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    1. Dj 4/11/2014

      by , 04-11-2014 at 02:54 PM
      Date: 4/11/2014 (Thu)
      Total sleep: 11 hrs
      Daytime Techniques: RCs
      Lucid Techniques: None
      Recall Techniques: None (Sick & on night time cold meds)
      Fell Asleep: 8:30 pm
      Dream 1 Title: Strange in door amusement park
      Dream 1: (Fragments) (Note Ė I woke up after this dream but didnít even bother to try to recall it. I dozed back off and then remembered this dream in Dream 2) I am at some kind of strange in door amusement park. There is the ride. I have to climb up a set of metal stairs to get on the ride. It looks very unsafe. I donít know if I can describe it clearly. It has the same design as a toy called a ďwiggle snakeĒ (see picture below).
      It is huge and is made of highly polished stainless steel. There is a single seat at each of the hinges. When the ride is turned on it whips around in all different motions (in RL this would cause all the riders whiplash). My wife is there and doesnít want me to go on the ride because it is too dangerous. I tell her not to worry. I know this is a dream so I canít be hurt (yet I wasnít lucid). I get on the ride. The seat is tucked into what looks like a large stainless steel cup that just fits one person. The ride goes out over the crowd below (about 40 feet above the people. I can see tables with people eating, and many people standing below the ride. The ride starts and it just moves around (forward, to the right, back to the left, then backÖand repeat) very slowly. The ride is completely lame! I am annoyed and canít wait for it to end. **Jump** I am now in a food court. My wife and daughter are with me and we are waiting in line to get some food. I am happy because they have organic beef hotdogs which I love. I wake up.
      Dream 2 Title: LD# 60 Neighbors removing trees (**Lucid**)
      Dream 2: (Note: I am sick with a bad cold. I took some night time cold meds last night and slept about 11 hours. My wife slept in another room. She came into our room to get some cloths at about 6:30 am and woke me up briefly. I dozed back off and had this dream.) I am in my house, except it isnít my RL house it is my parentís house but I believe it is mine. I know my daughter had a sleep over with some friends last night and they are all down in the basement. I walk to the basement door, open it and walk down about five steps so I can see into the basement. It looks just like it did back in the 80ís when I lived here as a teenager. There is orange carpet on the stairs and floor. There is an old TV and TV stand in the right corner. I see the girls lying on the floor. All of them are covered by blankets or in sleeping bags. I go back upstairs and close the door. I walk over to my wife, who is looking out the front window. I can see the house across the street, which also looks like it did back in the 80ís. It is pink (it is tan today). There is a large black pickup truck, which looks very shiny and new, parked with its tailgate facing us. There is a business name and logo on the tailgate but I donít bother to read it. The front of the truck is right up against one of the large maple trees in front of the house. I realize that the neighbors have hired a company to remove some of the maple trees in their front yard. I can see a large set of yellow painted metal hydraulic claws attached to the front of the truck. I realize they are going to pull the tree out by its roots. The claws close on the trunk of the tree and the truck begins to back up. The trees is easily pulled from the ground and it falls backward onto the roof of the truck, but the top of the tree falls into my driveway and on top of my car. I am very angry. I am going to go over there and demand they pay for the damage. I am looking at my car, which is under leaf covered branches, and suddenly I realize it isnít my car, it is a smaller black truck with large hydraulic claws on the roof. The claws close and take hold of many of the branches. The two tucks then begin to drive away with the tree. I decide to go outside and take a look around. I walk out the side door and into the front yard. It is a perfect summer day; warm, clear blue sky, everything is green as far as the eye can see. I see the large whole in the neighborís law from where the tree was pulled up. I look at some of the other maple trees and wonder which of those will be removed next. I walk across the front yard to the other side of the house. I walk down to the two car garage which is under the house (looks just like RL). There is a regular door between the garage doors, I walk to it and open it. The garage is full of old junk. I continue to walk through the garage to a second door which leads to a storage room (it still looks just like RL). From that room I can get to the area where the girls are sleeping. Just before I open the door to the storage room I notice my cat sitting near the left wall of the garage behind some of the junk. I open the door to the storage room when suddenly I have a flash memory of a previous dream (Dream 1). For some reason I think that I was lucid in that dream (I was close, but not quit lucid). I think, ďI had a lucid dream and forgot about it. How could that happen???Ē I stop and realize this is not my house, it is my parentís house. Then I think, ďWhat if Iím dreaming now?Ē I look at my left hand and count my fingers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. I yell ďHey! Iím Dreaming!!Ē I am lucid. I walk back to the garage door, through which I entered, grab the knob and try to turn it. It doesnít move because it is now locked. I turn the latch to unlock it and try again. The knob still wonít turn. I say out loud, ďThis is my dream and this door is unlocked.Ē I try again and it opens easily. I walk outside. It is like the vividness level has been turned up 1000 fold. The colors are brighter, the detail is amazing. I revel in how beautiful everything looks. I am walking toward a line of maple trees to my right (which arenít there in RL) and see my cat sitting on the grass. I say, ďHey Punchy! Iím Dreaming! Come on boy!Ē He ignores me (just like RL). I decide to fly. I take two steps and do a little hop into the air. I am gliding slowly toward the trees and end up under the branches. I turn to my left and glide slowly out into open space. I look up and see a brilliantly blue sky with just a few small puffy white clouds. In a small space between the clouds I can see a few stars. Then I remember my goal of flying into space (which really isnít a goal any more). I start flying faster straight upward. I donít feel like Iím flying very fast so I say out loud, ďThis is my dream and I can fly much faster!Ē I thrust my arms out in front of me and kick my legs a bit and my speed picks up, but not by much. I still have my eyes on the sky. The blue begins to disappear and more and more stars become clear until the sky above me is full of so many stars that it looks like I can see the entire galaxy. It is so amazing I canít fully describe it. The dream fades quickly and I open my eyes. I do a RC and I am awake. I need to start working on DEILD. I really field that if I had kept my eyes closed and stayed still I could have reentered that dream.
      Awake: 7:30 am
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) D1 = D1 = 8; D2 = 14
      Awareness: (1-10; or lucid) D1 = 8; D2 = 9 then Lucid
      Length: (how long it felt like! Because that matters) D1 = 15 min; D2 = 10 min
      Emotions: Excitement; Annoyance; Happiness; Anger; Extreme Joy (when lucid)
      Dream Signs: Strange amusement park, Dangerous ride, back in parentís house, Strange machines to rip out trees
      Notes: I am coming down with a bad cold. I am taking zinc and vitamin C. I took Alka-Seltzer Plus Night Cold & Flu Formula at 7:20 pm. I headed to bed at 8:15 and was asleep within 15 min. I didnít do any meditation, visualization, mantras, or any other LD techniques. I did wake up after 2 dreams and didnít even try to recall. My wife came in the room to get some cloths at around 6:30 am which woke me up. I dozed back off within a few minutes. Then I had my LD. I also remembered a previous dream in the dream that became the LD.
    2. Dj 4/8/2014

      by , 04-08-2014 at 12:20 PM
      Date: 4/8/2014 (Mon)
      Total sleep: 6.75 hours
      Daytime Techniques: RCs, Visualization, Awareness, Mantras
      Lucid Techniques: Mantras, Meditative Visualization, Reading Dream Journal
      Recall Techniques: Meditative Visualization, Mantras
      Fell Asleep: 10:00 pm
      Dream 1 Title: (Fragment) Bike Ride
      Dream 1: I am riding my old BMX bike along the main street of my town. I am with a friend (but I don’t know him in real life). He is wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and dark blue Converse sneakers. He is riding in front of me on a red BMX style bike (the rims have regular spokes). It is a warm summer day. The trees are covered in green leaves. We swerve off the road onto a dirt path which leads behind a chain link fence on our left. I can see tall green grass on both sides of the path, and taller grass around the fence. The fence is old, the galvanized steel has grown gray with spots of rust. We peddle up a slight incline and I can see a sharper incline (about 10 feet high) in front of us. We stop at the bottom. I know the incline leads to rail road tracks. I know we are trying to get to the high school and the tracks won’t take us there. I say, “I think we should go back and stay on the street.” The dream fades and I wake up at 4:15 am.
      Dream 2 Title: The Moon Makes Me Lucid (**Lucid**)
      Dream 2: I am in my old house, the first house where I lived with my wife and daughter. I am lying on a mattress, under a white comforter. The mattress is on the living room floor near the large front window. The room looks very similar to reality. I can see the yellow painted walls, the white painted steam heater in front of the window, the light colored wood of the hardwood floor, and the large white framed window. I can see the reflection of the moon on the shine of the hardwood floor. Something doesn’t feel right to me. I roll over onto my back and see my wife next to me, on my left (which is the wrong side of the bed for her). She is snuggled under the blanket so I can only see her wavy blond hair and her face from the nose up. Behind her I can see my daughter laying on the floor under a white blanket. Beyond her I can see the fireplace. I turn back to the window. Outside I can see the large maple tree and beneath it the low stone wall. I can see the neighboring houses beyond the tree. I look upward and see a brilliant moon between the bare branches of the tree. I still feel that something isn’t right. I stare at the moon. It is very bright and much larger than I have ever seen it. I can clearly see the craters on the surface. As I stair I start to wonder if I’m dreaming. Then the craters begin to shift and swirl. The bottom section of the moon begins to disappear. Then I remember that I was back at my real home, in bed, just a little while ago. I am lucid without a reality check. I throw the blankets off of me and stand up. I am no longer in the living room. I am now out in the front yard, but the mattress, my daughter, and the fireplace are all there as well. My wife and daughter are sitting up and looking at me. I say, “I’m Dreaming!” Neither respond. I remember my goal to fly into space, but I don’t remember to stabilize the dream. I also remember that last time I tried to jump to fly it wake me up. I levitate off the ground and float up into the tree branches. I’m annoyed as the branches poke me and I worry I will get tangled. I float away from the tree and begin to fly upward. I am feeling such joy at being lucid again. My eyes are on the night sky, which is now overcast. I will myself to go faster, I want to hit supersonic speed and leave the atmosphere as quickly as possible. I can feel the wind on my face and the g-force increase as it pushed the skin on my face back. I can still only see the clouds and darkness above me. I worry that the dream is going to collapse so I decided to look down at the ground so I have something more upon which to focus. I awaken. I am back in the front yard of my old house laying on some blankets. I am no longer lucid. I can clearly see the yellow vinyl siding, the white framed windows, the stone steps leading up to the white side door, the large front window, and the bushes. My wife and daughter are there and are picking up blankets and clothing off the ground. I get up and begin searching for my notebook so I can write down my lucid dream. I am looking under cloths and blanket, but just can’t find it. I’m very annoyed because I don’t want to forget the dream. My in-laws walk out of the door of the house and into the yard. I say to my mother in lay, “I just had a lucid dream.” I start to explain the dream to her, but the dream fades and I awake. It is 4:47 am.
      Awake: 4:47 am
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) D1 = 5; D2 = 12
      Awareness: (1-10; or lucid) D1 = 5; D2 = Lucid
      Length: (how long it felt like! Because that matters) D1 = 2 min; D2 = 10 min
      Emotions: Joy, Annoyance, Worry
      Dream Signs: Riding old BMX bike, Being a kid again, Back at old house, laying on a mattress in the living room/font yard
      Notes: I took magnesium before bed. I read my dream journal, meditated, visualized being lucid in a dream, stated my intent to wake up after each dream and remember my dreams, and repeated my mantra before I dozed off. I did wake up several times after 4 of my dreams, but couldn’t recall the first 2. I did not get frustrated by the lack of recall. I reminded myself that I am in the early stages of learning and I will continue to improve. I stated my mantra each time I awoke until I dozed back off. This LD happed exactly like my recent ones. I woke up after 4 am from a dream. I made some mental notes about the dream. I stated my mantras as I dozed off. Then, while I was dreaming, my awareness was much higher. I could “feel” that something wasn’t right. Then something trigged me to remember being back in my RL bed shortly before the dream. I do need to work on stabilizing the dream. This particular dream hasn’t left me with as much of a “high” as other recent LDs. I feel it is due to the false awakening. The lucid part of my dream doesn’t feel as vivid to me because I didn’t come straight from lucidity to being awake. I have to work on RCs after all awakenings.
      I am going to change my goals for LDs. My #1 priority is to get lucid as often as possible. The experience of being lucid is the best way for me to have more LDs. When I am having them more often then I can start setting goals for what I want to do in the dreams. For now I just want to stabilize the dream, explore and do what I feel like at the time. I just want to gain more experience.

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    3. Dj 4/5/2014

      by , 04-05-2014 at 03:55 PM
      Date: 4/5/2014
      Total sleep: 7.5 hours
      Daytime Techniques: Awareness, RCs, Visualization
      Lucid Techniques: Awareness, RCs, Mantras, Medititation/Visualization
      Recall Techniques: Mantra/Intent, Remembering past hour of events during the day
      Fell Asleep: 11:00
      Dream 1 Title: (Fragment)
      Dream 1: I woke up right after this dream ended and struggled to remember anything. The last thing I could remember: I was riding a bicycle on the great wall of China.
      Dream 2 Title: (Fragment) Porn at work
      Dream 2: Another long dream, and I couldnít work my way back from the very last event. I am at work. I am in an area with cubicles, but they are outside. I am with a coworker who I know in the dream but not in RL. My computer is on and there are small pictures of cartoon people in different sexual situation. I know they are links to cartoon pornographic movie clips. My coworker wants to watch some of them. I am very nervous that I am going to get in trouble for this because it is on my computer. He takes the mouse and clicks on the first link. The dream fades and I wake up. It is 5:26 am. I struggle with recall. I know this was a very long dream, but I just canít seem to work my way back to the beginning. Frustration may have kept me awake. I dozed back off about an hour later.
      Dream 3 Title: (Fragment) The Three Stooges burned a bank
      Dream 3: I am walking down a city street. I see a bank and realize I need to get some money from an ATM. I open the door and enter the bank. There are 3 ATMs, but they are all burnt and useless. Iím surprised by this. I walk back out onto the street and go right. I walk a short way and there is an ally on my right. I see the Three Stooges sitting on a bench in the alley looking ashamed. All of them are wearing business suits, but they are burnt and smoking. Their faces are covered in gray and black ash, and Moe & Larryís hair is singed and smoking. I realize they were the bankers in charge of the bank and their comical antics have destroyed the bank. I awake to my wifeís alarm. She hits SNOOZE.
      Dream 4 Title: (Fragment) Rob Lowe motivational speaker
      Dream 4: I doze back off after the alarm. I am back at work. Rob Lowe is there. He is wearing a very nice business suit. He is there to give a motivational speech. I wake up to my wifeís alarm again. She hits SNOOZE.
      Dream 5 Title: (Fragment) I forgot to shut off my computer
      Dream 5: I doze back off after the 2nd alarm. I am back at work. I remember that I had porn sights up on my computer (from Dream 2), but I forgot to shut my computer off and my boss (My old boss, who is a complete A-Hole in real life) is walking around checking computers. I am in a panic. I am running down a hall to get to my computer and my wife is right behind me. I get to my cubicle and my computer is gone. I realize my boss has found it and taken it to HR. I know Iím going to lose my job. I fall to my knees. I am so angry and ashamed. My wife comes up next to me, places her hand on my back and tells me it is going to be ok. I wake up to my wifeís alarm yet again. She hits SNOOZE. I get up at this point.
      Awake: 5:30 am, fell back to sleep around 6:30 am up at 7:30 am
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) D1 = 2; D2 = 4; D3 = 5; D4 = 5; D5 = 5
      Awareness: (1-10; or lucid) D1 = 2; D2 = 3; D3 = 4; D4 = 4; D5 = 4
      Length: (how long it felt like! Because that matters) D1 = ?; D2 = I know this was a long dream, probably 20 min, but I only remember about 3 min; D3 = 3 min; D4 = 1 min; D5 = 2 min
      Emotions: Nervousness, fear, panic, shame, annoyance
      Dream Signs: Celebrities, Strange Places, Strange Bad Situations
      Notes: I took magnesium before bed. This was a frustrating night. I struggled with recall. When I recall, it is like pulling an anchor out of the water. I have the very end of the chain and the rest is below the surface. Some nights I can pull it all the way up without issue. Other night I can only hold onto the very end of the chain and the rest stays under water. I'm sure my frustration earlier in the night caused issues for the rest of the night.
    4. Dj 4/3/2014

      by , 04-03-2014 at 12:12 PM
      Date: 4/3/2014 (Wed)
      Total sleep: 7 hours
      Daytime Techniques: RCs, Visualization, Text Search
      Lucid Techniques: Mantras, Meditative Visualization, reviewing DJ
      Recall Techniques: Meditative Visualization Mantras
      Fell Asleep: 9:45 pm
      Dream 1 Title: (Fragment) Looking for a location to shoot a movie
      Dream 1: I am driving in my car with John C (a guy who used to work for me). We are on Rt 146 south. We are coming up on a golf course on our right which may be a good place the shoot or movie. I pass the golf course and pull into a ďUĒ shaped driveway of a hotel. **Jump** I am in the hotel dining room. It is breakfast time. I am sitting at a small table. There are other people walking around, or sitting at tables. I see Patrick Wilson (the actor). He is caring a plate of food away from the buffet. I am trying to catch his eye because I want to tell him that I was very impressed with his character from ďThe WatchmenĒ movie. But he walks past me without making eye contact. **Jump** I am outside, standing on a low hill overlooking a golf course. John C is next to me. We think that this would be a great place to shoot our movie. I wake up.
      Dream 2 Title: Missing class due to crime spree
      Dream 2: I am in my house, only it looks more like house of my childhood friends. My daughter and two of her friends are with me. They are very scared and whispering to me that someone has broken into the house. The house is very dimly lit. I know the burglar is on the second floor. I move to the stairs as quietly as I can. I climb the stairs and into a small hallway. I can go into the room on the left or the room on the right. I go left. The room is very messy. There are piles of cloths scattered all over the floor, the bed, and the dresser. The only light is moon light shining in through the window. I see a boy (about my daughterís age standing near the window. I move forward quickly and grab hold of his left arm. He doesnít resist. I tell him that the police are on the way (although I didnít call them). I take him down stairs. He tells me that his older brother is on his way with a van. They were going to clean the house out. I open the front door and see a bright yellow van backing up the driveway. I run out. The driver must have seen me because he starts to pull away quickly, but he swerves onto the grass and the two right wheels go off a small hill. The van tips to the right and rolls over into a muddy ditch. Just then a police car pulls into the driveway. I look past the van, to my right, and see the Quinsigamond Community College campus (although it looked very different than reality). I know I have to get to class. I walk away from the crime scene and onto the campus. I meet up with Sheryl F (a woman I know in RL) who is the class with me. She is very upset and on the verge of tears. I ask her whatís wrong. She tells me that her van was stolen. It was her work van which was full of radiology equipment. She was afraid that she would lose her job and have to pay back the tens of thousands of dollars to replace the equipment. I feel very bad for her. We are down by a street and the police arrive. There is a large crowd of people there. Sheryl gave information to the police. That is when I realize that my car has been broken into. Someone had broken my driverís side window and taken some stuff from the car (but I have no idea what stuff). I explain this to the police. I realize that Sheryl and I are going to miss class because of this mess. I am even more upset at this point. Sheryl and I go to find our professor. We walk a short distance and we find him. His is walking to the classroom. He is also running late for class. We briefly explain the situation and he tells us not to worry and that we donít have to attend todayís class. I am very relieved. Sheryl and I decide to find a vending machine to get some food. We walk to a building (which look like one of my old grade schools). I notice that Mr. T is walking right in front of us. He looks like he currently does, in his early 60ís. He stops just inside the door, blocking our way. There is a ďRocky IIIĒ poster on the wall. It is a picture of him in his prime. He is staring at the picture and is noticeably upset. Sheryl and I try to comfort him. We tell him that he is still in very good shape for his age. He takes his shirt off and begins to flex his chest at the poster says, ďI still got it. I can get back to lookiní like that!Ē We tell him that he definitely can get back. Sheryl and I walk away (forgot about the food) and head to another building. I see a small brick building with large glass windows and a glass door. It looks more like a small store than a school building. I know this is where our class was being held. I know it is time for class to be released. I also notice a pumpkin next to the door. The door opens and a stream of children (8 Ė 10 years old) come out. All are wearing Halloween costumes. At the very end our professor comes out, only he is Svengoolie (horror movie TV host) and he is riding a horse. He rears the horse up and waves to us before riding off. The light from my alarm wakes me up.
      Awake: 4:45 am
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) D1 = 5; D2 = 9
      Awareness: (1-10; or lucid) D1 = 4; D2 = 6
      Length: (how long it felt like! Because that matters) D1 = 5 min; D2 = 15 min
      Emotions: Nervous, Fear, Anxious, Anger, Relief
      Dream Signs: School, Celebrities, old friendís house, shifting scenery, old friends, strand situations (break ins, theft, van tipping over)
      Notes: I took some B-5 and Chorine last night, but all it did was give me mild heartburn. I reviewed some dreams in my dream journal. I did some meditation along with mantras and visualization (becoming lucid in one of my prior normal dreams) I really felt the joy of being lucid and approached everything with a very positive attitude. I did mental tags for the first dream of the night (Night Owl, shooting a movie, golf course) which did help me remember.
      Text Search Experiment: I was very aware of text all day.
    5. 4/2/2014

      by , 04-02-2014 at 12:01 PM
      Date: 4/2/2014 (Wed)
      Total sleep: 7 hrs
      Daytime Techniques: RCs, Visualization, Text Search
      Lucid Techniques: Mantras, Meditative Visualization, Reviewing Dream Journal
      Recall Techniques: Meditative Visualization, Mantras
      Fell Asleep: 10:00 PM
      Dream 1 Title: (Fragment) Lost in Space
      Dream 1: I am Will Robinson from the 1960ís TV show Lost In Space. I am with Dr. Smith and we are on an alien planet. The environment looks like a desert with a lot of rocks, sand and cactus type plants.
      Dream 2 Title: (Fragment) Crushed by a log
      Dream 2: I am in the yard or the mother of my childhood friends, except the yard is a large area of forest. I am standing on a well worn trail. I can see large areas of lichen covered shale sticking out of the ground. There are large oak and pine trees all around, mix with much younger trees. I am with my sister and her husband. We are there to clean up after a large storm. I look around and donít notice any damage. Then I look up and see a huge log, the size of a tree truck and sharply broken off at both ends as if it was snapped off by a tornado, stuck high up among the branches of several trees. I look around high up among the other trees and see similar logs all around. Then I notice one of them is stuck in some branched and some cables. I realize those cables are electrical cables for my friendís Motherís house. I know we have to remove that log first. I walk toward it, and stand beneath it. I wonder how we are going to get it down. I turn back to my brother in-law and he has a piece of cable in his hand. He pulls on it, hard. I look up and the log comes loose and falls right on top of me. I wake up.
      Dream 3 Title: (Fragment) Whirligig
      Dream 3: I am standing in the driveway of my parentís house. It looks like it did many years ago before they added on a garage. I am with two women. We are playing some game. I have a whirligig, but propellers are made from large feathers (remind me of feathers from an eagle) and they are tied to a stick. There is a wooden kitchen chair in the drive way. I stand on the chair and hold the whirligig up over my head. Then I see huge dark storm clouds on the horizon, and they are rushing toward us at incredible speed. I see a wall of heavy rain rushing toward us. I yell to the women to get into the house. I jump off the chair and start running for the door. I wake up.
      Dream 4 Title: (Fragment) Ricky Gervais is cheating on his wife
      Dream 4: I am in my home. Actor Ricky Gervais is there. He has asked us to babysit his two children (young boy and girl). He leaves. The children end up making a tent out of blankets in the bathroom. They have made a big mess and I need to clean it up. I sneak into the bathroom, duck into the tent and start picking up trash (candy wrappers, empty juice pouches, etc). I put it all into an overflowing waste basket and go out to the kitchen. But, it is no longer my kitchen, it is now a patio with a bar. My wife is serving drinks to several women. I see a woman who I know to be Rickyís wife. I put down the waste basket and start walking toward her. I know that Ricky left the kids with us so he go off with his mistress. I need to tell his wife that her husband is cheating. Rickyís wife (I donít know her name) starts walking toward me. I am nervous because I donít know how she will react. She is a woman in her 50ís with a bit of extra weight on her. She has shoulder length brown hair and a nice smile. She comes up to me and we meet with a friendly embrace. I look into her eyes and say ďI need to tell you something.Ē She replies, ďI know darling.Ē We begin to walk back to the house so we can talk in private. The light from my alarm clock wakes me up.
      Awake:: 4:50 am
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) D1 = 3; D2 = 4; D3 = 5; D4 = 6
      Awareness: (1-10; or lucid) D1 = 2; D2 = 3; D3 = 3; D4 = 4
      Length: (how long it felt like! Because that matters) D1 = 1 min; D2 = 3 min; D3 = 2 min; D4 = 4 min
      Emotions: Annoyance, fear, happiness, concern, nervous
      Dream Signs: I am in a TV show, huge logs up in trees, almost killed, sudden huge storm coming on too fast, celebrity, children sleeping in the bathroom, my kitchen is a padio
      Notes: No supplements last night. I read through my dream journal before bed. I did some meditative visualization and mantras before falling asleep. When I awoke from each dream I lay there recalling and then stated my mantras before falling back to sleep. Overall I had decent recall but I just donít get enough sleep during my work week.
      Text Search Experiment: I continue to be aware and read as much text as I can during the day. So far I am not having any success with transitioning this habit to my dreams.
    6. Dj 3/31/2014

      by , 03-31-2014 at 12:02 PM
      Date: 3/31/2014 (Mon)
      Total sleep: 6.5 hrs
      Daytime Techniques: RCs, Visualization, Text Search
      Lucid Techniques: Mantras, Meditative Visualization
      Recall Techniques: Meditative Visualization Mantras
      Fell Asleep: 10:30 pm
      Dream 1 Title: (Fragments)
      Dream 1: I am standing in my back yard, near my house. There is about 2 inches of water surrounding my house from the cement of the basement to about 4 feet out. I can see a lot of brown leaves submerged under the water. My daughter is near me and I tell her we are going to have to rake those leaves out of the water. I feel very annoyed with having to rake and worried that we will get water in the basement. Later in the dream I am a federal agent. I am in some kind of government building with many large windows.
      Dream 2 Title: Opening a new store
      Dream 2: I am standing in the parking lot of a convenience store. It is very run down. I know my parents own this store. (It strongly reminds me of a store near a house where I used to live.) I go into the store and many of the shelves are bare. I am annoyed that my parents have not kept the store well stocked and they have let it get so run down. I walk up to the counter and see a box which contains books of matches. They have a price of ď$.03Ē (It was text and I could read it). Again I am annoyed because I know they are losing money because they are selling the matches at cost. I walk out of the store and I am in a much larger parking lot (which reminds me of Lincoln Plaza before they updated a few years ago). There are many people standing around. I sit on a low wall and see my friend John sitting nearby (childhood friend). He is wearing a long black trench coat over a suit. I realize I am dressed in a similar fashion. I feel tugging at my jacket and look to see my mother standing next to me. She is trying to remove a box of Kraft macaroni and cheese from my coat pocket but it is stuck. Suddenly I remember she had asked me to bring her that box. I pull the box out of my pocket and hand it to her. I stand up and walk over to a crowd of people who are gathered around a billboard. I push through the crowd to get a better view. A man to my right (short pudgy man with a crew cut) gives me a dirty look, but I ignore him. I can see the sign. It is vividly colored with reds, yellows, whites, and blacks. I see a picture of a large cartoon dog wearing a red and white leather jacket. Below him are large words. I donít read the words but I know they say ďBig Dog StoreĒ. I know that this is the name of my parentsí new store. I now have memories that my parents have shut down the old store and built a larger, much nicer, store and this is their new advertising billboard. There is a building to my right. I go in. It is a large lecture hall. I know that I am taking a class her. I sit down next to a very slim young woman. She has brown straight hair, a bit longer than should length, and is wearing a long yellow dress. She is an average looking woman but when she turns and smiles at me I suddenly find her very attractive. She asks me a question (I canít recall what it was) and I reply (canít remember this either). I loot to my right and my friend John is there. I poke his arm to get his attention and ask him if he has any gum. I want some mint gum to freshen my breath because I plan on kissing the young woman. He hands me a pack of gum in a blue package. The dream fades and I awake. My new alarm, which has a slowly brightening light 15 min prior to my actual alarm, woke me gently.
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) D1 = 3; D2 = 9
      Awareness: (1-10; or lucid) D1 = 2; D2 = 6
      Length: (how long it felt like! Because that matters) D1 = ?; D2 = 10 min
      Emotions: Annoyance, worry, more annoyance, general happiness
      Dream Signs: Water doing damage, childhood friend, locations that remind me of past places, parents owning a new business, going to kiss a woman I donít know
      Notes: Took melatonin and magnesium last night. I am very happy with my new alarm clock. The gently brightening light awoke me about 4 minutes before the actual alarm (which is set to nature noises) went off. I had no issue with remember the dream. I am adding some meditation combined with visualization and mantras prior to sleep. I will see if this helps. During the day, yesterday, I actually attempted to take an afternoon nap, but just couldnít fall asleep. I also attempted WBTB on Saturday & Sunday mornings, but just couldnít fall back to sleep.
      Text Search Experiment: (Day 8) Continue to search text daily. I am losing confidence in this method. I actually saw a bit of text in my dream last night and could read it clearly. I find that dream logic is preventing me from even noticing the lack of text in my dreams.
    7. Dj 3/30/2014

      by , 03-30-2014 at 02:39 PM
      Date: 3/30/2014 (Sat)
      Total sleep: 7.5 hours
      Daytime Techniques: RCs, visualization, Text Search
      Lucid Techniques: Mantras, visualization
      Recall Techniques: Mantras
      Fell Asleep: 11:15 pm
      Dream 1 Title: Fragment
      Dream 1: I was having a work related conversation with an African American woman.
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) D1 = 2
      Awareness: (1-10; or lucid) D1 = 2
      Length: (how long it felt like! Because that matters) D1 = ?
      Emotions: None
      Dream Signs: None
      Notes: This has been a bad weekend for dream recall. I have just been too exhausted. I got my new alarm clock yesterday. I managed to add a red filter to the display to greatly reduce the brightness. This helps me when I look at the clock in the middle of the night. Tomorrow I will be waking up to light and nature sounds. Hopefully that will help with dream recall.
      Text Search Experiment: (Day 7) I paid close attention to text all day yesterday.
    8. Dj 3/29/2014

      by , 03-29-2014 at 03:15 PM
      Date: 3/29/2014 (Fri)
      Total sleep: 6 hours
      Daytime Techniques: RCs, visualization, Text Search
      Lucid Techniques: Mantra
      Recall Techniques: Mantra
      Fell Asleep: 1:30 am
      Dream 1 Title: Just fragments
      Dream 1: I remember my wife finding a baby bird and wanting to take care of it. I remember seeing a bush with white Christmas lights on it. I remember Leonardo DiCaprio talking to a bunch of people and saying, “We must be prepared!” (Watched “Wolf of Wall Street” last night)
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) D1 = 2
      Awareness: (1-10; or lucid) D1 = 2
      Length: (how long it felt like! Because that matters) D1 = ?
      Emotions: ?
      Dream Signs: Celebrity
      Notes: No supplements last night. I got to bed late (1:30 am). I have been running on too little sleep for 3 days (6 to 6.5 per night). I know this is having a negative impact on my chances for lucidity and for my dream recall. Last night I was so exhausted I just couldn’t spend time trying to recall my dreams (I did wake up after 2, but dozed off immediately).
      Text Search Experiment: (Day 6) I was very sleep deprived yesterday and didn’t have good focus. I tried to pay as much attention to text as possible.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment , side notes
    9. Dj 3/24/2014

      by , 03-24-2014 at 12:17 PM
      Date: 3/24/2014 (Sun)
      Total sleep: 7 hrs
      Daytime Techniques: Mantra, Visualization, Text Search RC
      Lucid Techniques: Mantra, Visualization
      Recall Techniques: Mantra
      Fell Asleep: 10:30 pm
      Dream 1 Title: Roxanne
      Dream 1: I am standing in a kitchen I donít recognize. My wife is there. We are preparing a large dinner for a family gathering. We are discussing how many grams of carbohydrates are in the sweet potatoes we are preparing. She tells me that I have to ask Roxanne to leave. (Roxanne is a girl I briefly dated in college.) I walk out of the kitchen and into a large dining room. There is a long table with a white table cloth, and many place settings. The chairs are ornately carved. Roxanne is standing at the far end of the table. I walk to her. She looks just like she did back in college. As I approach she is smiling at me. I feel anxious because I know I have to ask her to leave. I smile back. I grab hold of the backs of one of the chairs. I am worried she will be angry with me. I then tell her that she canít stay because this party is only for relatives. She smiles and nods. I wake up.
      Dream 2 Title: Moving out of my dorm
      Dream 2: I am in what I know is my dorm room. It is a relatively small room. In one corner is a folding table and chair. On the table is my computer (similar to the one I had in the early 90ís). Against one of the walls is a single bed with a maroon comforter. Sitting on the bed is a girl, about 7 years old. She has black hair. I know I am looking after this girl (In RL I donít know this girl). I am moving out of the dorm today. I wrap some cloths in the comforter and leave. **Jump** I am sitting on my motorcycle (Iíve never owned a motorcycle in RL). I have attached my comforter, filled with cloths, to the back of my bike with bungee cords. The little girl is sitting on the comforter. It is raining outside as we drive out of the driveway and onto the street. We drive down a steep hill in front of Holy Cross College. When we reach the bottom of the hill I turn left, and then turn left again at a tall cement building. We start to head up another steep hill, but the comforter falls off the back of the bike. I stop. I tell the girl to leave the bundle where it is (sitting on the wet street) and we will come back for it later. I push the bike up the street and the girl walks with me. We turn right into a parking lot. I find a bike rack and suddenly my motor cycle is a childís bike, made entirely from plastic. I put it in the bike rack and was not concerned that I didnít have a lock because I didnít think anyone would be interested in stealing a plastic bike. I know this is an apartment building and I am going to be renting a place here. I start walking toward the building. A man approaches me. He is wearing a white and blue checkered shirt. He stops in front of me. I donít like him. He makes me feel uneasy. He looks to the little girl and then back to me with a strange smile. Then he says ďYou must be looking for the child loving center.Ē In my mind I know this is a place where adults take children to molest them. I am furious with this man. I realize that he is a child molester. I grab him by the front of his shirt and push him up against a nearby cement wall. I look him in the eyes and say, ďIím calling the police!Ē He continues to smile. Suddenly I know that he has gotten away with this in the past and the police wonít help. Just then I know what exactly to do. I have a flash in my head of a man, a tall, very large man with a shaved head and a tribal neck tattoo. I know this man is a convicted murderer who hates child molesters. I look back to the man in the checkered shirt and say, ďIím going to call Manny McMurderer.Ē The manís smile fades, and his eyes grow wide. I know he is finally scared. The dream fades and I wake up.
      Dream 3 Title: Just a feeling
      Dream 3: (can only remember emotion) I remember being in a situation where I was very happy.
      Awake: 5:30 am
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) D1 = 6; D2 = 8; D3 = ?
      Awareness: (1-10; or lucid) D1 = 4; D2 = 5; D3 = ?
      Length: (how long it felt like! Because that matters) D1 = 2 min; D2 = 10 min; D3 = ?
      Emotions: Guilt, Anger, Happiness
      Dream Signs: Person from my past, being in places I donít know in RL, People I donít know in real life, a people I donít know in RL who I know in my dream, Being approached by a child molester, riding a motorcycle (in the rain), No text where there should have been text (street signs, dorm room, kitchen)
      Notes: For Dream 3: My alarm didnít go off this morning, so I awoke to my wifeís alarm. That meant I was late for work. I bolted out of bed which completely erased the last dream of the night.
      Text Search Experiment: I am trying to ingrain a habit of searching for text everywhere I go. I search with my eyes for text that I can see. I make a game of it, by trying to read every bit of text (numbers & words) I can see from my current position. I do this because I realize that text rarely appears in my dreams. (When I see text, I will read it, look away, and then reread it as a RC.) So, the lack of text of any kind is a dream sign that occurs in 98+% of my dreams. My assumption is, if I search for text out of habit in my dream then either: 1. My dream will create some text, and when I read it, look away & will it to change, and look back, I will know I am dreaming, or 2. I will be unable to locate any text which will trigger me to do a different RC. So far I have been doing this ďText Search TechniqueĒ for about a week. I recalled 2 solid dreams last night and noticed no text in either of them. Both dreams took place in areas where text should have been present. I did not specifically look for text out of habit.
    10. Dj 3/23/2014

      by , 03-23-2014 at 02:30 PM
      Date: 3/23/2014 (Sat)
      Total sleep: 7 hours?
      Daytime Techniques: RCs (Text), visualization, Mantra
      Lucid Techniques: Mantra, visualization
      Recall Techniques: Mantra
      Fell Asleep: Sometime after 1 am
      Dream 1 Title: Ghost pinches my butt
      Dream 1: (Brief Ė I believe this was actually Hypnagogia) I am sitting on my couch in my living room. Everything looks exactly the same as reality. I am watching some random nature show. Out of habit I look down at the digital clock on the face of the cable box. There are no numbers. I know something isnít right. I stand up and suddenly the power goes out (all the lights and the TV). I am standing in complete darkness when I feel a very strong hand pinch my left buttocks! At the same time I hear a deafening loud womanís scream! I startle awake. (See notes below)
      Dream 2 Title: Random Fragments
      Dream 2: (See notes below) (1) I am on an island. I am standing on a rocky hill top, with long grass growing from between the rocks. It is a cloudy and slightly foggy day. I can see the ocean from where I am standing. (2) I am asking someone ďIs she corporate?Ē I feel nervous because I feel like she has been sent from corporate to spy on us.
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) D1 = 8; D2 = 3;
      Awareness: (1-10; or lucid) D1 = 9; D2 = 3;
      Length: (how long it felt like! Because that matters) D1 = 1 min; D2 = 30 sec
      Emotions: Confusion, Fear, Peaceful, Annoyance
      Dream Signs: Couldnít see text, sudden power failure, being somewhere I donít recognize.
      Notes: I took only B-5 and Chorine last night. My wife and I went out with friends to see a live band last night (when we left I had a strong ringing in my ears which could explain the womanís scream in dream 1). But my wife was coming down with an illness and we left at 10:30 pm. When we got home she was feeling horrible and couldnít sleep. I had to drive to the 24 hour pharmacy twice. This kept me awake until after 1 am (I stopped looking at the clock at that time). On a good note: I am working very hard to develop a strong habit of searching for text (with my eyes) everywhere I go. When I see it I; look, look away and will it to change, look back. There is text everywhere in my life. So far it is an extremely rare occasion where I canít see some kind of text (numbers or words). Last night I started with a new mantra: ďWhen I am dreaming tonight I will seek out text, when I see it I will know I am dreaming.Ē
    11. Dj 3/22/2014

      by , 03-22-2014 at 03:17 PM
      Date: 3/22/2014 (Fri)
      Total sleep: 8 hours
      Daytime Techniques: RCs, visualization,
      Lucid Techniques: Mantra, brief hand technique
      Recall Techniques: Mantra
      Fell Asleep: 12:00 am
      Dream 1 Title: Cars (fragment)
      Dream 1: Iím driving an old 1960ís British car, which is yellow. I am chasing another car (same make/model) but it is white. We are on a British country road. There are no houses to be seen, just miles of grassland. There is someone else in the car with me, but I donít remember who. The road splits ahead. The white car goes left, down a hill. We go right up a hill. The roads run parallel to each other. As we reach the peak of the hill I cut the wheel sharply to the left, we jump off of a cliff, fly through the air, and land on the roof of the white car. We stay perfectly on top of the white care as it rolls off the road to a stop. I canít remember anything else.
      Dream 2 Title: Messy Room
      Dream 2: I am in my parentís house, in my old room (from high school). The room is a complete mess. It is full of old junk. I know I need to get it organized. There are boxes full of stuff on the floor, the dresser tops are covered in stuff, there are many shelves on the wall full of knick-knacks and figurines, my closet is full of shelves full of old shoes as well as a long hanger pole which is stuffed with old cloths on hangers. I know all of this stuff was purchased by my parents at yard sales. I am very frustrated because there is nowhere to put all the stuff that is in boxes on the floor. Yet I know I need to get it organized and put away. Jen, my daughter and her friend come into the room. They are going to help. We are all looking though the boxes. I find an interesting item. It looks like a tiny cactus in a tiny red pot, but the cactus is made from natural, uncut, blue crystal. I take it to the window and look closely at it. It glimmers in the sunlight. I place it on the edge between the top and bottom halves of the window. I adjust its position so the sunlight catches it just right. When the light passes through the crystal it casts an amazing blue image on the floor. It looks like a moving blue laser light show. My wife and the kids are amazed. I continue to try to organize the room, the dream gets foggy and I wake up.
      Dream 3 Title: Old Truck
      Dream 3: I am outside on a nice summer day. I am in a residential neighborhood (I donít recognize it from real life). There is an old 1950ís red (with faded paint and lots of rust) pickup truck parked on the side of the road. I go to it, open the driverís side door, and try to get in, but the truck rolls forward into the street. There is a couple there. The woman tells me that her grandfather has been fixing up the truck and I shouldnít touch it because it may break. I apologize. I grab the frame of the open door and begin to move the truck (with super human strength) back to its original position. The rear axel and wheels come off and roll away. I feel really bad about breaking the truck. The woman (slim, with short red hair) comes over and tells me to help her lift the trick up so her husband can put the axel back in place. We bend down, grab hold, and lift the truck up. As we press the truck up over our heads (super human strength) the womanís shirt gets caught on something and is pulled up exposing her small perky breastsÖthe dream fades and I wake up.
      Dream 4 Title: Matrix Kid
      Dream 4: I am back in my old bedroom (from Dream 1). I am laying in bed. The room looks similar to dream 1, but without all the junk. There are many pictures hanging on the walls. Jen comes in and tells me I need to get up and get ready for a family party. I get up just as two young girls run in the room. One is my daughter (but she doesnít look like my daughter and it only about 8 years old), the other is my niece (but she doesnít look like my niece and is only 3-4 years old). My daughter runs to one of the walls, jumps up, and begins to run across the tops of the picture frames (this looks like something out of the Matrix movie). My niece follows her. As my daughter jumps for the last picture frame on the wall, she flies over a dresser and lands gently on the floor. My niece tries to follow but falls and crashes on top of the dresser. Knick-Knacks go flying everywhere and she falls to the floor. She is crying. I go over to see if she is alright, she is ok. I shout to my daughter to come back in the room, and she does. I tell her that canít do that anymore today because the smaller kids will try to follow her and get hurt. She says ďOkayĒ and leaves the room. The dream gets foggy at this point. I vaguely remember helping my wife clean the house, by going from room to room picking up stuff off of the floor. At some point I go to the supermarket to get some stuff for the party. I wake up
      Awake: 8 am
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) D1 = 5; D2 = 7; D2 = 6; D4 = 7
      Awareness: (1-10; or lucid) D1 = 3; D2 = 5; D3 = 4; D4 = 5
      Length: (how long it felt like! Because that matters) D1 = 2 min; D2 = 10 min; D3 = 4 min; D4 = 15 min
      Emotions: Annoyance, frustration; guilt
      Dream Signs: super human strength, kids I know but donít look like they should, kids doing matrix moves, crystal casing a laser light show
      Notes: I took some melatonin last night along with the B-5 and Chorine. Got to bed late.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    12. Dj 3/20/2014

      by , 03-20-2014 at 12:13 PM
      Date: 3/20/2014 (Thu Night)
      Total sleep: 7 hours
      Daytime Techniques: RC’s, Awareness, & Visualization
      Lucid Techniques: Mantras & Visualization
      Recall Techniques: Mantras & Reviewing previous dreams
      Fell Asleep: 10 pm
      Dream 1 Title: Corporate Event
      Dream 1 (Fragment): I am at some kind of corporate event. There are 3 sales guys there. All of them are in their early 20’s. They are all wearing black suits, with white shirts and black ties. They are very excited and shouting out a corporate mantra which went something like this “Company Name! (I don’t recall the name) We Will Win!!”. I vaguely remember looking at a spreadsheet on a computer. I wake up.
      Dream 2 Title: Another trip to a Mall
      Dream 2 (Fragment): I am sitting in a minivan with my current friend Mike R. It is raining outside. I am sitting in a parking lot of a plaza. At some point I leave the car and go into a store. There are cloths hanging up on hooks which are on slat walls. All the walls in the store are slat walls. There are a lot of glass cases around containing miscellaneous items for sale. This place reminds me of a store I’ve been to in Wells Maine. At some point I am standing next to my wife and daughter. She is playing a video game on a computer. She stops and I decide to try it, but the game doesn’t make any sense to me so I don’t even try to play. I then leave the store. I walk out of the front door and it opens into a parking garage which reminds me of Logan airport in Boston. It is still raining and there is water leaking down the cement support beams. I wake up.
      Awake: 5 am (I continued to lay in bed for about 30 min trying to remember the dreams)
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) Dream 1 = 6; Dream 2 = 7
      Awareness: (1-10; or lucid) Dream 1 = 4; Dream 2 = 5
      Length: (how long it felt like! Because that matters) Dream 1 = 1 minute; Dream 2 = 10 minutes
      Emotions: Dream 1: I was annoyed with the obnoxious sales guys. Dream 2: I was annoyed with the video game.
      Dream Signs: Sitting in the car with a friend I don’t see often; being in a place I don’t recognize.
      Notes: I took 400 mg of magnesium, 100 mg of chorine & 250 mg of B-5 2 hrs before bed. The magnesium helps me to fall asleep quicker and to say asleep through the night. However, it seems to be negatively impacting my dream recall. The chorine and B-5 are supposed to help with dream recall, but so far I’ve noticed no difference. After several days of binge eating sugar filled junk food, I was fully back on track with my paleo eating yesterday. I feel great this morning: Well rested and in a great mood.

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    13. Dj 3/19/2014

      by , 03-19-2014 at 11:31 AM
      Great night sleep, but lousy dream recall.

      Dream 1 (Fragment): I remember this part from 3rd person perspective. Arnold Schwarzenegger is walking down a hall, in a hotel, back to his room. He is wearing nothing but white briefs. His is very out of shape and his gut is hanging over his waistband. He yells out ďLEAVE ME ALONE!!Ē To some people who were just following him.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    14. Dj 3/18/2014

      by , 03-18-2014 at 12:00 PM
      Dream 1 (Fragment): I remember being at my daughter’s middle school, but that is it.

      Dream 2 – Back at college?: In my dream I know I’m in college. I am heading to the cafeteria to get lunch. I arrive at the cafeteria, which is a one story brick building. There is construction going on in front of the building. There is a huge hole dug in front of the main entrance. I jump down into the hole. There is muddy water at the bottom. I then climb back out on the other side, and I’m not even dirty. I stand near the main entrance waiting for my friends to arrive. There are college kids going in and out of the glass double doors. I notice a group of Nazis standing nearby. They are in full SS uniforms and handing out pamphlets to students. One of them approaches me and tries to hand me a pamphlet, but I decline. I am disgusted that they are allowed to hand out propaganda, but realize that it is a free country. My friends arrive: John P (a childhood friend), Scott B and Jim G (both I knew in high school but they were never my friends - Note Scott B died 2 years ago). We walk into the doors and there are areas on each side where you can pick up trays, utensils and cups. We all grab cups and star walking. There are food booths everywhere offering all different kinds of foods (it reminded me of Faneuil Hall in Boston). Scott B is walking right in front of me and at one point he stops quickly. My hand with the cup swings up as I stop short and gets stuck under his arm. I have a brief moment when I think he is going to be annoyed, but he just turns, smiles and hands the cup back to me. We keep walking until we come across a place with ribs. We all stop and take a plate or ribs (which looked delicious). We walk to the back of the building, and out of the exit doors. We are now on a road surrounded by woods. I recognize the road as one very close to where I currently live in real life. As we continue to walk I realize that I didn’t bother to fill up my cup, so I have nothing to drink. My alarm goes off and I wake up.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment