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    LD: Dinosaurs, Talking to DC's about LDing, and Eating

    by , 10-15-2012 at 05:00 PM (436 Views)
    Old LD from 1-26-08

    Lucid Dream 2:

    I drifted back to sleep again. I remember I was sitting in my church talking to SJ. I had called him the wrong name and told him that I always mixed him up with the other guy whose name I used. [None of that is true in real life.]

    I then went outside. I must have gotten lucid at this point becasue I saw buffalos and wanted to see them closer. I flew over to them and saw that there were dinosuars in the next field. I wanted to get close to them because I remember thinking that I had never had dinosuars show up in an LD before.

    As I got closer to the dinosaurs they started looking strange. They were triceratops, but they were pink. Then the next time I looked they were all up in the tops of the trees. I flew up to them. As I reached out to touch one I saw that it was small and it was actually flowers on the tree. I reached out and pulled one off the branch. It was a lot like a stuffed animal made up of pink flowers. I cuddled it in my arms. It smelled really good.

    I don't know how this transitioned, but I was then in a Salon in a mall. There were several girls working there. I set down my flowery triceratops, and walked over to the girls.

    I saw there was a small plate of lemon bars there. I asked if I could have one. I knew that this was my chance to eat this kind of food without it having any negative effect. So I quickly ate the lemon bar and reached for the last one. I ate that too.

    I then asked the girls if there were any more cookies here. They said that there was a plate of cookies and a bag of brownies in the back. I rushed back and grabbed the plate of cookies. They were soft and kind of melted in my mouth after a few chews, so I ate them all very quickly.

    I then demanded for them to tell me where the bag of brownies was. I quickly apologised for my tone of voice. And I then explained to them that I was in a lucid dream, and that this was the only place where I could eat things like this. I then told them what lucid dreaming was, and they all agreed that they wished they could do this too so they could eat all they wanted with no negative consequence.

    One of the girls said that she wanted to open a salon at my house. That way I could tell people all about LDing while she cut there hair or did thier nails. I told her I wasn't sure that would work.

    I was then ready to leave. I went to pick up my flower triceratops, but it was gone. At first I was upset. The girls helped me looked. Then I said, "You know, this really doesn't matter. This is just a dream--I can't take it with me anyway."

    I left and went back to where the trees were. And then I think I drifted to non lucid dreams.

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