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    1. Dj 3/28/2014

      by , 03-28-2014 at 01:41 PM
      Date: 3/28/2014 (Thu)
      Total sleep: 6.5 hours
      Daytime Techniques: Text Search, RCs, Visualization, Mantras
      Lucid Techniques: Mantras, Visualization
      Recall Techniques: Mantras
      Fell Asleep: 10:00 pm
      Dream 1 Title: Weird South Park Cartoon
      Dream 1: I am in a strange house with my wife. She is very upset. We had a contractor cut an area in the floor and install a set of stairs to the basement. To do this they had to cut a large hole in our hardwood floor. He cut it unevenly so there is an area with exposed brickwork that is very old and ugly. I can’t blame her for being upset, it looks horrible. **Jump** (3rd person perspective) I am watching a South Park style cartoon. There are three characters (Brad Pitt, my wife, and another one who I didn’t recognize) and they are dancing around in a cartoon apple orchard. Suddenly Scionox’s (From DV) avatar (a black dragon) comes onto the screen and starts chasing the characters. They act comically scared and run around the orchard. Then they all run off the screen. I wake up.
      Dream 2 Title: Breakup in Hawaii (**Lucid**)
      Dream 2: I am in a hotel room with several women I used to work with 10 years ago; Judy, Coleen, & Cindy. My long term girlfriend is also there (whom I don’t know in real life). Everyone is sitting on the floor and we are having a pie tasting party. In front of me are several pieces of different types of pie on white paper plates, with white plastic forks. I am handing out the pieces to people. I am hoping there won’t be any pie left when I’m done passing them out because I am trying to not eat sugar (this is a RL habit). When I am done passing them out there is one piece left for me. It is a large piece of apple pie. The crust is golden brown and I am dying to have some, but I resist. Coleen says, “Come on! You need to have at least a bite.” I just shake my head no. My girlfriend brings in a pot of hot cider and we start handing out styrafoam cups filled with cider, with a red plastic coffee stirrer in each. After a short time the women decide to leave and I am very happy because I want to have some intimate time with my girlfriend. I lay down on the bed, which is in a corner of the room. My girlfriend, who is a slim woman with brown shoulder length hair, (I don’t know her name, but I know that we have been dating for years) comes out of the bathroom. She is wearing blue jeans, a brown leather jacket, white t-shirt, and has a large brown leather bad hung over her shoulder (I know it is her overnight bag). She has her car keys in her hand, and I know she is leaving to go sleep with another man. I say to her, “If you leave it is over.” She replies, “Fine.” and walks out the door. I am devastated. I can’t describe how horrible I felt. It was just too real. I actually felt like a happy long term relationship had just ended because she wanted to be with someone else. I get up off the bed, walk to the dresser, and grab my car keys and my hotel key card. I just want to get out of this room. I need to just walk. Go out the door, which leads directly onto a city street. There are tall buildings on both sides of the road, and many cars parked along the street. I am lost in my despair and not paying attention to anything. I turn left and begin walking down the sidewalk, with my eyes down. I can feel the keys in my left hand and the key card in my right. Suddenly I decide to turn around and walk the other way. I look up, and directly in front of me at the end of this seemingly endless perfectly straight street, is a beautiful sunset. For the first time I also notice there are palm trees along the street. I realize that I am in Hawaii. Then something clicks in my mind! I remember being awake, at home, in my own bed, just a little while ago. I can’t actually be in Hawaii if I was just home sleeping. I am lucid without doing a reality check. The despair I was feeling moments before is completely washed away by overwhelming joy and excitement. I remind myself to stay calm. I look down at the keys in my left hand and am amazed at how realistic they look. It is like the level of vividness has increased one thousand fold. I look back to the sunset, and the vividness has amplified dramatically. It is indescribably beautiful. The sun has just slipped below the horizon. There are thin clouds reflecting brilliant hues of orange, mixing with the oranges are shades of purples and pinks. All of this is reflected brilliantly off of the buildings, which are now all made of mirrored glass. I think, “My God I wish I could take a picture of this and bring it back to real life!” I pull my eyes away from this amazing site and turn around to look down the street in the other direction. The building end about 100 yards away, where the street ends at an amazing beach. There are palm trees to the right and left of the last buildings and a long expanse of beautiful white sand ending at a perfect ocean extending to the horizon. I have completely forgotten about my goals. I want to experience swimming in the ocean. I jog down to the beach. I slip my keys and key card into the pocket of my swimsuit (which I am now wearing) as I run. I can feel the warm sand between my toes. I run straight into the water, which is as warm as a nice bath. A large wave is heading right for me as I reach waist deep. It washes over me and feels amazing. I swim deeper under the water and can see with complete clarity and just continue to breath as normal (no fear of drowning in a dream). I see a small school of angelfish . They are vibrant orange with vertical purple stripes. The vividness is amazing. They begin to shift colors from orange with purple stripes to purple with orange stripe and back again. I laugh under the water. I am filled with such joy. I swim to surface. As I come out of the water I find it is late dusk. I am back into waist deep water. I see two beautiful women walking out of the water, both are wearing wet white t-shirts with bikinis underneath. The urge for sex takes over. I walk up to one of them. She is in her 20’s. She is tall (about 5’ 8”), with long wet blonde hair. I take her hand and we walk out of the water onto the beach. Her friend just walks away from us. I take hold of the bottom of the t-shirt , pull it over her head, and toss it onto the sand. Her bikini is a brilliant sapphire blue. She has an amazing voluptuous body and very large breasts. I reach around to untie her bikini top, and with a seductive smile she says playfully, “No, no, no.” I respond, “Yes, yes, yes.” The dream quickly fades away and I awake. I do a RC by looking at my clock…but I am actually awake.
      Awake: 4:30 am
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) D1 = 7; D2 = 15
      Awareness: (1-10; or lucid) D1 = 6; D2 = Lucid
      Length: (how long it felt like! Because that matters) D1 = 3 min; D2 = 6 min
      Emotions: General happiness, Utter Devastation, Indescribable Joy
      Dream Signs: Cartoons, my wife is a cartoon, someone cutting holes in our floor, people I worked with 10 years ago, a girlfriend who I didn’t know (didn’t even know her name), not text anywhere.
      Notes: I didn’t take any supplements last night. I purchased “Creative Visualization” by Shakti Gawain and started reading it last night. I used my typical visualizations, mantras, RCs, and text searches during the day and before I fell asleep. I awoke from Dream 1 and lay in bed trying to recall as much of the dream as I could. When I looked at the clock it was 3:35 am. I worked on recalling the dream for around 10 – 15 min. I then ran my mantras through my mind several times as I fell back to sleep. So, essentially, I did a short WBTB. Also, just prior to becoming lucid I was in a heightened emotional state (despair). I have found in the past that heightened emotional states contribute. Also, I was sleep deprived from the previous night. I awoke from Dream 2 at 4:28 am, and felt so high I wasn’t going to be able to go back to sleep. So that means this is 2 nights in a row of sleep deprivation. However, I don’t feel tired at all because I’m still riding the high from the lucid dream. . I am a bit disappointed that I didn’t remember my goals, but it still was a great LD.
      Text Search Experiment: (Day 5) I paid close attention to text all day yesterday. I repeated my mantras as well. I didn’t notice text in either of the 2 dreams recalled from last night.

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    2. Dj 3/21/2014

      by , 03-21-2014 at 12:03 PM
      Date: 3/21/2014 (Thu)
      Total sleep: 7.5 hrs
      Daytime Techniques: RC’s, Awareness, & Visualization
      Lucid Techniques: Mantras, Reviewing previous dreams, visualization, “Find your hands”, MILD
      Recall Techniques: Mantras, visualization, “lucid anchor”
      Fell Asleep: 9:30 pm
      Dream 1 Title: I am Tarzan
      Dream 1: I am in a large department store with my wife. The store is huge, like a super Walmart, but it has a 1970’s appearance that reminds me of the Worcester Fair (as store I was often in as a child). Jen is shopping for her trip to the Amazon jungle. She is in an isle picking up bright orange cans of spray on sun screen. The thought of the jungle triggers a false memory. I remember that I was raised by a female ape (just like Tarzan). I also recall that she used to sing a song to me. The words of that song are “I love you for breakfast, I love you for lunch, I love you for dinner, I love you a bunch.” We continue to shop. Jen is looking for some shorts and tops to take on the trip. I suddenly am afraid. I know there are dangerous animals in this place and they are going to try and kill me. My wife is now gone and I exit the building through a side door. I am now on Hope Ave. in Worcester. It looks very close to the way it does in real life; it is a long straight road with sidewalks on both sides. Also the street runs through a large cemetery on both sides. I am walking on the sidewalk when I see two rows of animals walking towards me. The first two animals are a large wolf (to my right) and a lioness (on my left). There are other animals behind them (I remember a gorilla and a bear, but not the rest). I know these animals want to kill me, but I am the lord of the jungle. I must make an example of some of these animals do demonstrate my strength and power. I jump to my right and slam my right shoulder into the wolf, knocking him down on to a grassy area. I immediately begin to rain blows down on his rib cage (just like an ape would do in a fight). With the wolf incapacitated I spin on the lioness. She is coming up behind me with her long yellowed teeth bared. I grab her face. I slide my fingers into her mouth, right hand on the top and left hand on the lower jaw. I begin to pull her mouth open. She struggles but I am too strong. The dream ends before I hear the snap of bone. I look at the clock, look away, and back again as a RC, 4:16 am, but I am definitely awake
      Dream 2 Title: Practice Flying
      Dream 2: After I woke up from Dream 1 I lay in bed for 10 to 15 min remembering the dream. I then remind myself that “in my dream I will see my hands and realize I am dreaming.” At some point I doze off. I am in a bedroom, standing in the middle of the room. I notice it is day time and it feels like summer. I can see sunlight coming in the windows and it is reflecting off of the light colored hardwood floor. I walk out of the door into the living room. I realize I am in the old house where I used to live with my wife several years ago. But the room size and shape is not the same, there is no furniture, and our bedroom was on the second floor. Jen is looking out of the large front windows. I walk over and look out as well. The scene looks nothing like real life. I am looking out onto a city street. A sidewalk runs right in front of the window. There are brick buildings across the street. Right then a silver PT Cruiser comes speeding down the street from my left, swerves onto the sidewalk and speeds past my window. I think “Oh my God, that idiot is going to kill someone.” I must do something! I run to the kitchen door and out onto the sidewalk. I begin to sprint and realize I have super speed. I must be running over 50 miles per hour because I am catching up to the speeding car. The car swerves to the left, off the sidewalk, across the street and down a side road. I think to myself, “This is an opportunity to practice my flying!” I jump forward, superman style, and begin to zoom down the side street. I see the car about 100 yards down the road, stopped. The driver is now on a motorcycle (wearing a black leather jacket, blue jeans, and a black helmet with a reflective face shield.) I jet after him as he speeds away. I am willing myself to go faster as he goes right down another side street between brick buildings. I pursue, but have to slow down so I don’t hit any buildings. The guy rides up a cement ramp and into a building. I follow. I am now flying down a hallway. The building is old and the walls are made of cement. I fly up a set of stairs, through an open doorway, and into a long wide hallway with large openings to my right. It reminds me of a parking garage, but the hallway is not wide enough for cars to park. I can see a rundown city (many old brick buildings) through the openings. Suddenly I hear the motorcycle behind me. Somehow the guy has tricked me. I roll over (while still flying) onto my back and see the guy riding toward me. I begin to fly backward, with my feet in front of me, toward the guy. As we close the distance I slam my feet into his helmet. I don’t see him wipe out, but I can hear the bike crash onto the pavement. I wake up.
      Awake: 5:10 am
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) Dream 1 = 6; Dream 2 = 7
      Awareness: (1-10; or lucid) Dream 1 = 5; Dream 2 = 9
      Length: (how long it felt like! Because that matters) Dream 1 = 8 minutes; Dream 2 = 2-3 minutes
      Emotions: Dream 1 = Fear, then anger; Dream 2 = anger, confident/powerful
      Dream Signs: I am Tarzan, in a place that reminds me of my past, fighting wild animals and winning, wild animals in Worcester, back in my old house, a car driving on the sidewalk, running at super speed, flying, knowing that I need to practice my flying
      Notes: I did not take any magnesium last night. I did take 500 mg of Chorine and 250 mg of B-5. I am so glad I had decent dream recall last night. When I woke up form Dream 1, I almost fell right back to sleep. Then I realized I need to remember the dream. It took a while to trace the dream backward from the end. I know there was more but couldn’t seem to extract it from my mind. The second dream was awesome. I had some slight idea that I was dreaming, but I was not lucid. But lucid or not it feels great to fly. I awoke feeling energized. I also think I was very close to lucidity which is a good sign that achieving lucidity in the future is going to become easier. I started the “Find my hands” technique last night. For some reason this technique appeals to me. I really believe I will have greater success using it. I am going to stick with it every night for a few weeks and see how it goes. Note: I did see my hands in both dreams (when I was beating the wolf in the first; and when I was flying, with my hands out in front of me, in the second.)

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