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    LD: TOTM--Following Rabbit Down Hole

    by , 10-15-2012 at 08:05 PM (371 Views)

    A nap LD.

    It started with me walking down the street (N.N.) I suddenly felt really tired so I climbed onto a truck that they were using to do road work and went to sleep.

    I "awoke" to find that they were loading all the trucks onto bigger trucks to haul away. I was so embarrassed to be caught sleeping on their equipment. I slowly got up and snuck away even though I knew they were watching.

    I walked toward the edge of town. Suddenly I had this floating thing with me. I have had these floating things with me before in dreams. Usually I wrap both of my arms around them and let it carry me up into the air.

    This time I decided to do a handstand on it. This one was shaped like a bar about 18 inches long. I found it quite easy to do a handstand. It reminded me of how it feels to do handstands under water.

    So while gripping on to it upside down I let it take me off the edge and out over the desert. I then had fun for a moment playing with the land below--first making it appear close, then making it appear very far, like I was way up in the sky.

    Doing this, suddenly made me lucid.

    I thought again about the Tasks. I knew I had this one last chance to find a rabbit. I didn't think it could be too hard. I hada lways had pretty good luck looking for things to appear, then finding them.

    I was then in a backyard. I looked around. I saw a place that used to be a flowerbed against the garage. There in the dirt I saw some fluff. I went closer and saw that it was two bunnies. They were both quite small. One was tan and the other a mottled grey.

    I picked up the grey one. It was incredibly soft. I don't think I have ever felt anything as soft as that bunny in my whole life. I held it close to my face and rubbed my lips and cheeks against it.

    I then looked around for holes. I saw some really tiny ones that looked about wide enough for me to stick my little finger in. I then decided to take control and just make one big enough.

    At that thought it was a lot bigger. The entrance was filled with what looked like dryer lint. I started pulling large quantities of this out. When it was finally cleared I, still holding the bunny, went in. I felt that as long as I had the bunny with me that should count as "following" it.

    I followed the tunnel for a couple yards, then it opened out. I could see that I had crawled into the crawl space under that garage.

    I set the rabbit down and looked around. There wasn't much here. But I did see a box near one wall. I was curious. I opened the box and to my delight found that it was full of fossils--the little fish fossils. I knew that this box had been left by the previous owners, and that now I could have them (I must have been less lucid when I thought this). I pulled out fossil after fossil and and started laying them down on the ground so I could see the fish. Some were broken, but some were in really nice shape. I then decided to just grab the box and take it out with me, and that I would look at the rest when I got out.

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