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    1. LD--Falling/Flips

      by , 12-07-2011 at 04:01 AM
      Another casualty of the forum change. The first half of this dream is gone. Now I know what Jess was complaining about when he said that half of his journal enties were gone. Some just didn't make it through. And I'm only just now noticing. Anyway, here is the end of this LD.

      Old LD from 4-20-07

      I thought, "I really need to believe that I can do this". That helped me get to the top of the 4 X 4 place.

      When I was at the top, I looked the several stories back down to where the girls were standing. I thought, "What would happen if I just let go, I can't get hurt. I want to see what will happen."

      So I let go and let myself fall. As I got down to the floor, I stopped at a float about 6 inches off the floor.

      "Cool" I thought.

      Then I decided to do flips in the air. I did a back flip. Then a front flip. I was going kind of slow, like I would if I were doing it underwater. But it was fun. And the girls were still looking at me in awe.

      Then my alarm woke me up....
      Tags: falling, flips
    2. Task of the Month--Valentine's Day, Questions, Eating Cookies

      by , 12-06-2011 at 07:44 PM
      Old LD from 2-14-07

      Wow...I just did another Task of the Month. And how appropriate, considering it is Valentine's Day.

      I had gotten to sleep in, and I had been awake for a bit, but decided that today would be a good chance to do a WBTB. I wanted to get the Task done, and I thought that since it was Valentine's Day I might have extra inspiration to get the Task completed.

      The dream started with me looking over a balcony of an apartment in which I supposedly lived. There were lots of people below in the yard or road or whatever was below the balcony. I remember thinking that something was not quite right with this. And I suddenly realized that I was dreaming.

      I looked back down. I had to find someone to ask to be my Valentine. I saw some teenage boys from the neighborhood. At first I was reluctant, but then said to myself, "It doesn't matter--this is my dream--no one will know that I asked them to be my Valentine in a dream."

      So I glided down the the ground level. And went up to M and asked him to be my Valentine. He looked at me like he thought I might be playing some sort of trick on him. He squinted his eyes a little and said, "Are you serious?"

      Then my dream faded.

      But I ended up back in the apartment and was still lucid. This time I recognized it as my friend E's apartment (of course it was not his either in real life). His family was there along with some family friends. They had been making cookies with sprinkles, but were now cleaning up.

      I wanted to try the Task again, to see if I could get a better answer.

      I asked E's sister. She said, "Sure, why not."

      Then I asked a blond girl, "Will you be my Valentine?"

      She said, "Yeah, because I owe you." I looked at her somewhat confused.

      She said, "The meeting tonight......I'll be getting you your pin and uniform."

      At first I felt slightly alarmed, then thought "There is no meeting. This is just my dream. How funny that my brain would come up with that."

      Then I asked another girl that was about 15. (There were only girls in the room--no guys.)

      She said that she couldn't be my Valentine because she was already a sister.

      I asked her why she couldn't be both. And then she went on about not being able to drive herself anywhere and how she was a burden on others because of that. It didn't actually make a lot of sense. But I let her go on.

      Then a guy in his late 20's walked in with a little girl about two years old on his shoulders. I walked up to him to ask, but at the last minute I asked the little girl instead. She couldn't talk so I didn't expect an answer. But I just talked to her like you do to a toddler. "Hi...you are just so cute...hey, do you want to be my Valentine? That would be fun, huh? And, see, you are wearing hearts on your dress. You are already all dressed up for Valentine's Day."

      At that point I figued I'd asked enough people...an interesting variety...and had gotten an interesting variety of answers.

      I thought, "What else can I ask them?" I thought back to the Task in November where we were supposed to ask people of we were dreaming. I decided to do that again.

      So I started with the blond girl whose meeting I was supposed to attend that night. I asked her if I was dreaming and she nodded and said yes.

      I went down the line and everyone was saying yes. Finally the last girl I got to I asked, "But how do you know I am dreaming?" I really wanted to know what she would say.

      She said, " Because this all sounds like it is being recorded in a studio." (I was not expecting that answer). And the funny thing is as she said that sentence, her voice started sounding all echo-y and unnatural.

      Then the dream faded again.

      BUt I ended up back in the apartmant again. This time it was empty. I looked at the table that still had lots of sprinkles left on it fron the cookies they were making.

      I suddenly had an idea inspired by my mom.

      In real life my mom and I started eating a raw vegan diet about 6 weeks ago. A few weeks ago she told me about a dream she had where she was eating pork, and then became lucid (her first lucid dream--and it was just from listening to me talk about it). She then thought, "Well, since this is just a dream, I might as well finish eating this pork" Since it was tasting so good.... .

      So looked around the apartment. I saw some cookie dough and put it in my mouth. It didn't taste as good as I had wished. I remembered that in real life I had been craving peanutbutter cookies with chocolate chips.

      I opened the fridge. And sure enough, on a plate all made up nice and with plastic wrap over it was a large batch of that kind of cookie. I took one and ate it and was incredibly thankful that my dream taste buds were fully working in this dream.

      I started to take another, then paused, momentarily feeling guilty for taking the cookies that E's mom had put away. It was obvious that they were supposed to be a gift for someone.

      I then had to remind myself that this was still my dream--that's why I was getting to eat these in the first place. That no one with ever miss these cookies.

      So I spent the next five minutes (or so it seemed) just eating one cookie after another
    3. DV Member Dreams

      by , 11-29-2011 at 10:14 PM
      From a couple of weeks ago:

      I dreamed Moonbeam was teaching me how to use a crossbow. Oneironaut was there too.

      I wish I remembered more details.
    4. Baby Dreams

      by , 11-29-2011 at 10:10 PM
      I have had several baby dreams lately. I guess it's understandable since two of my friends have recently had babies.

      Last night's Dream:

      I was at a meeting and I had a baby with me. I was just getting ready to feed the baby when I realized that I was supposed to go up and give a speech of sorts. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to say or what I would do with the baby.

      From last week:

      Someone had given me a little baby girl. I was taking her with me everywhere I went of course. Then I was at Oneironaut's house hanging out with him and a lot of his family members. I suddenly realized I had the baby with me, and wondered what O would think. But he politely never asked. Haha.
    5. Kayaking with Humpback Whales

      by , 11-21-2011 at 06:15 PM
      I was going to a Fair with some family and friends. When we got there I noticed there was a lake. I also realized that I had two of my kayaks with me. But we had forgotten life jackets. Daniel volunteered to go back home and pick them up along with the two other kayaks. In the meantime I took my kayak out on the lake to see what it was like. To my surprise it was full of huge black humpback whales. They were jumping and really stirring up the water. So as excited as I was to see them I was also al bit terrified that I would have a whale land on me.
    6. DV Member Dream: Ninja

      by , 10-06-2011 at 05:41 PM
      Okay, moving on the the DV Member Dream:

      It was actually a very long complex dream. I'll share the fragments that I remember. I was with my sister (that died) for a while. I thought it was nice that we could be together again after so long. We were staying at this hotel type place with a large group of people. There seemed to be a lot going on. At one point we were river rafting. Then we were climbing in the snow. I had a raft/sled and slid down this tough part of the montain. It felt like I was white water kayaking. I was able to maneuver the sled thing fairly well. The group was impressed with my skills.

      Then my sister was gone and her mother-n-law was giving a speech about how horrible cancer was. In the middle of the speech I realized I had left my purse behind. I went back to the hotel room. There were new people in the room. It didn't surprise me. I knew that there were going to be new people joining me. I tried to use the restroom because I really had to go. But they were cleaning it. I thought. "It figures. At least it won't be so gross and dirty like it was last time."

      Then I was with this large group that had a lot of little kids in it. I had climbed up this tower thing to hear the person who was teaching the seminar. Some kids climbed up with me. One little girl almost fell. I had to help her.

      Then I was talking to Ninja about lucid dreaming. I think we had been eating breakfast together. As we left to go back to the hotel, I said, "I don't want to invade your privacy or anything, but are you staying here for business or just for fun?"

      Ninja thought for a second then answered with, "Well, I'm getting to do everyting that I wanted to here." Which made me assume that he was here for both. I thought about answering back about why I was here. And then I wasn't so sure why I was here. I had been having fun, but wasn't I here for the seminar? I wasn't sure what to say so I just said goodbye and crossed the street toward my hotel.
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