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    Green Algae

    by , 10-29-2011 at 02:17 AM (679 Views)
    Fragments of Dreams....

    There was a monkey inside a whale, talking to me, telling me how it lives. He was connected to the whale through his cerebellum, via some biological cords.
    He told me that he uses the whale to clean up stuff that would hurt it; pollution, algae etc.
    He said that sometimes it fails and all this black stuff comes in, and I saw it happening.

    I realised that the monkey was using the whale sort of like a filter to protect the monkey from harmful stuff. And I realised that this is what we (humans) do as well. With our bodies; as the monkey was like the brain of the whale in a sense.


    Nina was making a post, detailing the rules of partying (haha) and condemning all the people who don't follow them.
    It was a huge post, one of the rules I remembered was " If a girl winks at you and hands you something, if you don't just get the fuck
    out of there you're a complete moron". haha


    My mum and dad had another kid, I was playing with him and learning about him/teaching him stuff.
    I was trying to get him to paint and he was standing at and easel with a canvas on it that I had been painting on.
    He effortlessly painted this amazing scene, in about 10 seconds. It looked very similar in style to my paintings IRL, but much, much better.

    I realise that this kid is me, but younger. And if I had certain circumstances, I would be so much different now, and possibly be a lot better at the
    things I do.


    My sister was telling me that this guy who used to bully me (IRL) spat in her hamburger a few years ago. I want to beat the living shit out of him.

    My recall is getting insanely good again. Problem is I just remember too many dreams to write them all down, and forget it by the time I'm done with a few of them. So I'm sticking to short sentences about them, and trying to fill in the gaps later on here. But my recall should get back to how it's always been soon, as my sleep schedule is getting a little more like a schedule now lol

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