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    by , 04-29-2017 at 01:46 PM (128 Views)
    Started with some stuff I don't remember. Checked the time, it was 1155, I was late for catching the last bus back home so I decided to go back to the mall where I work and crash there. I started running and noticed there was snow on the ground but I wasn't cold, thought it was beautiful! Ran behind some building to make sure the roaming security guard truck wouldn't see me. As I ran through the lot I could see the security truck with the orange light periodically flashing in the distance. I started running again but speed didnt increase. I saw this building with a staircase going up it. I was gonna walk around but I thought I heard a girl screaming from behind the wall so I go up the stairs to check it out. I hear her scream again so I shouted "what's going on?" Two people came out one from below one from behind. I slid down the handrail of a different staircase that led inside to a warehouse area with the guys coming at me. I hit the one in his face when he got close but he just grinned so i picked up a nearby post and thrust it into his head. He didn't die but he stopped. Something dawned on me that these guys were zombies. Somehow I got bitten and the fight stopped, we were brothers now. We sat down in this mess hall area with a bunch of other zombies quietly snacking away on various body parts. I finished eating the flesh off a jawbone stood up and shouted I really don't like the taste of meat ugh. Everyone laughed, scene faded to black. A new scene emerged with a monkey in a lab going crazy and bit the experimenter. I thought to myself "ahh that's where they're going with this." A new scene came about on a plane. I was sitting there knowing I'm a zombie but trying to keep it cool. I kept looking at these two women seated behind and across from me. The one lady got up to use the restroom but she was bleeding when she came back. The blood was making me lose my shit and apparently everyone else's. All their skin started to look dead and decayed so we all attacked the woman and each other. Turns out the longer you are a zombie the more violent you become. Some zombies started killing each other in their rage. Another scene came about in a grocery and video game store. A random zombie would attack every now and then but we were all so underfed at this point the entire human race was turned or killed so we were all losing it. These fights kept occurring for a long time until someone bit my toes off and I decided to wake up.

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