing whether or not I was allowed to join their "group" or something along those lines. I didn't say anything, just listened. They decided I would be ok to accept. Then I guess they just disappeared, and I ate some food. When I was done, it was around closing time, and I was supposed to go upstairs to the third floor to have my initiation. The restaurant place was huge. The dining area was the first floor, but it was gigantic. The second floor was something...I don't know, but the staircase was so wide and fancy.

    At the third floor, I was in this reception room or something, and it was really poorly lit, and dank, and smoky, and there were a bunch of people laying around on couches. I sat on one and waited because I didn't know what I was doing. There was a dude smoking a cig and he asked me what I was doing. I don't think I said anything, but he still knew what I was doing there. He started talking about how he thinks what these people do is wrong, even though hes a part of it. It's not quite human trafficking, or sex slavery even. It's prostitution, which he said isn't too bad, but it's just not right. He felt bad about it all but he could do nothing about it. In my mind I agreed with him, not realizing the group I was just accepted into were the people in control of the prostitution shit.

    After some time, I knew I was supposed to head into the next room for whatever reason. There were tons of beds with people fucking on it in absurd ways. Mostly with dominatrix type shit and bondage and everything that freaks me out (lol). Then two girls walked over to me and tried to take my clothes off. At first I was like, "Hmm, this could be interesting but..." Then one of the girls pulled out a huge pink dildo that had balls attached for some reason. I was like, "No, I don't want that." But the girl didn't listen and she started flopping it around and motioned toward my ass. I kept saying no, but she wouldn't stop, so I shouted, "IF THAT COMES NEAR MY ASS I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL KILL SOMEONE!" At this point, I was back to a normal weighted person for some reason. My yelling startled the girl and I ran out. They had gotten my shirt off, but I didn't care to go back because of my disgust.

    I walked down the stairs and the restaurant was completely empty, but I could hear a tv and an old couple talking. Maybe the second floor? So I walked down the stairs as quietly as I could. For some reason my "mom" who wasn't my real mom, because I wasn't actually me, was at the door for some reason, and also, my pants were off and I was completely naked for some reason. She walked in and I put a blank look on my face. She said something to me and I fell over acting startled. She asked me if I was sleep walking again, and I acted really confused and played along with it so she wouldn't know why I was really there and why I was naked. I could have won an academy award for how good my acting was. I really felt the emotion that goes with all of a sudden realizing you are far away from home and not in your bed. It was awesome haha!

    So after that we left and started walking down the street, and apparently my clothes were back. The city we were in, my mind told me, was New York. There was so much noise and people around just hangin out being hood rats and what not. I realized all these people were in a gang or something, and started to get scared. I said to my mom, "How the hell did I make it all the way out here in my sleep?!?!" She was wondering the same thing. Right after saying that, I saw a dude come by with a cops night stick and I knew he was going to mug us, and I threw my hand behind my back to dampen the blow of the club. He told my mom, who was in like her 80s to give him all her money, and she just started to run. The dude with the club looked at me and said something about how shes old but hell still chase her and me down. So I turned and started running to but he was somehow in front of me. He swung the club at me again and hit me in the side. He tried to swing again, but I caught it before he could put much force into it, and I yanked it from his hands. I hit him in the head as hard as I could, which knocked him out. I started to run to catch up to my mom and as I looked up there was a gunshot and I saw a different guy pointing a gun at me and I felt this burning sensation in the left side of my chest. I realized I had just been shot, and fell to the ground. I was fat again at this point. I laid there dying wishing it didn't happen this way. As the last moments came I realized this was all a dream and forced myself to wake up.

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