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    1. "Mountain Dunes" and "Hospital Gerbil"

      by , 08-15-2015 at 02:45 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      I am in a desert at night, with a man who might be a teacher or guru. We are climbing (flying?) to the top of very high sand dunes, like mountains:

      do you like icecream? :P-dune-night.jpg

      I am at a hospital with a friend from high school. He has brought all of his ferrets with him. They are many different sizes, and I am playing with them. One of them looks like a gerbil, and I pretend like I am going to chase him. He runs excitedly down the hall, then turns and runs back towards me, like a dog. We do this several times and it is a lot of fun. At one point, he grows bat wings and takes to the air, before coming back and landing in my hair. Lots of fun playing with dream animals

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    2. Dragonriding!

      by , 08-10-2015 at 07:26 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      I am recounting a "memory" of riding a dragon to another DC. The memory becomes very vivid and immersive, as though it is happening right then. I am flying through the sky, very high up, about cloud level. There is a rider sitting behind me, similar to a skydiving instructor, I suppose The dragon loops in the air, and suddenly I am falling. I'm terrified because I think this is real, and that I am going to die. The dragon then swoops back and catches me. I wonder how the dragon managed to catch both me and the instructor, then reason that the instructor is probably strapped in. I wake up, and for a moment, think that my dragon memory is real

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    3. Bubble Gum Road

      by , 12-30-2014 at 07:18 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      After lying awake, DEILD. Fall through space. A creature is flying in gray DEILD space in front of me, but is hazy and not fully-formed. He looks threatening, so I close my dream eyes in the hope that he will dissipate. I open them in a bit and he is still there. Things begin to solidify. He attacks, latching onto my arm and biting. Whatever, I look away from him and he disappears. I land in a laundry room (?) or maybe pet store, a bit fuzzy here. A small kitten latches onto my arm in the same place. What is up with this negativity? I peel him off and head out of this room, and jarringly appear in my own house.

      At this point, the stability and vividness of the dream increase dramatically, shocking me. For a moment, I feel as if I have accidentally just walked down the hall of my house, but I remember that I am dreaming, and that this isn't real, and nose pinch a couple of times (both times air cleanly passed through my dream nostrils). My cats (and some of the local strays) are locked in a big snarl of a fight, inside a soft, plushy cat-house. I decide to generate some positive energy, and do this while holding my hands out toward them. They ignore me and continue fighting. It is a huge rat's nest of fighting, with small kittens now added into the mess. I finally make loud noise to run them off. They all flee. I head into a bedroom.

      It is here that I remember to observe the dream. I do this and focus on the seeming solidity (the ridiculous, mind-bending seeming solidity) of the dream. I test it by pressing my fingers against the dark brown wood of a bunk bed. I try to just take a piece away, which fails. I then try to press my fingers into the wood, which fails as well. Interesting. I recall my goal to meditate, but I brush it off. I go out of this room, back through the hall, and step outside.

      There is an expanse of wet ground, marsh-like, but sort of like a retention pond as well. I then think of a beautiful woman I reason that being in a dream, it will be easy to find a pretty girl. I head back into the house. There is a new development--a carpeted ramp in bubblegum-pink and purple, like a very "girly-girl" rainbow. Seems like girls will be this way. There are balloons on the ramp as well, making me think a party is going on. I begin walking up the ramp. The balloons try to latch onto me as I am walking upward, in a somewhat normal, "oh, the strings are sticking to me" sort of way. I strip them off and keep going.

      I now realize that getting to this party involves a vertical climb (like at a rock gym) and there is another rainbow story above. I look over and see an open classroom, with a blonde woman sitting behind the teacher's desk. Cannot tell if she is young or old. I look closer, pretty young, late 20's? Quite pretty, looks like Lucy Lawless. That will work.

      I go up to her. She seems busy and initially ignores me. I am somehow already naked so I just stand in front of her in a "notice me" kind of fashion. "Hi, Samantha!" she says. I smile but do not respond. She starts to sort through papers, as though she has been expecting me. I stand a bit closer, and she finally "notices" me. We have fun and I
      wake up.

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    4. DEILD? DILD? "Phasework"

      by , 12-19-2014 at 01:29 AM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      After resting aware for approximately an hour, roll over and decide to fall asleep. I wake up in darkness and decide to try some of Michael Raduga's tricks from "The Phase." I begin imagining my body spinning around and holy WTF I start spinning around! I spin myself faster and faster. I switch it up and change to imagining myself swimming. I swim and swim, then spin again. I feel I am spinning too fast, however (begin to feel sick), and drag my hand hard to come to a stop. A weird FA. I "wake up" in the dark room. My wife sits up in bed, and tells me I need to go to sleep, as I will be tired in the morning otherwise. I try to answer, but it is very hard for me to talk. I just motion and make some Chewbacca noises. I then say, "I love you," but it comes out like zombie talk. I wake up a moment later.

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    5. Backlog, 11/28: "Wait, Still Dreaming??"

      by , 12-15-2014 at 12:22 AM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      Long anxiety dream about work. I show up to work, improperly dressed and wet from jumping from platform to platform through the rain. I finally arrive and need to use the restroom so that I can clean up and change clothes. A custodian is in the restroom, and I tell her to get out from behind the shower curtain (I have decided to take a shower in my job's non-existent shower). She tells me not to mess up the bathroom as she leaves. This seems a little too weird and I nose pinch. Whoa, so this isn't real? I think. If I'm not at work, then where in the heck am I? I suddenly hear music coming from far away, and I mistake these guitars for my alarm clock. Ah, I'm just asleep and need to wake up for work, I think. I then concentrate on waking up.

      I wake up in a room (not my own room) but look at my watch. Cool! It's not Monday morning, it's Friday morning! I also haven't left home yet! I then think I might be having an FA. I nose pinch. Sweet, still dreaming! I wish the lamp lights on, and they come on. I then wish/command a book to fly, and even make a "whoosh" sound to help it out. It just sits there. The door suddenly flies open, and my wife is there. She begins getting sexual, and then tries to burn me with her breath. I tell her to "watch out, or I will freeze her with my hands!" We start talking--I tell her to play nice--and her speech gets garbled up the way DCs normally do. I am reminded that this is just a dream, and it's not really my wife. I'm a little disappointed. She is complaining about something being wrong with her hands. We talk for a moment and I wake up.
    6. 4 DILDs: "I'll have an LD after this problem . . . .", "OK, Computer!", and "Microwave"

      by , 11-22-2014 at 03:17 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      I wake from NLD, very little recall. Scribble down what I can on my bigger notepad. Feel very tired, so get up and walk around a bit, expose myself to a little light. Return to bed, and with light on, MILD for several minutes. Then begin SSILD until asleep. I am teaching a class. A students asks me to help him solve a math problem. I have already realized that this is a dream, but I mistake it for a dreamlet, and so decide to follow the dream plot for now. I solve the math problem mentally, but the student is unconvinced. I work it out on the board an am correct. I then fade into wakefulness. I perform SSILD.

      I am lucid, and some kid is showing off their dream control skills. Something to do with chopping things up with a hatchet? This dream is short, and I don't remember much of anything. After waking, perform MILD again, followed by SSILD.

      I am sitting at the end of a lane outside of a park. I am sitting on my sleeping mat, and am sitting up. I think that it might be dangerous to sleep here, as a horse and buggy is approaching me. For some reason, I think I am pretending to be a ghost. I realize I am dreaming, and try out my new schema I've been incubating. There are numerous DCs walking about the park. "Computer!" I say. "Freeze simulation!" All of the DCs stop moving. Freakin' sweet. "Computer!" I say. "Lift!" I point at some old woman and try to lift her via telekinesis. Nothing happens. I try some more commands (can't remember now) and try to freeze the DCs again, but it does not work a second time. I get into some hugging match with a DC. D'oh!


      I feel my body breathing and I wake up. SSILD.

      I am standing in front of the microwave, microwaving a bowl of chickpeas. I know the chickpeas are done, but for some reason, the microwave door will not open, nor will it turn off. I push the cancel button, but nothing is happening. Finally, the door pops open violently, and actually shoves me back a bit with something like an electrical shock (I attribute this to overloaded microwaves in the dream). It occurs to me that appliances mess up in dreams and I RC. I can breathe. "Computer!" I say. "Produce cake!" Nothing happens, but I think that maybe the cake got put in the refrigerator. I walk out of the bedroom (which for some reason had the microwave in it?) and head to the kitchen. I realize I am quite short (about dwarf-sized) but I ignore this interesting phenomenon. I make it to the fridge and open it. It looks gross and empty, but I feel my body breathing and wake up. Try SSILD for a bit, then just meditate supine for a while. After a while I decide to get up.
    7. 11/16: Bedtime Meditation: Spacious Awareness and Falling

      by , 11-18-2014 at 05:22 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      I lie down for bed and meditate. I had previously meditated for a longer sit, and so lying down I found my mind almost entirely quiet. When thoughts did arise, they were little whispers that did not distract me. I eventually become aware of a change in my breathing; it is deep and regular, which indicates the onset of sleep. I feel very aware, however; not very tired.

      My awareness expands and feels more like a plain or vista than being trapped in my head. I sit like this for some time, not thinking about anything. I then realize I need to go to sleep soon. I roll over (my normal position) and feel my awareness fractured (more thoughts now, but still fewer than normal). I feel myself falling asleep, but have the sensation of falling, from which I recoil and wake up fully.

      Currently wondering if it would be possible to rest within the sensation of falling, in order to fully appreciate it and become familiar with it.

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    8. "Climbing the Tree" and "Battle of the Bulge(s)"

      by , 11-15-2014 at 06:18 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      I wake around 4:30 and induce. I am with my father on his porch. Suddenly, a Winnebago pulls up to the porch, and some guys get out and begin stripping his tomato plants of fruit. Then then get into the camper and drive off. I run out into the driveway to record a tag number. The tag has been removed, but their "camper tag," which is as large as a billboard, has the tag number (can't remember it now). I run back and tell my dad I have the number. I recite it once incorrectly, then correct myself. We get into his truck and give chase.

      While driving, he is not paying attention. A woman's car, pulling a trailer behind her, is sitting in the road. My father smashes into her, knocking her little car out of the way. I think this is hilarious in the dream and laugh. My dad looks at me.

      "Do you remember who I am?" he ask.

      "Of course," I say. "You're my dad."

      He nods, as though he is satisfied. "Son, you're dreaming this dream."

      I turn around to look behind us at the wreckage, and realize that this is a very odd scenario to be in. I nose pinch. Can't breath entirely, but can breathe somewhat. Am worried about leaping from the vehicle if it really isn't a dream.
      Can't remember how I prove it to myself, but the next thing I know I am waving goodbye to my dad, telling him to be careful. I then leap from the vehicle. I try flying a bit, and can't, so I settle on climbing a tree near me. It is basically just a tall, bent over trunk, with no branches. I wrap my arms around it and lift myself into the air. It is hard work (harder than it should be!) but I am able to climb much better than in real life. I get a pretty good distance up befor dropping to the ground. The dream begins to fade, so I strip off my gloves (wtf) and begin rubbing my hands against the asphalt to stabilize. Oops, the dream is fading out anyway.

      I "wake up," and am reading FryingMan's DJ. It is interactive, and the POV (1st, 2nd, 3rd) begins changing to indicate whether or not he was lucid. For some reason, this makes me think that perhaps I have not woken up at all, but am still dreaming. I nose pinch.Lucid. However, something catches my eyeand I lose lucidity before finallywaking up.

      After a short WBTB with wife (it's about 7 when I get up), I induce and return to sleep. Long semi-lucid. A psychiatrist is talking to me about my dreams, and investigating my dream recall and lucidity. She slowly turns into a very cute psychiatrist wearing glasses. She is mostly naked, and is arching her back very provocatively. For some reason I don't jump on her, but the dream continues. Next thing I know, I am in a boat house and being assailed by faceless men with boners. Yep. I have a pole-axe type weapon, and am fending them off. However, during the dream I have the distinct impression that none of this is real at all. I jump around the building, avoiding the water in the center, and chopping people up as I go. Don't catch me, you dicks!

      I manage to climb outside onto the roof of the boathouse. The roof is flimsy and made of plastic, and I feel that I might collapse it easily, or that it might topple over as I move towards the edge. I know if I can just jump into this water, I'll be OK. I leap in. The water feels amazingly real, and but it is totally dark beneath. I suddenly think, "It's a dream!" and open my WL eyes.
      I can see the room barely, and can also see my sleep mask, so am satisfied. I close my eyes and lie still. Eventually, my dream hands and arms settle back beside me, and another dream begins: some stage curtain draws back to reveal a cartoon singing chicken. The chicken is singing to itself. I watch, waiting for the dream to fully settle. Unfortunately, something distracts me and I wake up.

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    9. 11/12/14: 2 DILDs, 2 DEILDs

      by , 11-15-2014 at 06:00 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      Wake up around 2-ish, decide to induce. I practice MILD, then follow it up with SSILD. I suddenly "come back to myself," as though I had been in deep thought. Am I dreaming? I nose pinch and can breathe easily. Lucid. I get up off of the floor and fly up to the ceiling. I pass right through and into darkness. I fly through darkness for a bit, before imagining that things are brightening up around me--things do begin to brighten up. I realize I am flying over snow. I see the snow and think it would be fun to transform into an arctic fox (in dream remember sivason talking about this in his DJ). I touch down on the snow and begin running on all fours. I then attempt my transformation. I do feel some sensation in my body, and think it might be working, so I life a hand up out of the snow to check. Nope, still a hand! I wake up.

      I sit like this for some time, and finally settle for lying supine. I notice the clock reads 3:00, which isn't as early as I thought. I feel some relief. I notice, however, that this guy wants to come into the upstairs bedroom with me:

      No thanks. I manage to shut the door on him, though he does try to open the knob. I lock it, then examine the wooden door. It is flimsy wood, but I feel confident he can not get through. It then occurs to me that I might be dreaming. I nose pinch. Lucid. I open the same door (the xenomorph is gone) and I try flying down into the kitchen; however, I just fall. Some DCs are here but I ignore them, and head towards the front door. The house has become my house growing up. I think about phasing through a window, but then decide not to. I think decide to phase through the front door. I am having difficulties so I just open it and go out. I continue to try to fly, with minimal to no success. A dog runs up to me and I befriend him. I try to remember the TotMs but cannot. I wake up, and DEILD, but can't remember the dream later.

      I wake up and DEILD again, into a blackness. I wait for the dream to appear. Suddenly, a cartoon bobble-head pops into existence, along with an interactive computer screen. I click a button with my finger, and make a "click-click" sound with my mouth before realizing that sounds stupid. The screen adjusts to show characters talking with each other. I try to focus on the action. Some bobble-headed kids hanging out by a trash can (?) or maybe in a kitchen, discussing something. I realize, however, that I would like to be in the cartoon, so begin stretching the screen with my finger. I manage to make the screen surround me almost entirely, but am still not able to merge with the cartoon. I then notice there are viewing options. An interactive porno would be just the thing, I think, and begin searching through the selections. I find a good one but then I wake up. Try to DEILD again, and seem to have transitioned, but when I check, I am fully awake. I get up and start the day (yuck).

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    10. "Death Meditation in nREM"

      by , 11-15-2014 at 05:27 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      I fall asleep with the aid of melatonin (due to being "tired" but not falling under as quickly as I would like. I am in darkness, though I am not lucidly aware of being asleep. I have no body, but I am aware of myself--or aware of whatever is there. I am struck by the sudden realization that I will die--or rather, that this awareness will end-- (though this is not doing the realization credit). I attempt to verbalize this realization several times in thought: I am going to die. Not satisfying. I am dying. That is also not "it." I am already dead. Closer, but still not it. My words are unable to grasp the fundamental reality of the matter. I wake up a few moments later; I have been asleep for approximately five or ten minutes.
      Tags: death, nrem
    11. "Girl Parts" or "Invitation to a Beheading"

      by , 10-04-2014 at 06:40 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      Sorry I haven't been around much--taking a break from work to type this up, actually.

      I spend most of the dream wandering around at my job. Someone has a black chow off of a leash, and the dog is following me. I ask the owner if it is friendly, and he replies, "Well you know, he does have some pit bull in him . . . ." I walk past a co-worker. She asks me why I am back at work when it's the weekend. I respond that "it's complicated" and walk into the main building. I'm looking for a bathroom so I can wash my hands. I realize I am wearing my sleep mask and am in my underwear, but don't think much of it. I walk into the restroom, and look at myself in the mirror. I'm naked.

      And I have a vagina.

      This shocks the hell out of me, but I instantly realize I'm dreaming. I then reason that I will wash my hands before continuing the dream. I then shake my head at this foolishness and just walk out of the restroom. In the main lobby, there is a high glass wall with glass doors. I decided to phase through the glass wall, T-1000 style:

      I phase my head through the glass, and press my arms to the side. However, my arms are not melting the way they should be, and I start to lose confidence. The window then bounces the rest of my body back, but keeps a lock on my head. The window then proceeds to toss me about the room.

      The rest of what happens is a bit vague (because I don't think there are real words to describe it--I get in a fight with a window? The window wins?) but the window at one point is yanking me towards the ceiling. I realize I'm going to hit the steel edge of the glass above, and that this is going to decapitate me. I start to feel afraid, but then remember that I'm dreaming, and that I'm supposed to be hurting myself in a dream anyway. I just relax and wait for it to happen.

      I hit the metal beam above, and then fall to the ground. My head still seems to be on my shoulders, and my vision is not distorted in any way. I
      wake up.

      On a side note, glad I'm a lucid dreamer! I would hate to have wandered around this dream trying to rationalize why I've suddenly lost my boy parts and grown the other one.

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    12. ToTM Attempt: "Too Many People in this Bathroom!"

      by , 09-06-2014 at 07:55 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      (5:54 AM): I am in a bathroom in the back of an old oyster/seafood bar I once frequented. Lots of people in here. I have to go pretty bad (both numbers ) so I find an empty stall. I lay the paper out on the seat, and am "getting ready." A friend from WL is now here, telling me how one of these bathroom walls was once made of dirt. Another man is now in the stall, and wants to use the sink, which happens to be right behind my toilet. I think to myself how poorly this bathroom is constructed. Turns out he only wants the roll of tissues, and takes the one I was using!

      Now this dude's girlfriend is in the stall with us. She is talking about something, but I am not listening, as I am wondering why the fuck she is in the men's bathroom? I nose pinch
      and become lucid.

      I first realize that I probably don't need to go to the bathroom at all, and that this is dream sensation. I walk out of the bathroom and pass someone from WL. This person tries to trip me, and then his leg, like Stretch Armstrong, wraps around me and tries to hold me back:

      My LD showed me the future.-stretch-armstrong-image-3.jpg

      I almost fight, but then ignore him, and say to myself that it doesn't matter and just walk on. I feel his leg unwrap and fall away.

      I now remember the toilet task. I turn around to head back to the bathrooms. I am now in a grocery store, and have traveled a ridiculous distance away from where I originally came. I begin running, and then just decide to fly. I jump into the air, do one swim motion, and then I am up and flying easily over the grocery aisles. I head back to the little hallway where I know the bathrooms are, and fly down towards it.

      On the way, I pass by the delicatessen (which is adjacent to the RR hallway), where a friend from WL is working cutting meat or something. I remember the fortune cookie task, and think I will nail them both in one dream. "Go get me a fortune cookie!" I demand. She nods, but continues helping another customer. I wait, thinking that maybe I should get two.

      Get me two fortune cookies!" I say. "And step on it--this is for a customer! She seems stressed and begins to move faster. I wait for a second more and then
      wake up.

      Note to self: don't ask DCs for anything anymore--just do it myself!

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    13. Lucid Backlog, 9/1: "My Lucid Date"

      by , 09-06-2014 at 07:41 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      (7:01 AM): FA with my wife. We spend a wonderful day together non-lucidly, eating delicious Italian food and what not. We decide to finish the day by sharing a lucid dream. We go to sleep.Upon awakening, we show up in an old house we used to rent, and I am (other than being confused as to how I got here) completely lucid . . . except that I think my wife is real! I am really happy we have managed to share a dream successfully! Also proud that we both transitioned smoothly, and that I did not need to snap her out of non-lucidity

      We explore the old house, and walking around and going inside the different rooms. I use dream control to be silly. I phase my hand through a door, and then move my arm back and forth, moving the door with it. My wife seems slightly amused but doesn't laugh. I then walk through different walls, phasing faster with more confidence, just having fun in the moment.

      I decide to phase through the floor, so I can drop below and see what I can see, but then think that my wife won't be able to follow me. I go look for her to let her know where I will be. When I find her, she is in the kitchen, sitting on the floor, drinking water. With her are our neighbors. She is talking about the day we spend together (the NLD) and in particular about the pasta (with lemon-butter sauce). I tell my wife to tell these DCs to stuff it because they aren't real, and I am almost out of dream time (I can feel the tell-tale loss of attention--I rub my hands together to hold on a bit). She hands me a glass of water and I drink from it absently.

      She tells the neighbors bye, because I "want to do dream stuff." I
      wake up while she is still talking.
    14. Lucid fragment

      by , 08-23-2014 at 09:23 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      I became lucid in this dream, but then did not wake up and transitioned into the next period of sleep. I have a very vague recollection of events:

      I am on a boardwalk above(?) or on top of(?) a building. I nose pinchand can breathe. I now proceed to continue with the dream plot (I think) though I do phase through a wall. My hand is having difficulties phasing through, so I phase my head through first, and the rest of my body absorbs easily through the wall.

      And that's about it. Recall has not been stellar this week due to lack of sleep and overall large changes to sleep schedule. Lucidity has been sporadic but overall occurring every 3-4 days. Hoping for some schedule stability soon, as well as a return to my previous induction rate and recall. Looking forward to tonight
    15. Reality Checks = Non-lucidity, part 2!

      by , 07-15-2014 at 06:45 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      I am in building where I work. My wife is here and we are standing near an elevator (d'oh! TotM!). A man approaches and asks us how far it is to the next town. I try to explain, but give wrong directions. My wife seems very critical of me. I apologize and try to emend my directions, to no avail. Another man approaches. He also wants to go to this place, and asks directions. The first man then asks my wife if they can ride along. She agrees and all three of them ignore the elevator and set off. I am very angry, and demand to know why we have stood in front of this elevator for so long. In the dream, feel like my wife is too familiar with these men (lol!) and that I am confused about where we are going. I nose pinch, and can breathe, but am so angry and frustrated that I do not realize the significance of this action. I also have to pee! I go upstairs and find a restroom. My coworkers have scribbled hateful messages all over the stall walls about me, addressing me by my last name. It does occur to me that I might be dreaming, and I nose pinch again (furiously, I might add), once again to no avail. I am unable to achieve lucidity and wake up!
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