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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. Spider Dream

      by , 08-23-2011 at 12:52 AM
      My dreaming has been off. I have been out of town several times recently including a week in Phoenix this last week. The one dream I really remember was one that included a dream sign that I should have picked up on, but I didn't.


      I was following several people into this cave. I could feel my legs brush past all these spider webs. I was wearing shorts. I shined my light on the webs and could see that the whole cave was covered with spider webs to about hip level. At first I thought that they were just little house spiders. I was going to just tough it out and plow right through them. Then I realized that they were probably the big orb web spiders I had seen when I was kayaking outside of the cave. Of course it would be the same kind of spiders. With that thought I started to panic. I wanted to run, but I was surrounded by spiders. No matter which way I went I would have to go through spiders.

      This dream was inspired by that kayaking trip a few weeks ago where the tamarisk trees were just covered with huge numbers of fat orb web spiders.
      Tags: spiders
    2. Camera Problems....again.

      by , 08-11-2011 at 06:12 PM
      Dream (Missed HUGE dream sign):

      I was at my grandparents' house. I looked out into the backyard and saw all these birds. There were two large blue parrots and also a red one. I could also see several beautiful Western tanagers. There were a number of other brightly colored and unusual birds. i grabbed my camera and went out the back door. I lifted my camera and tried to take a picture. To my frustration, I found that it wasn't working. I couldn't believe it. Camera problems...again!!? I was so frustrated and upset. This was the fourth camera I had had problems with this year. The first had a lens error problem. I got that one replaced, only to lose it a few weeks later. I found an older camera that I had and started using it, but then got a little sand in it when I took it kayaking so it started having problems. So I finally bought a new one, which was this one--and now it had stopped working too. Why was this such a horribly bad year for cameras??

      [A lot of real life frustration came out in this dream. Luckily my newest camera is still working.]
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    3. Twoshadows' Dream Journal

      by , 08-08-2011 at 03:03 PM
      Dream 1:

      I was at my grandparents. I was next door talking with Jenny and her boyfriend. I was trying to explain how healthy it was to eat a raw vegan diet. I was telling them that it had other benefits too--that I had developed these interesting powers.

      I then laid down on the floor and started to levitate myself up. At first only my upper body started to rise. But then I relaxed and concentrated harder. I could then feel my whole body lift into the air about four feet or so. I then got back to my feet and started levitating objects around me.

      Jenny and her boyfriend seemed interested and started asking me more about what I was eating.

      [This is one of those dreams where I should have gone lucid, but my mind was able to come up with a reason for my abilities that actually made sense to me.]
      Tags: levitation
    4. Twoshadows' Dream Journal

      by , 07-27-2011 at 05:05 PM
      Dream 1:

      I was about to go on this date to this very fancy restaurant. I was wearing a beautiful formal dress that was black and white. My date was due to arrive in 10 minutes.

      But then I looked in the mirror and to my horror saw that my hair was really messy. I could tell that I hadn't washed it for days. There wasn't time for a full shower so I ran to the bathroon sink to quickly wash my hair.

      But the next thing I know is that I am doing a herbal hair treatment (like I sometimes do in real life). My hair was slimy and green from all the cooked herbs that I had rubbed in. I wondered why in the world I would have started something like that. I was supposed to leave that in my hair for an hour. I only had five minutes left. I also realized that I wasn't even supposed to shampoo immediately after rinsing the herbs out. What had I been thinking? I needed to rinse the herbs out fast. So I started rinsing and rinsing, But every time I looked at myself in the mirror, my hair was still full of green herbs and even things that looked like cooked carrots. Since the rinsing wasn't working I started to try to comb out all the herbs, but nothing seemed to be working. I could hear my date in the next room. I knew I was running very late. I didn't know if the herbs would ever come out of my hair.

      Dream 2:

      I walked outside my dorm and could see all these fat orb web spiders all over the sidewalk. I knew that someone had moved these over here from somewhere else. I felt upset since I knew some would eventually get inside of my dorm.

      [This spider dream was triggered by all the orb web spiders I saw on my kayaking trip last week. The water in lake powell has been rising and all the sipders living in the tamarkis trees are being forced to the few high ones left, and those are literally covered with big fat orb web spiders. It was fascinating and freaky at the same time.]

      Dream 3:

      I was wearing new socks. They were just like my grey ones, except these were purple.
      Tags: mirror, spiders
    5. Twoshadows' Dream Journal

      by , 07-26-2011 at 11:25 PM
      Dream 1:

      I was with a guy who was a worgen or werewolf. I think I had a romantic relationship with him. A bunch of stuff happened, but I only remember the end. There was another worgen that was meaner and stronger and our enemy. He came upon us while we were in some sort of shop by the sea. They started fighting. There was another worgen that I was friends with. But somehow he was turned into a red frog. I was holding him with one of my hands (in retrospect he was a lot like a rubber chicken...but red...and a frog.) I was extremely worried about my romantic worgen friend. I wanted to help protect him. But somebody else talked me out of it telling me that my friend wouldn't want me in harm's way, that there was nothing I could do to help. That this bad worgen was very very strong and that if he killed my friend that he wold kill me next. I was told to get away as fast as I could. But since this worgen was an excellent tracker I was to get in a rowboat and row out as far as I could from shore and stay out to sea at least three days. I ran and started putting supplies into a rowboat. I worried that I wouldn't have enough supplies for three days, but I started rowing out to sea anyway.

      Dream 2:

      I went to visit my mom. While I was there she gave me a letter. The letter said that I was chosen to be a chairperson for this lady that was in this political party and was going to run for president. I vaguely remembered watching this lady about 6 months ago. I had liked some of the things she had said, so I had filled out some papers. I was stressed now to have been chosen chairperson. I really didn't know anything about her campaign. I then realized that there was a large convention that evening for this lady politician and that I was supposed to give the opening speech. I started driving there, horribly stressed about what I could possibly say.
    6. Vivid UFO/Alien Dream

      by , 07-02-2011 at 03:47 PM
      This dream was from June 10. It was an amazing and vivid dream. I can't believe I forgot to post it.

      UFO/Alien Dream:

      I remember being outside. I was with some people watching the sky. We were waiting for something. I saw Ray Y standing on his roof. Suddenly this large thing materializes above his head. I realize that it's a space ship of some kind. It was brown and rough and looked like a huge boulder. A section opened in the side of the ship. A light shown out. Next thing I see is that Ray is floating into the opening. I knew that this was what he was waiting for.

      A short time later I see Ray's grandson sitting in a chair. He looks lonely. I ask him if he is sad because his grandpa is gone. He tells me that he misses his grandpa, but that he's glad that he was able to go in the ship.

      I suddenly start worrying. Maybe something isn't right. What if the aliens are bad? What if Ray never gets brought back? I start worrying about all the worst case scenarios.

      Later I'm with my mom. We are in my sister's apartment talking. Suddenly the earth shakes. We look outside and see the ground cracking open. We ask each other what could be happening. Then the ground shakes again and the floor in the kitchen starts cracking open. As the crack opens further I can see the aliens are now underground. I can see the top of one of their heads. There is still a barrier between us that looks like it's made of clear plastic.

      I am suddenly terribly afraid. Again mom and I are like, "What do we do?"

      I said, "Let's call 911. I don't want to deal with this myself."

      I knew there wasn't a lot that the police could do, but I really just wanted company right now. I was really scared.

      I ran upstairs to get away from the crack. But when I got there I saw that the aliens were already there. There was one standing right next to Roger. The alien had dark brownish grey skin that was rough and had very dark eyes, but it was humanoid in all other ways. The alien was holding what looked like a very large needle up against Roger's back. I tried to get Roger way from the alien. Nob was there. He told me that it was okay. He seemed so calm and peaceful in spite of what I thought was a horrifying situation. I wondered if he had been mind controled. Maybe that was what the needle did.

      Another alien came up to me with a needle thing in hand. I knew I was next. I also knew that there was nothing I could do. So I just asked the alien, "Will this hurt?"

      The alien's voice came into my mind. It was a feminine voice that was beautiful and kind. She said, "The old fashioned way? No, dear." I knew that this meant that the needle would not be stuck in me, but to be used in some other way. Her voice was so comforting that I was no longer afraid.

      I watched as she waved the needle up my arms and then down my neck and back. I could feel myself merge with this lady alien. I felt such peace come over me. I was amazed. Part of me wondered if this was part of the mind control and wondered if the aliens were bad, but that I no longer cared.

      But it felt so good and so right.

      Then I could hear the voices of several aliens in my head. They were discussing the people of Earth. They said that they knew that this would happen (I knew that they were talking about the awful state of society) when they had left. But that now they would help get it to how it needed to be.

      I suddenly saw scenes in my head of a father leaning over his newborn's cradle and gently and lovingly touching the baby's head. I saw a mother and father running around at a park with their kids. I saw several other scenes that were filled with love and happiness. I knew everyting was going to be alright.

      Everything was going to be perfect.

      Later I was told by the aliens to write down this experience in a journal. I got out a notebook and started writing it down.

      I woke up with a start from this dream and was suddenly afraid. I actually had to turn on a light for a few minutes and kind of get my bearings. Then I got out my notebook and started writing.
      Tags: alien, mom, ufo
      non-lucid , memorable
    7. Twoshadows' Dream Journal

      by , 06-06-2011 at 06:23 AM

      I was at my childhood friend Jenny's house. Suddenly I could see there was a tornado coming. It was a skinny twisting tornado, but it was headed right to this house. I saw my friend's little sister who was about 4 years old in this dream I grabbed her and got under a table and lay across her. The torado ripped off the roof of the house, but left us unharmed.
      Tags: tornado
    8. Markus, Jillian and Tom

      by , 04-14-2011 at 03:54 AM

      Dream 1:

      I was feeling a little depressed about my raw diet. I hadn't been feeling good one night and let myself eat some warm soup (yes, that was in real life) and was feeling down about it thinking that I had totally blown everything. So I found Markus Rothkranz (wish I had remembered I needed to go flying with him again.) I sat down with him and started to tell him my tragic story about giving in and eating the soup. I went on and on and he was a wonderful listener. But before I could get any feedback from him Jillian Michaels comes in and pulls me away and asks me to talk to her about how I was doing on my diet. So I began my sad story again to her. But I was able to tell her that I thought that the reason I wasn't feeling well the night of the "soup incident" was that I had been really working hard doing her workouts every morning and that I thought that maybe that had triggered a detox.

      I woke up before either Markus or Jillian could talk to me, but I feel that this dream was good because I got to put my feelings into words and share and get it off my chest.

      Dream 2:

      I was in a store or place where Tom Delonge was. Most people had already gotten autographs and left. I finally went up to him and asked if I could take a picture with him. But when I tried I found that my camera just wasn't taking pictures. But I knew that if I switched it to video mode that it would work, so I did that and got some clips of him being goofy. The dream went on and i can't remember all the details. We were hanging out doing something. And he started flirting with me and told me I had a nice butt. And then he kept trying to touch it.

      I know....I know....Famous people = Dreaming. Especially famous people trying to touch my butt.

      Just not catching it.

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    9. Twoshadows' Dream Journal

      by , 04-14-2011 at 03:36 AM
      Last Night's Dream:

      There was this long complex part about geocaching. I remember at one point standing on this very high ledge on this cliff. I looked through a thin spot and saw a ledge under our ledge. It made me feel safer.

      There was this guy with me. He had dark brown hair and wore an orange shirt. He was helping me in some way. At the very end of the dream I leaned to him and gave him a little side hug to say thanks. It felt so good. (Why do dream hugs feel so amazing?) As I pulled away, I decided that I had to have more. So I said to him something like, "That felt so good. I have to do that again." And I faced him straight on this time and held him in my arms until I woke up. For some reason, this dream stuck with me for a long time after I awoke. It seemed so significant
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