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    The Smallest Plane Crash + Monsters And Other Things

    by , 07-26-2014 at 01:05 AM (657 Views)
    Dream 1:

    First we were at some theatre and there was a man on stage with a dragon that looked like it was made of clay and at the end of the shows it turned into a paper box kite, still in form of the dragon, but for some reason I thought it was a giant squid. Later in the dream I discovered it was real whilst walking through a plaza of Japan, but while it was in front of me, instead of a dragon it was a giant shrimp (but I still thought squid). Turns out the guy who owned the dragon/shrimp/squid was actually John Watson (Sherlock) who hated the theatre life and wanted to give up his sanity in order to die. I tried telling him not to, but he clicked a website link on a piece of paper (which was how he was giving up his sanity) and died.

    Then we were on some kind of airport and heard a tiny 'clink' from a plane that was landing, apparently it crashed, but the plane was totally fine and everyone in it. There were two cars there, a YouTuber (Robbaz) who I watch took the children into his car to drive home safely and my friend from school was in the other car, waiting for me and my other friend to get in the car. Next we were driving out of Queensland which was also Hollywood, we drove past a hotel called the "Artery Hotel" which was an almost flat and tall building with an elevator in the middle and apparently I had stayed there.

    Dream 2:

    I was in some kind of video game, sometimes I was spectating and sometimes I was in it. A few friends of mine and I were running away from these monsters, one type looked like a shadow beast from Zelda: Twilight Princess:


    except, it had a more tear dropped shielded face, only had weaves coming from the top and at the back like multiple tails, walked on all fours like a tiger and dripped some kind of goo. The second type had a seaweed like body, they usually had one, two or three and had circular heads with glowing white eyes. The third type looked like the first except it walked on two legs and was more muscular built. Soon I was spectating and Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) was running from them (I watched Sherlock before I went to bed that night). He was trying to be smart about the situation but ended up cornered by them and probably died because I woke up before it happened.
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